A young member of the Women’s Airforce rues a night out.


Mavis Smith was three years into her career with the Women’s Royal Air Force and had spent the last nine months stationed in Malta. She had started as a Cadet and had recently been promoted to the rank of Junior Airwoman. Mavis had a good disciplinary record, until now that was.

Monday morning

It was the previous evening that she had received a message to say her Commanding Officer wanted to see her at 08.00 sharp on Monday morning, and Mavis Smith had a terrible feeling she knew why she had been summoned. As she lay in her bunk with over two hours to go to her meeting, she tried to recall the events of the fateful Saturday night.

The party two nights previously

On Saturday Mavis had been persuaded to go with some of her friends to a party at a bar in the main town. Initially she had been reluctant as she was not really a party animal and did not drink in the excessive way of some of her friends. However, persuaded so was and selecting her smartest uniform she took care to look as best she could. The party started brilliantly and Mavis was soon on her second cocktail and for a change really started to let her hair down. Whilst there were many at the party from the military base, there were many more that were just local people having a good time.

Mavis was asked for a dance and, with the benefit of too many cocktails, she accepted, something she would never have usually done. However, the drink had broken down all barriers and Mavis was now being entertained by a number of players from the town’s football team and she was having a great time. It was soon after midnight, all Mavis’s friends had left and she found herself in a passionate embrace with one of the footballers and one thing led to another and the two of them found a quiet place and had sex. This would have been fine if one of the senior officers from the base had not seen exactly what had gone on, made a lot worse by her decision to wear uniform.

Mavis woke up the following morning still in her uniform, now rather bedraggled with a dreadful hangover. She had no idea how she had got back and had little memory of the latter stages of the previous evening. But shockingly she knew that she had sex but no idea with whom. Sunday was spent in somewhat of a trance with her awful hangover, but, worse, Mavis felt completely ashamed about what had happened as never in a million years would she have had sex with a stranger; it was just that the drink had rather got the better of her.

Back to Monday morning

Mavis made sure she was in good time for her meeting with her Commanding Officer and as she waited she was full of dread. At 08.00 on the dot, the door opened and she was summoned inside the Commanding Officer’s room and told to stand to attention in front of the desk.

Commanding Officer Reynolds was a very imposing woman and told Mavis she was going to come straight to the point.

“Smith, it has been reported to me by a Senior Officer that you were seen on Saturday evening committing an act of gross indecency in an establishment in town. Further that you were wearing your uniform.”

Mavis immediately knew that she was in very serious trouble.

Reynolds looked her up and down and said: “Is my report correct?”

Mavis was in a corner and knew it and felt that she had no option but to admit what her Commanding Officer had been told was correct.

As such she said: “I am extremely sorry to say I had way too much drink and allowed something to happen that never should have.”

Reynolds replied: “At least you have been honest, which will save the need for the Officer that saw you engaging in such an act being involved any further.” Reynolds went on to say: “You have brought disgrace upon yourself, and you can expect a severe punishment. Yesterday I met with the Base Commander and the Disciplinary Officer and we discussed you being dishonourably discharged. However, the base Commander was of the view that because of your exemplary record to date this was too harsh and that your punishment could be dealt with internally.

“I have made two appointments for you this morning. First, at 09.00, you will report to the Medical Unit for a complete check-up with specific instructions to the duty doctor to ensure that you have not contracted any sexually transmitted disease. Second, you will report to The Disciplinary Officer at 10.00 for punishment. You may have heard rumours that very occasionally and in extreme circumstances we use corporal punishment. Your actions could potentially have brought the unit into disrepute and in your case old-fashioned methods are entirely appropriate. As such, I have instructed the Disciplinary Officer to give you the cane, and you should be under no illusions that your punishment will be both humiliating and painful. I will be checking with both the duty doctor and Disciplinary Officer that you are entirely compliant with their instructions. Do you understand?”

Mavis was horrified by what she had just been told, but knew she had no choice, and simply said: “Yes, I understand.”

The Commanding Officer told her she could now leave and added: “Please do not be late for either of your appointments this morning. I would like to see you again at 11.00.”

