A girl takes part in May Day celebrations but gets an ancient punishment.

By Paul S

Sandy had paused her History degree studies in Florida, specialising in ancient cultures, and visited the UK at the invitation of Lucretia, a high priestess of an ancient pagan faith, to stay over for the annual May Day celebrations.

Lucretia and Sandy warmly embraced on meeting at the airport and rode back in a taxi to Lucretia’s small cottage in the village where she lived with her partner, Mike. Sandy was excited to visit and was studying an ancient order as part of her degree, and wanted to know everything there was to know.

Lucretia and Mike were very much new age Bohemians and dressed accordingly in dark gothic style clothing with shredded strands and black make-up. Their home was full of new age artefacts and was a treasure trove for Sandy’s research as she took loads of photos for her studies.

Sandy read through books on the sect and some special books and rites of passage that would be used for ceremonies. Sandy was surprised that such a senior figure in the faith lived so modestly, as she said back in the States that would be a big deal.

Lucretia reminded Sandy that she was a guest and welcome to assist and take part in ceremonies, etc. However, she said they took these things seriously and bad behaviour, etc, by females was frowned upon in their community and could result in punishment, including Sandy.

Lucretia went on to outline a programme of events and ceremonies they would be taking part in; starting with the ceremonies in the forest, garlands and collecting of hawthorn for the May crowns. She said occasionally they collect birch for a forest birching rite, but hadn’t had one of those there since 2002.

Sandy, intrigued, said: “What’s that then?”

Lucretia said: “It’s an ancient ceremony when a female has done something evil and needs to have her soul cleansed. The rite is rare and carried out in the forest in the dead of night, so it is not widely known or practised these days. Disgraced females of the order all too often simply leave.”

Sandy said: “What was the last forest birching you know of?”

Lucretia said: “Ah, there was a notorious one back in 2002. A young practising pagan priest and his wife lived in the village, but she was led astray by a female friend in the order who encouraged her to have an affair. That was a real local scandal, and her husband threatened to leave her when he suspected her of cheating.

“The council of elders held an emergency counsel and found both girls guilty of gross misconduct and gave them three options. They could either both leave the order immediately. Or, if the couple separated then the husband could remain, but the wife would have to leave, and her friend would have to be birched. But if the husband and wife decided to stay married, then both girls would be birched in the forest and then the matter would be closed.

“The husband eventually forgave his wife, with both girls agreeing to a forest birching rite after they had met one of the helpful elders.

“Well, to cut a long story short, four of them went into the forest that night and collected hawthorn twigs for crowns, which both disgraced girls wore, along with long flowing but light cotton punishment frocks. Both girls complained their breasts were jiggling about when they walked, as the dresses were quite low cut.

“The party consisted of the husband, who gathered fresh birch twigs and branches and assembled them into a supple birch rod, the two girls and the appointed high priest. However, records of such events were not kept, adding to their air of mystery and legend.

“They arrived at a sacred site in the middle of the forest under a large tree, next to a large log. The elder lit a small fire and said a prayer, dedicating the event to the gods and begging forgiveness for their transgressions.

“The full moon came out and the husband told the girls to stand facing the log and lift their light frocks up to their waists, exposing their bared bottoms. He then said a brief prayer for the souls of the wenches, before instructing both to lift their frocks above their waists and bend over the large log.

“The husband allegedly gave both girls a thrashing of 50 light birch strokes. When it was finished, both girls got up clutching their bottoms, but thanked their appointed spanker for ridding them of evil thoughts and their gods for teaching them both a lesson. Nothing more was said. Funnily enough, the husband keeps a small picture of both girls’ red bottoms from that night, plus the original birch in his bedroom, allegedly.”

Lucretia then turned to the forthcoming ceremonies and said: “I have sorted out two frocks for you. The Maypole dance and parade are easy, but I may have to explain some of the activities in the forest tonight, as we worship the coming of spring, gather forest fruits and hawthorn blossom, and banish winter spirits.”

They had a drink, then prepared for the evening ceremonies in the forest, dressing up in floral frocks and Mike in his forest ceremony outfit. They then ventured out into the forest and Lucretia presided over several ceremonies as the moon came up, to thank the gods for bountiful fruit and a good harvest. They lit a fire whilst they collected brushwood and hawthorn for the crown for the May Queen, a young girl student.

