Another caning for the WAAF girl


Mavis Smith had kept her nose clean for 6 months, but there was a party in town on a Saturday which was actually at the same bar where she had got into trouble previously. The party was being organised by her best friend and she was persuaded to attend. This was despite being told by her Unit Commander when she was in so much trouble 6 months earlier to avoid the bar and in particular to avoid the group of men from the football club. Mavis told herself that she knew she had to be careful and in particular not to have too many drinks.

The evening went really well and Mavis had a good time. In reality, she did have a drink or so more than she intended and around 10.30 she started to think about leaving, just as the football team arrived in high spirits. They spotted her, made a bee-line toward her and brought her another drink. They were in good spirits and in reality Mavis enjoyed a final drink with them before she left. The only unfortunate issue was that Flying Officer Hunt was also in the Club and had watched everything that had happened. It was not that Mavis had behaved badly, but she had been instructed by her Unit Commander not to go the bar and not to socialise with that particular group.

Hunt was one of three officers that were responsible for the Disciplinary Unit, and he, together with his two colleagues, had been responsible for Mavis’s punishment 6 months previously when she had been accused of bringing the Service into disrepute by committing an act of gross indecency whilst in her uniform.

Hunt decided he could not ignore what he had seen and as such needed to summon Mavis Smith on Monday. On Sunday, he sent her a message with an instruction to attend the Disciplinary Unit at 07.30 Monday.

Mavis was taken aback by the instruction, but immediately remembered that she had found Hunt a very dashing and attractive man. She was worried about being summoned to the Disciplinary Unit but strangely was looking forward to meeting Officer Hunt again. She also wondered if her visit to the bar had anything to do with the summons.

07.30 Monday came round too quickly, and Mavis was soon making her way over to the Unit, remembering her previous visit that had been so devastating when she had suffered eighteen strokes of the cane in the presence of all three members of the Disciplinary Unit. Officer Hunt was waiting for her and showed her into the office.

He came straight to the point, asking: “What on earth were you doing in the same bar, talking to members of the football team, when your Commanding Officer specifically instructed you not go anywhere near it and certainly not to socialise with the men that got you into so much trouble 6 months ago?”

Mavis was unaware that Hunt had been in the bar and knew she was in trouble. She told him: “I did not think it would be a problem if I was careful with my drink and made sure I went home early.”

Hunt told her: “I did not see you acting in any way wrongly, apart from the fact that you disobeyed a direct instruction from your Commanding Officer.”

Mavis told him she was sorry and asked: “What happens now?”

Officer Hunt told her: “You have put me a difficult situation, but we do have two options. By rights, I should simply report you to your Commanding Officer. She will then make a decision, which may involve you being sent back here, or she may come up with another disciplinary action. The alternative option is that we deal with this unofficially with what my boss, Flight Lieutenant Wilson, calls a ‘short sharp shock’. The benefit of the unofficial route is that this does not go on your record.” He said that it was her choice.

Mavis asked what a ‘short sharp shock’ involved, to be told: “You would be caned again, but with significant differences. You will not have to fully undress, you will not be restrained once you are bent over the trestle, you will only receive six quick strokes and it will not be necessary to call the other officers to be present.”

Mavis looked shocked that she could be caned just for going to a bar, but accepted she had disobeyed a clear instruction.

Hunt told her she could take her chances with Commander Reynolds who might just let her off, but she risked another black mark on her service record.

Mavis decided she did not want her Commanding Officer to know she had disobeyed her instructions and told Hunt: “I accept the unofficial alternative. What happens next?”

Hunt asked her when she was next on duty, to be told 09.00, or in just over an hour. He responded that she could be punished immediately as it would only take less than ten minutes in all, and told her to go to the punishment room next door where she should wait a few moments for him whilst he completed the paperwork.

As Mavis once again found herself in the punishment room with the two trestles, she studied the various punishment implements, most of which were canes of different thicknesses and lengths. As she waited she wondered what Officer Hunt had meant by not having to fully undress, but there was another thought going through her mind. She was secretly pleased she was going to punished one-to-one by Officer Hunt and whilst she was in no doubt it was going to be painful, she was also thinking that being the sole focus of his attention was quite a powerful, almost sexual, thought.

It was not long before Officer Hunt came into the room with a clipboard and form, which outlined her ‘crime’ and the ‘Short Sharp Shock’ punishment that she was to accept as a result of her misdeed. Mavis signed the form and passed it back to Hunt.

He was actually convivial with Mavis and told her he was sorry she was going to be caned again, but added that he thought she was wise not to take this matter back to her Commanding Officer. He then said they should get this over as quickly as possible and told her to remove both her jacket and skirt. The jacket was quickly removed, and then Mavis undid the buttons on her skirt before pushing it down her legs and stepping out of it. Mavis was wearing a suspender belt and stockings. Hunt told her they could stay on, but at the same time told her to drop her knickers and step out of them. Any hope Mavis had that it might not be a bare bottom caning was shattered, but strangely there was also a twang of electricity that she was again going to be made to take her pants off in front of Hunt.

