A girls is having a bad day. By a new writer to us

By SpankerCarl 

Kate was late; nothing unusual in that, she was terrible at getting up and getting on in a morning, but today she was walking to school with a warm bottom. She knew what time she was supposed to get up but dragging herself out of bed was just too difficult. After much calling and threatening she had risen, showered and got her school uniform on and went downstairs for breakfast. After she had finished, her bowl went on the side and she prepared to leave.

“Put your bowl in the dishwasher, please.”

“I haven’t got time, I’m late.”

“Yes, you lazy girl, and we know why you are late, don’t we?” 

And with that she found herself being dragged to the kitchen table, pushed over it and her skirt lifted.

“Come on! Not now please, I’m running late already.”

“Too late, my girl; up late and a bad attitude means a slapped bottom, even if you are eighteen.” 

After a dozen slaps on each cheek she was finally ready to leave the house for school.

As she got towards school she could hear the bell for registration ringing already.

‘As if my day hadn’t started badly enough,’ she thought to herself.

She got to her tutor room two minutes after the door had been closed. She knew what would happen next.

“Ah, Kate, so glad you could join us. Stand by the blackboard while I finish the register.” 

“Yes, Sir.”

When he had finished he spoke to the class while opening his drawer.

“As you all know, tardiness will not be tolerated. You must be organised and get to places when you are supposed to be there. It seems Kate, here, has not learned that lesson yet, and so two strokes of the slipper is the punishment. So turn around, girl, and bend over. Everyone needs to see what happens when you are late.”

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir.”

Reluctantly, she turned. Her skirt was fairly tight but long enough not to let anyone see her panties. She felt the big rubber plimsoll rest on her bottom. She was wondering just why it was called a slipper when it slammed into her left buttock. There was a sucking in of breath followed by a sigh and then an even heavier blow onto her right cheek, which caused an ‘ow’.

“Now go and sit down, young lady.”

She hated this bit, going to her seat walking past other pupils most of whom were smirking at her discomfort as most of them knew what she was feeling in her bottom. She winced a little as she sat on her wooden chair.

‘Great,’ she thought. ‘Ten past nine and spanked twice already.’

The next couple of lessons passed peacefully for Kate. She looked on in interest as two boys got punished in Geography. It made her feel quite funny watching boys bending over, but she wasn’t quite sure why. In History, a girl was slippered and made a whole lot of fuss and Kate thought she obviously didn’t get smacked at home, lucky cow.

The last lesson before lunch was English and everyone filed in and sat down quickly and quietly. Nobody liked to annoy Mrs Johnson as she was strict and she spanked hard.

“Morning, class, I shall be collecting homework as I walk around, and anyone daft enough not to  have done it should stand up next to their desk.” 

Kate went into her bag to get her book out and her heart sank. It wasn’t there. Oh no, what had she done with it? She knew she had done the homework. She also knew that would cut no ice with that old battleaxe. Slowly she got to her feet. At least she wasn’t alone. Alison had also got up and was stood head bowed.

“Well, well, Kate, no homework; what have you to say for yourself?”

“I’ve done it, Miss, just not got it with me.”

“Oh well, that’s okay then, I best let you sit down then, or maybe you should get to the front of the class and bend over that chair for a little taste of my ruler.”

Kate sighed. “Yes, Miss.”

“And for that attitude, there’s an extra stroke.”

“But Miss, I never said anything.”

“And another for arguing. I suggest you move before it gets worse for you.”

She did as she was told and found herself staring at the floor while draped over the desk as she waited for what seemed like an age. The ruler was long and it was thick and it stung.

“Four strokes for you, Kate; two for no homework, one for the sigh and one for arguing. I also notice from filling in the punishment form that this is your third time with no homework this month. That means a visit to your head of year at the end of the day, do you understand?”

“Yes Miss, I understand.”

She heard the woosh a split second before the ruler came into contact with her backside. As the ruler was longer than her bum, she felt it intensely across both cheeks. The second landed exactly on top of the first, the third was a tiny bit lower and the fourth lower still, and was the most evil one and made Kate bite her lip and really grip on to the table tightly.

Sitting comfortably was a real problem and she shuffled about for the rest of the lesson and most of the way through lunch.

The next lesson was PE, which Kate wasn’t a fan of at the best of times, but today getting changed would be even worse as she knew that her bottom would still have a little colour and the others would want a look and have a laugh. As it turned out, she was saved as Jackie and Cath had been caught having a fag at lunchtime and had been caned. The girls had all gathered around to see the three strokes each they had received. Kate already knew how the girls felt and she had vowed never to feel that pain again because it was horrible and painful.

The lesson passed almost without incident, apart from Mrs Rose swatting Kate’s backside twice when she bent to pick up the netball she had foolishly dropped.

“Concentrate, girl. Keep your eye on the ball all the way into your hands, then pivot for the pass.”

“Sorry, Miss.”

The last lesson of the day passed by in a haze for Kate as she knew she had to visit Mrs Jordan, her head of year, after the last lesson, and she knew what would happen when she got there. She also knew this would make her later home and then she would have to explain to her Mum why she was late.

It seemed as though she was the only visitor to Mrs Jordan’s office. At least it won’t take so long, she thought. She sat in a chair outside in the corridor just staring waiting for the door to open, and then it did.

“Come in, Kate. Let’s get on, I haven’t got all day.”

The miscreant shuffled in and stood in front of the desk.

“It seems to me, young lady, that you seem to have a problem doing homework, and doing as you are told generally. Such a lax attitude will not be tolerated by me.”

“But Miss, I…”

“DO NOT DARE TO INTERRUPT ME WHEN I AM TALKING, YOU INSOLENT GIRL! This is the type of behaviour I am talking about; interrupting, answering back, tutting and sighing, not doing tour homework, and I am told your handwriting is getting worse and worse. Well, that’s going to improve as I have a special punishment that will help.

“Now, the main reason you are here is for lack of homework again. This is the second time this year. You will get four strokes of the strap to start with. Now go and stand in front of the punishment stool.”

Kate stared dolefully at the stool. You had to bend right over it and grip the bottom rung. It lifted your bottom right up and made the strap sting so much.

“Right, I’m ready to deal with you now. You know what to do.”

Kate knew only too well that Mrs J was allowed to have the skirt removed or lifted to apply the strap on the knickers. She reluctantly lifted the hem until her panties were on display, then she lowered herself over the stool.

“Well, at least you have the correct underwear on. That saves you another stroke.”

Mrs J was a very quick spanker; four strokes in almost the same place in double quick time. Kate winced and screwed her eyes tight with every stroke. They all landed mainly on the part of her bum where her panties had ridden up, giving her no protection at all.

“Get up and stand back near my desk. I haven’t finished with you yet.”

Kate stood wondering what was going on. She really wanted to rub her bottom, but thought better of it. She was also worried as the strap was on the table and had not been put away. Then Mrs Jordan picked it up and stood in front of Kate.

“It’s very rare these days that handwriting punishments are handed out, but this is necessary. Are you right handed?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Then you will hold your right hand out and put your left hand under to support it.”

Kate then received two strokes of the strap across her hand which she decided was worse than any bottom punishment she had ever had.

She got home finally, and of course her Mother was waiting for an explanation as to why she was late. Kate had to confess about Mrs Jordan, because lying would have made things so much worse.

“I’ve nearly had enough of you, Kate, and I will deal with you after your horse riding lesson. Now go and get changed.”

“Yes, Mum.”

The End

© SpankerCarl 2017