The unpleasant meeting with the Commanding Officer had taken less than 30 minutes, and Mavis now had to wait until 09.00 for her appointment with the medical unit. She had previously had a medical when she originally joined the service back in the UK, but was aware the medical unit in Malta was for the whole base, not just the WRAF, and she suspected that all the doctors were male and also realised that to be tested for STD she would almost certainly have to undergo an internal examination, which was in itself horrifying.

Thirty minutes later this was confirmed when Mavis arrived for her appointment and was shown straight into the doctors’ room. In fact two doctors were waiting for her, the more senior probably in his late forties and a more junior doctor in his early thirties. Both doctors were Officers within the Military Base.

The older doctor addressed Mavis and said: “I understand you have got yourself into a bit of trouble and we have been asked to examine you. Can you confirm that during the incident on Saturday night you engaged in full sex and that you are unaware of the male’s identity?”

Mavis could only nod and confirm.

The doctor then told her: “I apologise in advance that as this is a military medical it will be fairly no nonsense and basic and, as you have not had a medical since you arrived in Malta, we will give you a full examination. We will have to take some swabs, so if you could please fully undress.”

There was no screen and, feeling very embarrassed, Mavis just did as instructed. After kicking off her shoes, she took off her uniform jacket followed by her skirt, both of which she put on the chair, then she undid her tie and removed her shirt, again putting them neatly on the same chair. She was wearing stockings and a suspender belt, which she removed before pushing her stockings down and stepping out of each leg, which left her in her underwear. Hesitating, Mavis undid her bra and removed it before slipping her knickers down and off, leaving her completely naked in front of the two doctors who, whilst they had a job to do, appreciated that the young women had a good figure with nice breasts, a trim waist, slim hips and the legs of someone who had done a lot of sport.

The elder doctor told her to climb onto the couch and lie on her back and added that his colleague would conduct the examination. as they did not get many females needing a full examination and it would be good practice for him. The junior doctor worked his way down her body, conducting a full head to toe physical examination that included checking her breasts and asking her to turn over onto her front where they could check her spine and at the same time appreciate her round and firm bottom.

When he was satisfied that everything was in order, Mavis was told to turn over for the final part of her examination which was the internal part. The couch had two stirrups which were snapped into place and Mavis was told to shuffle down the couch so that her bottom was at the end and place each leg into the stirrups which had the effect of leaving her legs wide apart and high in the air.

The doctor sat on a stool between her legs and carefully and methodically conducted an examination taking the necessary swabs. Mavis was in this highly exposed position for quite a few minutes, but eventually she was told that there was a slight tear, which would heal quickly, but otherwise all seemed to be OK. The test results would take a few days to come back, and Mavis was relieved to be told she could step down and get dressed.

The medical had lasted 45 minutes and she had only 15 minutes to wait for her appointment with the Disciplinary Officer. It was about five minutes walk across the compound to the Disciplinary Officer’s Room and Mavis was soon sitting outside waiting for her meeting which was only going to be unpleasant in the extreme and worse than the humiliating medical she had just gone through.

At 10.00 on the dot the door opened and The Senior Disciplinary Officer, Flight Lieutenant Wilson, summoned Mavis into his office and told her to stand in front of his desk as he took his seat. He also introduced her to two younger officers, one male and the other female who were both attached to the Disciplinary Unit. Mavis was told that he, together with Flying Officer Hunt and Flying Officer Davis, were the three officers that were responsible for the Disciplinary Unit, which was only operational when an event had occurred that required one or more individuals to attend for punishment. When such an event occurred it is normal for all three officers to take leave from their desk jobs and be present.

The Disciplinary Officer looked Mavis up and down before addressing her.

“Smith, you have caused a significant issue and discussion over the last twenty-four hours that has involved both your Unit Commander and the Base Commander as to how you should be dealt with following your gross indecent behaviour on Saturday night, made very much worse by you being uniform.

“You have brought the whole WRAF unit into disrepute and it is hoped that only a few witnessed your behaviour. You can expect severe punishment and you should know that a dishonourable discharge was considered. The Base Commander has made the decision that because of your excellent record to date such an action is not necessary.

Another alternative that was considered was a public flogging in front of your unit, but it was felt that this would give undue publicity to your behaviour, which quite frankly we all want to be hushed up. It has therefore been agreed that you will be given a private punishment within this Disciplinary Unit that will take place with immediate effect.