Now standing in front of the Officer, mostly naked from the waist down, once again with her auburn pubic triangle on full view, she was in a strange combination of being very self-conscious about her nudity as well as being slightly aroused about what Hunt might be thinking.

Officer Hunt then selected a cane, choosing a 36-inch straight-handed weapon, before telling Mavis to bend over the smaller trestle and reach right down to hold onto the bar close to the floor and to ensure that she stayed in position whilst being caned.

As she bent over and reached down to grip the crossbar, Hunt could only appreciate again that Mavis had a fantastic bottom now framed between her suspender belt and stocking tops, and he remembered well six months previously when she had been across the same trestle. As Mavis waited there was a tremendous sense of anticipation knowing that her bare bottom was his sole focus of attention. She hoped Hunt liked it as she told herself that, having taken eighteen strokes last time, six strokes could not be too bad. She also had that odd sense of pleasure that it was he, and he alone, that was in the room and was going to be caning her.

Again, as a difference to her previous caning, this was to be a quick affair. As Officer Hunt lined up the cane, he watched the clock on the wall and paused until the second hand reached the sixty second mark before taking the cane back over his shoulder and thrashing her bottom for the first time, right across the centre, creating an almost instant red stripe.

Any thoughts Mavis might have had about six strokes not being as bad were destroyed as she let out a mini-scream as the pain from the first stroke created a line of fire across her bottom. She was reminded of the first stroke from her previous caning and the shock it had caused. Fifteen seconds later Hunt again took the cane slowly back and thrashed her for the second time, fractionally lower across her bottom. Mavis let out a mini-scream again before, in no time at all, Hunt caned her for the third time, striking her bottom above the first stroke.

He stepped back momentarily to admire the three red stripes close together near the centre of her lovely bottom. Mavis gripped the crossbar for grim death as she tried to process the extreme pain caused by just three strokes.

As the second hand approached the 45 second mark he lined up the cane again and thrashed her for the fourth time, slightly higher, causing another gasp from Mavis. She could not quite get used to the speed of this caning which was not allowing her to get used to the pain of a stroke before being struck again.

As the second hand again approached the sixty-second point, Hunt gave her the fifth stroke. This one was lower and caused yet another anguished gasp. Fifteen seconds later, Hunt gave her the sixth and final stroke, hitting her bottom between the second and fifth strokes in a small gap. As tradition would have it, the last was always the hardest and Hunt did not disappoint. It caused Mavis to let out a louder mini scream as she remained in position knowing that her caning was over, and despite not being restrained as previously, she was pleased that she had stayed in position throughout. In just 75 seconds she had endured a very intense caning that was completely different to the beating she had taken six months previously and she now knew why it was called a ‘short sharp shock’.

Officer Hunt told Mavis to remain in position as he took in the vista of her fantastic bottom, now with six red stripes concentrated across the centre of her backside. Mavis meanwhile was trying to come to terms with an incredibly intense caning that had taken just over a minute to complete. It had been totally different to the previous caning that had been delivered slowly and had taken over fifteen minutes in all. Although there had been three times the number of strokes, the gaps and, in particular, the three minute pauses between each set of six blows had allowed her to recover a little from the previous stroke. In comparison, this short sharp shock caning gave her no time to get used to the previous stroke, and she had simply had to endure the rapid-fire assault to her bottom.

Hunt was in no hurry for her to rise, telling her to stay in position for two minutes whilst he continued to enjoy the superb sight in front of him. She did have the most superb bottom.

Meanwhile Mavis was just starting to come to terms with the intense pain localised to the very centre of her bottom and again thought about what Hunt might be thinking, and despite the pain hoped that he liked the view.

After the two minutes had passed, Hunt told Mavis to stand up and gave her permission to rub her bottom. As she turned to face him, again giving him the view of her frontal nudity with only stockings on below the waist, he was reminded of how fit she was; her perfect hips that flared up from her excellent legs and her nicely trimmed pubic triangle at the centre. Again she had this confusing combination of wanting him to appreciate her nudity but also the natural embarrassment of being partly naked.

But he could not just leave her half naked forever, and told her that she had better get dressed. Replacing her knickers first, Mavis had soon replaced her skirt before putting her jacket back on. Before she left, she told Hunt that he had certainly given her a very sharp, quick and intense caning. Although only six strokes, she knew her bottom was going to be on fire for quite a while. She said it had been very different to the previous punishment where she had been restrained over the trestle for twenty-five minutes. She added that she was pleased her punishment was only going to be known by the Disciplinary Unit and that it had been unofficial.

Hunt told her she was welcome and added that she had made the right decision. He added that he hoped the fire in her bottom, as she had described it, would lessen during the morning. Despite the fact that he knew he could not ignore what he had seen, he had actually enjoyed delivering a deserved caning.

As Mavis reported for duty at 09.00, her bottom was now glowing and, despite the incredible intensity of the caning, she had strange, almost pleasurable, thoughts as during the day she cast her mind back to being bent over the trestle with her bare bottom exposed to the dashing Flying Officer Hunt.

The End

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