The following day was bright and warm, and they excitedly prepared for the May day festivities with a Maypole dance at 11am and parade at noon. Sandy dressed up in her floral May Day dress as one of the dancers and joined in, whilst Lucretia watched on and gave thanks in a short blessing. They then joined the festival parade through the village to the town hall for a civic reception, and photographs were taken.

Sandy was thrilled but then put a silly outspoken post on the sect’s website which criticised one of the lead dancers whom she described as ‘looking like an ass’.

When it was over, they returned home, but the man had complained to the order’s website about Sandy’s comment. He demanded action and was clearly not happy.

Lucretia mentioned this to Sandy on their return, and Sandy was dismayed and apologised for her silly action getting her into trouble.

Lucretia said: “Unfortunately, you insulted a senior member of the Order today, so he is demanding action. I don’t want to create a scene as you are a guest, but he is demanding a forest birching ceremony, which puts me in an awkward position as I have never presided over one.”

Sandy said: “Oh, I feel so bad about this. Let me know what you want me to do.”

Lucretia said: “If you are happy to submit yourself to a forest birching rite officiated over by myself and Mike, I will clear it with the council of elders. I can then deal with the complaint.”

Sandy said she agreed before really thinking about it, as she was due to stay another week and didn’t want to prejudice her research by moving out, which she couldn’t really afford.

Lucretia made some enquiries and came back to Sandy and Mike.

“Good that’s all sorted,” she said.

Mike said: “What’s all sorted?”

“You, Sandy and I will be doing our first forest birching rite in this order for 17 years tonight! I have cleared it with the elders and the complainant.”

She then said: “Let’s eat first, then we can go to the forest after dark.”

Sandy went to try on the birching frock she didn’t think she would ever have to wear.

Lucretia said: “It hasn’t been used enough, in my own personal view, as too many girls and indeed some more mature ladies have chickened out of a deserved bottom birching and left the sect. We will need some matches, a woodland prayer book and birch.”

She also confirmed that she had been appointed by the Order to birch Sandy’s bottom instead of Mike, as she was a guest. Sandy admitted she was nervous and excited, but also she felt ashamed.

The small party went into the forest and found the sacred tree in the centre with a small clearing and large log to one side. Lucretia wore her black and silver high priestess gown, which sparkled in the moonlight. Mike kindled a small fire of twigs, whilst Lucretia collected a bowl of forest fruit and mushrooms, plus rhododendron and other flowers for a floral display.

Lucretia then said a short prayer, before lifting Sandy’s dress and asking her to bend over the log and raise her buxom bottom for the birch.

Lucretia then applied 20 light swishes to Sandy’s bottom, before pausing to say another short prayer of dedication and thanks. Sandy got up and thought that wasn’t too bad despite her deep pink bottom really tingling.

When Lucretia finished the prayer, Sandy, to her surprise, was told to bend over again. She hadn’t been expecting that, but she willingly took a further 20 light swishes of the birch, despite a furious tingling in her now red bottom.

Lucretia paused to say a further prayer, and Sandy thought she was off the hook at last as she got up and lifted her dress to rub her bottom. When Lucretia had finished the prayer, she told Sandy she would now complete her birching.

Sandy was gobsmacked, and said: “What? I must bend over for more?”

“I’m afraid so,” Lucretia answered.

Sandy sighed deeply, but slowly lifted her dress and resignedly bent over the log, exposing her now red bottom for her final punishment.

Lucretia then applied a final 10 light strokes, but Sandy was now really struggling to maintain her composure and could not keep her bottom still, despite bending her knees and tossing her long hair back and gasping after each stroke. The cumulative effect of some 50 light birch swishes had thrashed her bottom, which was now hot and stinging.

After what felt like an eternity, the swishing ceased and Sandy got up, clutching her bottom with both hands as it had never stung like this before.

Sandy said: “Thank you, Lucretia. That was my first proper birching and something I’ll never forget. I’ve certainly learned my lesson.”

She asked Mike to take a picture of the scene with her phone to use in her thesis, plus a ‘selfie’ of her red bottom to show her boyfriend privately.

They returned home and Sandy read a book on the bed, wearing only a short nightie with no knickers, as her bottom was still red. She felt calm and relaxed, though, as Lucretia told her she had been cleansed spiritually.

Lucretia brought her a hot drink and said: “I hope that wasn’t too much of a shock, but we are proud of you and will recommend you are made an honorary overseas member of our order.”

Sandy thanked Lucretia and said her visit had been unforgettable.

The End

© Paul S 2019