A boy and a girl compare notes, but get caught and have to face the consequences

By Joanna Jones

Eddie sat on the chair in his girlfriend’s bedroom chatting. Sally was, as usual, lying on her bed, wearing one of her favourite short skirts and a pair of ankle socks.

It was early Saturday afternoon and, though they had the house to themselves, they had had not much more than a bit of a cuddle with some very mild petting. They had not been going out for long, and Brian knew not to push Sally to be more adventurous, at least not for a while yet.

That did not stop Sally making little effort to keep that short skirt fully down and she did not seem to mind her boyfriend’s eyes roving up her legs to get a good glimpse of her knickers underneath.

The conversation went to Graeme’s party to be held the next weekend. They were going together, of course, and the event promised to go on late.

“It’s not fair that I’ll have to be home by 12.30.” Sally moaned. “The last couple of eighteenth birthday parties seemed to be just getting going and neither finished till after 3.”

Eddie sympathised. “I am sorry, but I will as promised bring you home.”

His own parents were much more relaxed on the curfew on a weekend, usually only demanding a time that he would be home by, so they knew not to worry.

Sally continued to look glum.

“You could just stay out, say you forgot the time, you know?” Eddie suggested cautiously. “There’s nothing special for the next couple of weeks so a grounding might be worth it.”

Sally shuddered and involuntarily shook her head. The strength of the reaction surprised her boyfriend.

“What’s the matter?” He asked half puzzled, half curious.

Sally paused, clearly thinking before finally rolling onto her back and looking at the ceiling.

“My parents won’t ground me or anything like that.” She replied quietly.

There was clearly something more and Eddie bit his lip to keep quiet as Sally stared at the ceiling.

Finally, blushing, she rolled back onto her side and looked grimly at Eddie. “If I am late then I’ll be strapped.”

Eddie rather gasped as Sally paused again. “And I mean strapped hard on my bum with a special piece of leather mum and dad have. Don’t tell anyone, will you?”

Eddie had a confused set of emotions going through him as he looked at his girlfriend and said: “Of course not.” One part of him found a macabre excitement as he imagined Sally being punished, while another part was appalled anyone would hit her. The last part was an odd relief as, after a pause, he blushed himself and replied: “And I thought I was the only one still to get thrashed.”

Sally sat up on the bed in surprise.

“What!” She exclaimed.

Now going quite red, Eddie continued. “It’s the cane in our house. You know, the full works; lecture, trousers and pants down, bend over the kitchen table. Usually it’s six, but if they’re really angry it can be more.”

“I was hoping they would stop after my eighteenth, but given Frank still gets it and he’s nearly twenty-one I knew there was little chance of that.” Eddie paused and considered before continuing. “Actually Frank and I had a massive argument a couple of weeks ago, about who could borrow Dad’s car. The result was neither of us did, and mum gave us both eight whacks for swearing and nearly coming to blows.”

Sally looked slacked jawed at her boyfriend making the admission as he continued.

“Still have some marks, though at least it’s not sore anymore. It is really embarrassing changing for sports, you girls are so lucky that your changing room has cubicles!”

Sally felt a similar surprise to that Eddie had, having thought she was the only one with such rigid parents. Suddenly it occurred to her that perhaps there were a few others, equally reluctant to admit the fact.

She was, however, quite shocked by one thing he’d said. “You still have marks, two weeks later?” She asked in sympathy.

“Yes,” replied Eddie resignedly. “Though they are fading.”

Then, seeing her clear curiosity, he said: “I’ll show you if you want.”

Sally’s heart jumped. She knew there was a risk and the consequences if her parents found out were not worth thinking of, but she was very curious.”

Seeing her clear quandary, Eddie took control. “Just my bottom, okay? I’ll lie face down on your bed.”

Temptation won. “Okay.” Sally replied and slipped off the bed to make way for her boyfriend.

She pointedly looked the other way as Eddie, having settled himself on top of her bedspread, pushed up his hips and then pushed his trousers and pants to mid thigh.

Sure enough, she saw there were eight fairly faint lines with the remnants of some bruising, visibly criss-crossing his bottom. They were mostly parallel though one or two slightly crossed each other.

Temptation got the better of her and she gently found her fingers tracing along the stripes. Eddie clearly did not object. In fact Eddie was doing his best to try to ensure his body did not get too excited, Sally’s gentle touch was electric.

Meanwhile Sally felt her own frisson of confused excitement going though her as she examined the ‘damage’. Then suddenly she got a hold of herself.

“That must have been agony.” She whispered, and turned so that Eddie could hitch up his clothes again.