The punishment agreed is to be eighteen strokes of the cane and in view of the gross indecency of your behaviour, and the decision not to thrash you in front of your unit, your unit Commander has asked for maximum humiliation. You will be taken to the room set aside for such punishment, you will then be positioned over a punishment trestle and secured by restraining straps for your own good. They will prevent you moving whilst you are being caned thereby ensuring accuracy. You will then receive your punishment in three phases.

One of my assistants will deliver the first six cane strokes. You will then be left in position for three minutes before my other assistant gives you your second six strokes. After that you will once again be left in position for a period before I give you the third and final phase of your caning.

You should understand that both Officer Hunt and Officer Davis were chosen to be part of this unit because of their experience when at two excellent English Public Schools. They were both senior prefects and had responsibility for administering the cane to deserving pupils. Interestingly, they also both in younger years received the cane, which I believe is invaluable experience for those who later go onto administer such punishment. Do you understand what is going to happen and do you accept your punishment?”

It was not possible for Mavis to be any more horrified by she had been told, but had no choice and simply said: “I understand.”

Officer Wilson then instructed his two assistants to take Mavis to the punishment room and get her prepared for her caning whilst he finished the paperwork. On entering the room, Mavis immediately noticed two trestles of slightly different heights, the purpose of which was obvious. On a separate table were a selection of punishment implements including at least six canes.

Mavis was then told to remove her clothes and for the second time in less than an hour she was having to strip in front of strangers, although at least this time there was one female in the room. However it was made worse by the fact she found Flying Officer Hunt to be a very fanciable and dashing man in his early thirties.

But there was clearly no choice and she kicked off her shoes before taking off her jacket and removing her uniform skirt. She put both on the table. Next she took off her tie and unbuttoned her shirt, which joined her other clothes on the table. Now standing in her underwear with stockings and suspenders she was incredibly self-conscious as she looked at the two Officers for guidance, only to be told to get on with it.

Wanting to delay things as much as possible, Mavis undid her suspender belt and allowed her stockings to fall to the floor before putting her hands behind her back to unclip her bra. Now standing with her breasts exposed, it was time for the horror of removing her knickers in front of the Officers, which she slid slowly down before stepping out of them and putting them with her other clothes.

The door opened and Flight Lieutenant Wilson came into the room with a clipboard and a form, which detailed Mavis’s behaviour and the punishment that had been decreed. Mavis was told that in five minutes she would be asked to sign the form accepting her punishment.

The atmosphere was electric as Mavis was made to read the punishment form and sign. The senior discipline officer did note that Mavis, a rather plain girl in normal circumstances, possessed an exceptional body in the nude with firm pert breasts, a trim waist, womanly hips and an auburn triangle of pubic hair at the apex of her shapely legs.

After a short period, Wilson instructed his Assistant Officers to proceed and get Mavis into position. They decided that the smaller punishment trestle was the most appropriate and Mavis was told to bend right over the A shaped frame. Officer Davies attached both Mavis’s wrists to the front legs whilst Officer Hunt attached her ankles to the rear legs of the trestle, leaving her legs apart and again exposed. Now bent right over the trestle both Hunt and Wilson appreciated that Mavis Smith had a wonderful bottom, round and very peach like, which was now perfectly positioned for the beating she was about to receive.

Wilson handed one of the canes to Officer Davies and asked her to deliver the first six strokes. He suggested she concentrate on the upper part of Mavis’s bottom. Mavis did not know what to think; here she was attached to a punishment frame in the most exposed position naked in front of three senior officers, incredibly conscious of her nudity and the likely pain that was about to be inflicted on her.

She soon found out just how painful the cane is when Officer Davies took the 36 inch rattan slowly back and thrashed Mavis’s bottom for the first time, creating an immediate red stripe and a mini scream from the young Junior Airwomen who could not believe how much pain the simple instrument could cause.

Thirty seconds later, Davies gave her the second stroke, which caused Mavis to again let out a mini scream. It was clear Officer Davis was deadly accurate as the third stroke hit Mavis’s bottom fractionally above the previous whack and caused another red stripe. All thoughts of embarrassment had gone as Mavis tried to come to terms with the enormous pain building in her bottom.

