Two girls undergo an ancient pre-wedding ritual

News of Sandy’s birching had spread quickly throughout the sect, leading to a heated debate about continuation of this ancient rite. Not surprisingly, most of the male members of the sect were strongly in favour, with the female members more split with the younger girls not keen, but the older ladies in favour of stricter discipline and tradition within the sect. The council of elders, three men plus Lucretia, voted and agreed to continue with the rite after some debate.

Natalie had recently become engaged to be married at the age of 24 and was a sect member with her fiancé. She was excitedly planning her wedding for the following summer and wanted a woodland ceremony which the sect could arrange.

Natalie approached Lucretia, the high priestess of the sect, and one of the small council of elders about the prospect of organising a woodland wedding.

Lucretia enthused about this prospect as there hadn’t been a traditional woodland wedding for some years. She also said it was perhaps the most auspicious ceremony that the sect undertook, as being the one most at one with nature. The recent law changes for civil partnership ceremonies also made this easier now.

Lucretia went through the outline arrangements for an outdoor woodland wedding and reception, to be held at the same venue in the grounds of a National Park grand Country House and grounds.
She said there were a few formalities such as a wedding licence, hire of the house and the need to cordon off the woods from onlookers, etc, and they would need to organise a generator, mobile toilets and marquees as it was some distance from the house.

Lucretia said: “You can choose the order of service and the hymns, but we have books of these to chose from. There are, of course, so many old wives’ tales and myths about woodland weddings, as you well know.”

Lucretia then said, “Oh, and just one more thing; before the ceremony, both the bride and Maid of Honour must be free of sin by the day of the ceremony, although your three bridesmaids are all little girls I gather?”

Natalie said, “Why is that?”

Lucretia said: “It’s important that a ceremony so close to nature must be pure, and ideally the bride should be a virgin. A bride or maid who has sinned and is not cleansed may suffer serious bad luck and misfortune later in life, such as separation, miscarriage, ill health or worse. Look what happened to poor Bryony amongst others who left us ‘uncleansed’, but then sadly died of cancer.

Natalie asked: “Exactly how do you cleanse yourself of sin?”

Lucretia said: “For minor to average sins at confession, we usually suggest prayers of forgiveness. For serious sins, though, there is extended community service to the sect for male members; or the ancient rite of birching of female members of the sect; with excommunication in extreme cases for male and females.”

Natalie asked if a betrothed bride had to be cleansed of sin.

Lucretia said: “Not once she is betrothed to be married or take part in a civil partnership under our ordnance, although she may have to be disciplined and forgiven if found to have sinned before being betrothed.”

Natalie, unfortunately, let slip that both she and April, her Maid of Honour, aged 22, had been living in sin without the sect’s knowledge and was embarrassed by the admission.

Lucretia said: “Well, if you want a woodland wedding and remain a part of the sect, you and April will need to be cleansed of your sins.”

Natalie anxiously said, “Does that mean a birching rite for both of us?”

Lucretia said, “Yes, to cleanse you both of your sins. However, April may need a further birching if she continues to live in sin as part of our sect without being betrothed or in a civil partnership.”

Natalie thanked Lucretia and urgently phoned April, who was a fashion designer at the Fashion Week and was busy designing dresses and a woodland theme for the wedding. The sample yellow princess dresses for the three infant bridesmaids had already enchanted the ladies of the sect with yellow gloves and ruched pleats.

Natalie rang April and said, “We need to talk.”

April said, “What’s the problem, honey? You sound stressed.”

Natalie said, “Meet me at the street café after work and I’ll explain.”

April said, “OK, see you then.”

The girls later met at the café and Natalie asked how April was. She said she was fine but asked: “What’s the problem, honey?”

Natalie said: “Lucretia is fine with the woodland wedding arrangements and wants you to design the dresses and theme, but says we both have to be cleansed of our sins before the ceremony.”

April said, “Oh, you didn’t tell her we are both living in sin!”

Natalie said, “Yes, I had to come clean. Lucretia said we both need to have a birching rite.”

April reacted in shock. “How could you, Natalie? I’m not having my bottom birched,” she said indignantly, but knew that Natalie had put her in a compromising position, which made a birching inevitable unless she left the sect in disgrace.

Natalie reminded her that she’d had an all-over naked massage with a Turkish masseur using a flogger at the spa centre just recently.

April stubbornly said, “Oh, that was different,” although she admitted it tingled like mad afterwards.
Natalie then pleaded with April, but April was adamant. Natalie then suggested April talk to Lucretia.
April defiantly said, “OK, I will,” and stormed out.