For a short time they commiserated about their misfortune in having such strict parents, and wondered if any others in their year were similarly afflicted. Eddie said that he knew of no boy who had recently showed a bruised bottom in the changing room, unless the headmaster’s cane had been involved, but he went on; he had been too ashamed to admit it was his parents who’d whacked him, and he’d actually told the friends who’d noticed that he’d been caught ‘out of bounds’ during school hours. None had questioned his claim, so if he lied then so could a couple of other boys whose bottoms had borne the marks of a caning that year.

Sally knew of no girl who still got whacked. All her friends claimed their parents had stopped that a few years ago, but then so had she. Thus, whether their claims were true or not, she didn’t know.

Eddie then asked nervously: “So, so, how do they do it, you know, punish you?”

Sally wondered what to say and decided to hedge. “There is a standard routine, but it’s a bit difficult to describe.” She replied, hoping to put Eddie off.

“Well, well perhaps you could sort of show me then, and the next time you come to mine I can do the same for you?”

Sally froze and did not reply immediately. There was a part of her who was screaming ‘Danger’ at the top of its voice, but another thought was feeling both excited and tempted at the rather naughty, flirtatious nature of the concept.

Seeing her uncertainty Eddie applied a bit more persuasion, saying: “I did show you the damage to my bottom after all.”

Sally made her decision, rather weighted by the prospect of seeing Eddie’s bare bottom again, bent over, if not today then very soon. “Alright,” she said nervously. “But we both must be careful, nothing, well, you know, sexual.”

Eddie understood the message and replied: “I promise, nothing like that.”

Sally found herself flushing. With embarrassment, or some excitement, she was not sure; her emotions were in rather a turmoil.

“Okay let’s go downstairs; it always happens in the sitting room.”

As they went downstairs Sally wondered how to do this, and also found her adventurous side getting the better of her. “What I propose is, I will show you what I have to do, and you can play the role of my mother. I’ll let you give me two with the strap, so you can get a feel for the after punishment routine too. In exchange, I get to do your mother’s bit and give you a couple with the cane when it’s your turn, okay?”

Eddie had to stifle a gasp as he understood what she said. At most, he’d expected her to bend over and lift her skirt, nothing like this. And even having to bend over for her was a prospect that made his heart quicken. It took a bit of effort not to sound too excited as he agreed.

Sally opened the door to the sitting room and felt her heart racing.

“I always get it basically as soon as is practicable, from my parents’ point of view. So usually it is straight away, as soon as a visitor has left, or as soon as we get into the house. The worst was a few years ago. I’d been cheeky when I had a friend in. My mother told me in front of my friend that I was due a strapping and she had to go home. The moment she was out the door I was in here.”

Sally seemed to shiver slightly as she recalled one of the harsher strappings she had received.

Eddie just nodded. His emotions were all over the place and he could feel a pressure in his underpants as he watched Sally nervously fidget during the explanation.

“The first thing I have to do is turn this armchair round and then lower the blinds.”

Sally did the tasks as she spoke, and while she was at the window she continued. “I also always check the windows are closed at this point, my spankings are usually quite noisy.” Sally grimaced slightly as she came back into the middle of the room.

She took a deep breath. “Next I am told to ‘get ready’. That is the order to take my skirt or trousers off, tights too if I am wearing them, then bend over.”

“At, at least you get to keep your knickers on.” Stammered Eddie.

“No, actually I don’t normally, that comes later.” Replied Sally.

Eddie found himself stiffen further, and there was a long pause as they looked at each other.

Finally Eddie could bear it no longer. “Well, are you going to ‘get ready’ then?” He asked.

Sally gave a coy smile and slowly went for the clasp on the side of her skirt. A few moments later it was neatly folded on the seat of the armchair and she then bent over the back so that her face was staring directly into the garment she’d just removed. “Mum is very strict about the skirt or trousers being here. I suppose it is to increase my awareness of what is coming.” She said.

Eddie could barely take his eyes off Sally with her pale cream underwear covering her protruding bottom, her smooth legs tapering down to her ankles. His mouth seemed to be inexplicably rather dry.

“So, so what happens next?” He croaked.

“Well, I now get the lecture which, depending on Mum and Dad’s mood, can be short or very long. It’s awful waiting, feeling terrible, wanting the lecture over with, but at the same time knowing that after worse is coming.”

There was a pause, and Sally took a breath. “Then, then mum tells me not to move, she always says that, and she comes across and pulls my knickers down to my ankles.”

It took a short while before Eddie realised she was waiting for him to do so. In a daze he moved across to her and said: “You ready?”

After a muttered affirmative he nervously put his hands on the top of the elastic and said: “OK. Keep still then.”

However, before he could go any further a strong voice interrupted.

“I think that’s quite far enough!” It exclaimed.

“Mum!” Sally exclaimed and started to struggle upwards.

“No! You can stay just as you are, young lady.” Replied her mother angrily as she strode across the room and put her hand on her daughter’s back.

“Please, mum!” Wailed Sally, as she struggled to stand.

“You are arguing with me, Sally May Anderson. I suggest, for your sake, you stop.”