Davis, exactly on the thirty-second mark, thrashed her bottom for the fourth time and although Mavis now knew what to expect she still let out a loud gasp as the cane hit home once more. Officer Davis knew she had only two more strokes to deliver and she thrashed the girl for the fifth time toward the top of her bottom with another fearsome blow. But as everyone knows, the last is always the worst and Officer Davies gave Mavis the hardest stroke yet right across the centre of her bottom, and Mavis tensed against the straps as she gave out yet another mini-scream. Davies had done a great job with six clear stripes all to the upper half of Mavis’s bottom.

With her bottom on fire she wondered with horror how she was going to take another twelve strokes, albeit in two phases. But they had said there would be a three minute pause and, as she lay across the trestle, she once more thought about the utter humiliation of being so exposed, knowing that it was Officer Hunt’s turn to inflict the next six strokes. Despite being in considerable pain, Mavis strangely started to think about what the dashing and handsome Officer Hunt might have in his mind and hoped that he thought she had a nice bottom.

The three minute pause soon passed and Wilson instructed Hunt to deliver the second phase of her caning, suggesting that he concentrate on the lower half of her bottom. Hunt stepped forward with his selected cane and touched her bottom. He did indeed find her bare bottom to be wonderful and very cane-able. Having been asked by Wilson to concentrate on the lower half of her bottom he decided to start low just above the crease and delivered his first stroke with devastating power to the most sensitive area, causing yet another mini-scream.

The next five strokes were incredibly painful, and Officer Hunt was also incredibly accurate as he made his way up her bottom to create six parallel red stripes. Although he could not admit it, Hunt had enjoyed caning Mavis Smith’s bottom. It was an unexpectedly beautiful bottom and when he had finished there was twelve individual stripes across the whole of her bare bottom.

Mavis Smith had not found the second six strokes quite the ordeal of the first six, which was due to her thinking about the man that had caned her. Confusingly, there was almost a sexual feeling going on in her mind, not to say that she found the second six strokes anything less than incredibly painful, but at least there was another dimension, almost one of submission.

Mavis remained across the trestle as she endured another three-minute pause. Her bottom was now more than alight with pain and the second six stokes had just built on the first six. But she was very oddly more at ease. She was over half way and knew that whatever the third six strokes had to bring she was only a few minutes away from the end.

The senior officer, Wilson, was to deliver the last six. As he stepped toward the girl he could only admire the accuracy of both his assistants. Whilst he was a strong disciplinarian, he also knew that Mavis Smith had already endured a significant caning. He had no interest in being unnecessarily severe and also knew that any further cane strokes would be on top of previous strokes.

As such, he selected a thinner and more flexible cane, which he knew was more stingy but less bruising.

Lining up the thinner cane, Wilson thrashed Mavis for the first time right across the centre of her bottom. Mavis instinctively knew this was a different cane and as intended it was a lot more stingy but actually less severe. Wilson gave her the final six strokes in quick succession taking just over a minute to complete her final caning, and a very relieved Mavis Smith lay over the trestle with her bottom on fire but pleased it was all over.

As Officers Davies and Hunt untied the restraining straps, Wilson told Mavis to stand and not touch her bottom. In all, the whole punishment session from arriving at The Disciplinary Office at 10.00 had taken forty minutes, with twenty-five being over the trestle with her bare bottom completely exposed. After a further few minutes, Mavis was told that she could now rub her bottom and get dressed. As she left she actually thanked the Officers and was told that she had taken her punishment well with both grace and dignity.

It was nearly 11.00 and time to once more see her Commanding Officer who was waiting for her. Telling her to stand before the desk, Officer Reynolds said: “I hope you have learnt a valuable lesson this morning and you are fortunate that the Base Commander did not feel a Discharge or a Public Flogging were appropriate, and that you could be punished with a private caning. I have been told by both the doctor and The Disciplinary Officer that you complied with all their requests, so well done. The matter is now closed, although I imagine you will find sitting down painful for a few days. You are dismissed.”

Mavis did indeed still have marks across her bottom for nearly two weeks and she had found the caning to have been an absolutely awful experience, and had also been mortified by the medical, especially the final part. But she did have some strange, almost sexual, feelings about the middle caning she received from Officer Hunt and hoped that had found her bottom attractive. She need not have worried, he absolutely did!

(To be continued)

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