An old friend’s new wife reveals her convent school past

By Paul S

Tim had been Mark’s usher at his wedding to Karen, and they had been married happily for about 25 years. Tim, however, had not been so lucky in love and was twice divorced.

Tim had recently been reacquainted with Mark, together with Pete and Suzy whom he had known at school, and they had also been married for over 25 years, although Suzy was a bit older then Pete.

Pete, Suzy, plus Mark and Karen, and Tim and Elaine, Tim’s new wife, were all active on social media and agreed to meet up at a county pub one Sunday in June in central Hertfordshire, as they hadn’t seen each other for some time.

The pub they agreed to meet at was ‘The Plough’, which was a rambling old country pub, recently refurbished as a trendy modern pub-restaurant. It looked very good and had access to a number of country walks and trails.

They all met up at ‘The Plough’ just before midday on the chosen Sunday just before it was due to open, so they could peruse the menu outside the front door and choose a likely meal.

Pete and Suzy turned up first and met Tim and his new wife, Elaine. Elaine was pleased to meet them and be introduced to a new circle of friends. Mike and Karen then turned up and were introduced to each other. Mike, Tim and Paul were all old friends, so spent no time in getting up to date on recent events.

Elaine was of medium build in her late forties, with medium length blonde hair and a very nice 36-30-38 figure, albeit a bit plump around the waist which made her rear end more noticeable, by Mark particularly. She was wearing a loose blouse and tight thin trousers, and clearly just a thong underneath.

Suzy, on the other hand, was bigger built but shorter with mousy hair.

Karen, Mark’s wife, was a pretty lady with medium length ash blonde hair, and a 36-30-40 figure but was slightly overweight.

They all sat down to lunch and ordered food and drinks. Tim and Pete had a pint, whilst Mark had a coke. The girls all drank wine, although Elaine and Karen got talking and got through a bottle of wine between them in no time.

Over lunch the subject matter ranged from what they did for a living through to their previous lives and experiences. As a newcomer to the group, everyone was interested in Elaine’s past. She said she hailed from Cardiff originally, but her parents were both dead, and she had a sister living in Rye and working as a teacher.

She went to primary school, then a girls’ convent school before graduating to college and university to do medicine. She had worked as a nurse, then sister, before returning to do agency work now.

Karen and Elaine continued to drink wine and ordered another bottle. Karen was used to drinking, but Elaine was struggling to keep up.

Eventually they all finished a very hearty meal before walking outside into the warm sunshine. Someone suggested they all go for a walk to burn off some calories.

Pete, Tim, Suzy and Karen all got talking and as a consequence they walked very slowly along the bridleway and footpath.

Mark and Elaine readily struck up a conversation and walked faster ahead of the others, as Elaine seemed interested in Mark’s work as an author, whilst he was very interested in her convent school past.

After they discussed all the usual subject matters, such as where they live and jobs, etc. the conversation became more interesting. Mark started asking questions about her convent school experiences.

Elaine said she was mostly a good girl, but it was quite strict and she did get sent outside class to say three Hail Mary’s on a number of occasions. On several occasions when she was eighteen, though, she got caught smoking, which was more serious. The Reverend Sister took her outside the class, and told her to take her panties down, lift her skirt, and bend over a desk in the corridor, placed specifically there for girls to receive the tawse.

Elaine said she had 6 strokes and it stung like hell each time. Unfortunately the whole class could hear, so she returned to class with a red face of shame and embarrassment.

Mark said he had similar experiences at his all boys’ school where they were equally strict.

“No doubt Tim has told you about that?” He asked.

As they walked on across the wheat fields, the others were getting left behind by about half a mile. The afternoon was now glorious with warm sunshine and a gentle freshening breeze.

Elaine was starting to suffer from the wine at lunchtime, as her speech started to become slurred. She and Mark continued walking up a small hill towards a wood with great views across open country, as it was elevated. They could make out the mainline railway and some trains in the far distance, but were now a couple of miles from the pub and any main roads. They had also lost sight of the others.

Mark and Elaine continued their discussion about school punishments, and Mark asked Elaine whether she had been spanked since then.

Elaine said: “Not spanked by Tim as such, but he does shock me sometimes.”

Mark said: “How, exactly?”

“Well, I was getting some loose coins out of the washing machine recently and thought Tim was still upstairs as it was early morning.

“I was only wearing a short nightie so, by bending over, I was fully exposing my rear end. Suddenly I felt a sharp slap across my bare backside.

“I said: ‘Oh Tim, I could kill you,’ as my head was still in the machine.

“Another time I was washing my hair in the bathroom, and I had just lathered it and needed to rinse it. I was only wearing a nightie and thought the door was locked, so bent over the bath to rinse my hair with the shower. Tim walked in and said: ‘Full moon today?’ Then he smacked me across my bare backside. I said: ‘Just you wait.’

“Mark asked me: ‘Have you ever thought about being spanked properly, as you have a rear end just made for it?’

“I said: ‘No, I’ve never really thought about it.’”

By this point in the conversation, Elaine’s speech had become slurred and she was getting unsteady on her feet.

Mark said: “You’re drunk Elaine!”

Elaine said: “Yes sir, guilty as charged!”

Mark said: “Come here, Elaine, and I will give that gorgeous rear of yours what it needs.”

Elaine said: “Mark, please, no!”

But Mark had her arm and pulled her across his knee whilst he sat on a large tree trunk, and gave her twenty smacks across the seat of her tight thin trousers.

However the blood and alcohol had rushed to her head and she passed out.

Mark had to stop, pick Elaine up, and lay her down on the log, then wait for the others to catch up, which was nearly half an hour later.

Tim asked if his wife was OK, and Mark said she was drunk and had gone to sleep. Tim poked Elaine and she woke up startled.

She said: “Where am I?”

Tim said: “In the country, but we need to get home.”

They got Elaine up gingerly onto her feet and the party walked back down the hill to the pub and car park, about half a mile distant.

They all said they had an enjoyable day, apart from Elaine who couldn’t remember anything that had happened, and agreed to meet up again real soon.

The End

© Paul S 2016