“But…” Sally replied desperately.

“Do wish to argue with me a second time?”

“No, mum, please…” Sally slumped, defeated, back into her position over the chair.

Alice Anderson stared ominously at her daughter and then the now very nervous young man in front of her. “I have to say, I was very puzzled to see the last blind in the bay window being lowered as I came along the road with the shopping, so I let myself in quietly to see what you were up to, Sally May.”

Sally grimaced as she stared at her skirt. She hated it when her mother included her middle name; it always was associated with the receipt of a sore bottom.

“I now see that was a very wise move, given the shocking scene in front of me when I arrived!” Continued her mother, who then whipped round to glare at the boyfriend.

“Now, Edward Franks, would you care to explain to me exactly what you two were up to?”

Edward desperately tried to think of an explanation that was more innocent that the truth, and rapidly came to the conclusion that any other plausible explanation would be less innocent than that they had actually been up to.

So he told a paraphrased version of the truth, about how they had discovered that, despite being eighteen, they were both subject to domestic corporal punishment, and they were just comparing notes, so to speak. He found it very difficult with Mrs Anderson’s eyes boring into him the whole time while his poor girlfriend remained bent over the armchair back. He did, of course, omit any reference to them agreeing to actually spank each other. It was, he said, just showing the position and to get an idea of what happened before and after.

Despite his efforts, he suspected poor Sally was in for a right thrashing after he’d been sent home, and he feared a phone call to his home might mean he’d be over the kitchen table before the day was out.

However, when he finished Mrs Anderson seemed to have calmed a little. “So it was just a little demonstration, was it, to see how it was done?” She asked.

Eddie nodded.

“Well, since Sally was so keen to show you far too much, I have no problem in showing you exactly how she is punished.” She continued.

“Mum! Please, no, not that!” Sally exclaimed as she struggled up.

Alice glowered at her daughter. “That is the second time you have argued with me. You don’t want to make it a third!”

With that she held up three fingers, then dropped one. Sally looked desperately at her mother before bending back into position with a small wail just after she dropped a second finger.

“Right, you know what you’ve done, opting to allow Edward to expose yourself like this, so I will skip the lecture. Now hold still!”

With that Edward watched rather guiltily as Sally’s mother put her fingers in the top of his girlfriend’s pants and lowered them till they dropped of their own accord, pooling around her ankle socks. The moan of sick anticipation was not lost on Eddie.

However, her mother was moving to the next stage. “So, Edward, while Sally here contemplates her stupidity and the consequences, we need the implements. These are kept hanging on the back door of the cupboard under the stairs. Follow me!”

With a glance back at his partially naked girlfriend, Eddie followed her mother into the hall and to the cupboard.

Mrs Anderson opened it and sure enough on the left hand peg was a strip of thick leather, of the order of two feet long. It was slightly narrower at one end to form a grip, and there was a small loop at the top to allow it to hang on the door nail that was serving as a peg. It was clearly not a strap for holding one’s trousers up.

However, in addition to unhooking the strap, Mrs Anderson also took a slightly shorter heavy wooden paddle off the second, right hand peg. Once again a thin loop through a hole in the handle allowed it to be hung.

Seeing Eddie’s surprise, Sally’s mother intimated: “If Sally takes her punishment without arguing she gets only the strap. Disobedience about a punishment means a dose of the paddle too, and Sally has already argued with me twice!”

Eddie was sure he heard some sort of quiet wail from the sitting room at that point. He was rather appalled, though, given his parents would up the number of cane strokes or repeat them for ‘disobedience about a punishment’ he was not totally surprised.

Mrs Anderson marched back into the sitting room with the two implements, then turned to the nervous looking boy. “Well, Edward, I think you can sit there, which is where Sally’s father sits if he is around.”

She pointed to one end of the sofa and Eddie obediently did what he was told, crossing his legs in an attempt to ensure he did not show his excitement too much. It was rather a naive hope as Mrs Anderson had noted the bulge in his trousers, and chosen to ignore it.

Sally was shivering slightly with nerves as she remained bent in position. The mild thrill she had felt earlier at the ‘game’ (as she viewed it) she had been playing with Eddie was gone totally, even though she knew her boyfriend was watching. All that was left was the dull ache of dread as she waited. Her mother’s thrashings were never pleasant, in fact never anything but awful.

Mrs Anderson took up the commentary again. “Right, the next is that I tell Sally what she is due. The maximum is simply her age and the minimum ten less.”

She paused for effect, while Sally prayed that it would not be the whole eighteen. She had no idea how dimly her mother viewed this and thus was not at all sure what to expect.

As if answering the unspoken question, her mother continued, turning now to her daughter. “Sally I am very disappointed with you, and how you let yourself get in this position, but I suppose it could have been worse; maybe you were unlucky I came back a little earlier than you expected, so perhaps an unlucky thirteen would be an appropriate punishment, plus of course two and then four with the paddle for arguing.”