April arranged to meet Lucretia at the woodland centre, and they discussed Natalie’s wedding plans, and the fact April was designing the dresses and theme.

Lucretia said, “You may need to run up a light birching smock for the birching rite.”

April resignedly said, “OK, but is there any alternative?”

Lucretia said, “It’s important spiritually to cleanse both the bride and Maid of Honour of sin before the wedding ceremony to avoid future bad luck. The birching itself is thorough but intended to cleanse. Certainly, no worse than your recent Turkish massage at the spa centre which involved a lot of body slapping, which Natalie was telling me about.”

April scoffed and said, “Oh, that was different, but I may want a woodland wedding one day too.”

Lucretia said, “Yes, why not?”

April hesitated, thought about it for a while, and then reluctantly said, “Oh kickers! Alright, I will take a birching, reluctantly, but I need to run up a new smock first.”

Lucretia said, “If you had got engaged or were in a civil partnership with Martin, this could have been avoided.”

April said, “I’m still not certain Martin is the one for me, though,” and left.

She went away to run up a pale maroon flowing Medieval-style frilly dress that looked fit for the wedding itself.

Later that week, she modelled it for Lucretia, who said, “That looks fantastic, and you could show that as part of your collection.”

April said, “Yes, I intend including it in my Paris Fashion Week collection in the Autumn, perhaps even with an ‘Ooh-la-la’ display, like so.”

April then unbuttoned the rear seam of the dress and lifted the flaps each side to completely reveal her perfectly formed size 36 bared bottom, glinting white under the spotlights.

Lucretia said, “Excellent,” and April then stood up and went to get changed.

Later that week, Lucretia rang Natalie and April to set a date for the birching rite, which had to be the date of a full moon, as the ancient rite was undertaken by moonlight.

A full moon was due the following Sunday week, so Natalie, April and Lucretia arranged a birching rite for late that evening in the woods. The weather was clear, if a little chilly, with a bright full moon glinting through the trees of the nearby forest.

Natalie and April changed at the woodland centre, with Lucretia in her dark green tasselled high priestess outfit, and April modelling the ruched birching dress she had designed, with a vest for warmth but no underwear. Natalie wore the standard smock, which was thin and much lighter, so wore a top and bra for comfort underneath, but no panties.

They proceeded into the forest in the dead of night and Lucretia kindled a small fire and said a prayer of dedication. Mike, Lucretia’s partner, was not required to attend as this was to be a private all-female ceremony, Lucretia had decreed.

Lucretia said they would each bend over a large log and lift their dress, and she would give each girl 36 swishes with the birch in turn, whilst the other girl watched on with her bottom exposed. The roles would then be reversed, and there would be a short prayer of thanksgiving to conclude the right.
Natalie, the bride-to-be, volunteered to go first as she felt responsible for this. She lifted her dress after Lucretia had finished the prayer and bent over the log, exposing her size 38 bottom glinting in the moonlight, readied for birching.

Lucretia then gave her 36 light to moderate swishes, which had Natalie saying, “Ooh, that smarts,” and had her squirming across the log and tossing her long blonde hair.

April watched on intently, whilst her new ruched dress flaps were open fully at the rear, and she clutched her bare bottom in anticipation of having it birched for the first time.

Natalie got up after it had finished, which had her rubbing her bottom and panting heavily.
It was now April’s turn as she bent slowly over the log, lifting the dress to fully expose her unblemished white bottom glinting in the moonlight. Lucretia soon had April squirming over the log, tossing her long dark hair back and gasping and panting.

After 36 swishes, April got up and Lucretia said a brief prayer whilst the fire crackled in the cool dead of night.

April said to Natalie, “I didn’t think it would be as stingy as that.”

Natalie said, “Neither did I,” as both girls clutched their now well-reddened bottoms.

Lucretia said a brief prayer of thanksgiving and extinguished the fire, and they left to return to the woodland centre.

Lucretia thanked both girls for going through with the ceremony and being cleansed of their sins. Both girls politely thanked Lucretia but really wanted to retire to the ladies’ room to examine the damage.
Natalie lifted April’s dress to reveal a bright red perfect size 36 bottom. Natalie had already lifted her dress to reveal a similarly very red size 38 backside, and rubbed it repeatedly to ease the smarting sensation.

Natalie apologised to April and said, “I blew your cover, and hope it won’t ruin our friendship or the wedding plans.”

April said, “Actually, a sore bottom is a small price to pay for my own future woodland wedding. Anyway, I am pleased with the medieval frock design I can show off now; and being birched by moonlight was more fun than being slapped around by a Turkish masseur.”

The End

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