Sally desperately wanted to argue about that, but knew better. A third ‘argument’ meant the same thrashing as she was already due, but then additionally waiting over the chair to ‘recover’ for half an hour, followed by a further six whacks with the strap followed by six with the paddle. She had experienced that once and she had no desire to ever repeat the experience.

Eddie watched as Mrs Anderson placed the paddle on Sally’s skirt, in front of her nose, then took up a stance to the left of her daughter. Eddie was seated somewhat to the right, not quite side on to the victim. While far enough around for propriety (as he was sure Sally’s mother would see it), the view of the punishment itself was going to be uninterrupted.

He watch mesmerised as the mother raised the strap.


Eddie’s jaw dropped as the leather crashed into the target, causing an involuntary convulsion in Sally as the impact registered. How could her mother hit her that hard? For that matter, how had Sally managed to take it in near silence?

Sally, truth be told, rarely took any part of her spankings quietly. However, the presence of her boyfriend had stiffened her resolve.


Another involuntary spasm caused her to throw her head back. The trouble was, her mother certainly knew how to wield that strip of leather!

Alice Anderson also knew how to take her time when disciplining her daughter. As the strap methodically did its work so the pain became more intolerable. Eddie watched as his girlfriend’s writhings became less controlled; the gasps turned to grunts, then wails and finally screams and sobs. He wondered how she could hold her position as her bottom was turned red with deepening marks.

Finally the strap was put down after the thirteenth blow had led to a final uncontrolled scream amongst the sobs. From his vantage point Eddie could see many dark red lines where the edges of the tip of the strap had landed. It was rather awful.

Sally remained in position sobbing her eyes out. When her mother picked up the paddle she desperately began to beg, but did not of course dare move.


The first blow with the paddle seemed to cause an even stronger spasm in Sally as the blade ignited pain across almost all her bottom.

Eddie was aghast. He always thought the cane was the worst form of whacking. However, seeing that paddle crash onto an already bruised rear end he began to wonder.


Another guttural scream. Sally hated that paddle, which she knew of course was the point.

The final four blows were lost in a haze of agony as she desperately clung on to the cushion of the armchair to keep herself from standing.

After the final blow she was left in position for a couple of minutes before being told to stand and pull her panties up. However, with her skirt left on the chair she was then sent to the corner of the room to consider her folly. Once there, the knickers were pulled down again and Eddie was left to gaze at his girlfriend’s well-chastised rear for half an hour as Sally’s sobs gradually subsided.

Finally Mrs Anderson came back and told Sally to make herself respectable, fetch her skirt and go upstairs to wash her face. Eddie was given a cup of tea and sat in the sitting room with Mrs Anderson, who made polite conversation about school. Slowly his hopes rose that he might escape an equivalent punishment from his parents.

Sally eventually returned still looking red-eyed and rather sorry for herself. She sat rather stiffly and uncomfortably next to Eddie on the sofa and let her mother’s conversation with Eddie wash over her.

However, her reverie was disturbed somewhat as her mother said: “So, Edward, I hope you feel you now understand what happens to Sally when her behaviour is seriously deficient.”

Eddie nodded as he answered in the affirmative.

Alice Anderson continued. “Good. Now as I understand it, the plan was that you were to demonstrate your parents’ disciplinary approach too, is that correct?”

Eddie felt a chill percolate inwards from his extremities as he nodded a second affirmative answer.

Mrs Anderson feigned not to notice his change in demeanour as she continued.

“Well it only seems fair then that Sally pays a visit to your house. I have written a letter to your mother explaining the situation and I am sure they will oblige in the circumstances, don’t you think?”

Eddie was certain his parents would not be amused at what had happened and would indeed ‘oblige’. Rather pale-faced he croaked a third affirmative answer as he took the sealed envelope addressed to his mother.

Sally, with her rather pained bottom distracting her, finally fully understood what was being discussed and suddenly paid her fullest attention. The prospect of seeing her boyfriend punished excited her, and made her feel guilty at the same time. It was all very confusing.

However, she did not have long to consider as her mother encouraged the two of them out of the house.

Alice watched them walk down the street. Sally was clearly walking slowly as a result of her efforts, and there was a defeated hunch in the boyfriend as he made his way to his doom. The foolish pair had forgotten that Mrs Mary Franks was a friend of hers through the local bridge club, and she was certain Mary would oblige her request.

A final thought crossed her mind as she turned to get on with preparing the tea. Perhaps it might be for the best if her daughter knew that misbehaviour at the Franks’ house could lead her to joining young Edward for a dose of the cane, and vice-versa with the strap in her house of course.

She would definitely need to discuss it with Mary next Wednesday.

The End

© Joanna Jones 2013