A party frolic leads to real discipline

By Paul S

It was Joanne’s birthday, as she celebrated 29 years on the planet. Joanne lived with Norman and sibling Emily, of similar age, and their children plus slightly younger Rebecca and sibling Charles and their young children at the Seafront Hotel on the Atlantic coast.

They were all related and previously lived near the city, but Uncle Tony, aged 68, had generously purchased an old 1960s Atlantic seafront hotel in need of some tender loving care for the family to do up and run as a family project and boutique hotel business.

He says he was glad he could help, but said he wanted to visit from time to time to see how things were going with his investment, as their principal benefactor. He also wanted to visit to see his favourite niece, as he put it, as he lived in Rome these days, running his own successful art gallery business.

Joanne was still single though. This really surprised Tony, as he said she was all woman with a very curvy 36-30-38 inch figure and a bubbly, and slightly naughty, disposition.

Joanne said she had to concentrate on making the hotel a success for all their sakes, so that didn’t leave much time for relationships as it was a 24/7 job, along with her siblings and their families.

The day of her birthday party came and the hotel was decked out in bunting. The last of the paying guests had previously left for the weekend whilst the hotel was closed and cleaned from top to bottom in readiness for the party. A number of local dignitaries were attending, with extended family and friends.

Norman had prepared a splendid buffet and Charles was in charge of the disco and lighting, with background music already on. Emily was in charge of drinks as bartender, and the presents kept arriving by post and special delivery from all over.

Uncle Tony had attended the party with Margaret, who was an old school friend and vice principal at a private girls’ 6th form college down the coast.

Norman, Emily, Rebecca and Charles dressed up in fancy dress and welcomed the guests as they arrived.

Joanne greeted them excitedly and started opening some of her presents.

She received a very short pleated blue Ra-Ra skirt from Emily, an I-tunes voucher from Charles, a lacy thong and sexy G-string set from Rebecca and a gold chain and bracelet from Uncle Tony. Norman gave her a blue rinse curly wig and giant Terry’s chocolate Orange. Margaret gave her a matching red leather belt and strap set, and she also received a nice white American baseball cheerleader’s top with Raiders logo from their chef, Craig.

Joanne said she would try on all the outfits, and went upstairs briefly to change. The music started and kicked off the party and dancing on a rainy and windswept early Saturday evening about 5pm.

Joanne re-emerged to loud cheers, looking very cute indeed dressed with a blue rinse curly blonde wig, a white baseball top, very short pleated blue skirt and thong with high heels and lovely long bare legs.

Tony gave Joanne a glass of Prosecco, chinked glasses and said: “Joanne, you look good enough to eat,” and then added: “Bottoms up!”

Joanne laughed and drank some Prosecco with them. The party then started to goad her by saying: “Jo, give us a twirl.”

Joanne started to dance to appease the baying guests, but they chanted and clapped ‘more, more, more’ football style.

Joanne said: “OK, OK, wait a minute!” She held the edges of her very short Ra-Ra dress and curtsied to both sides of the room. She then lifted her dress at the front to display her new thong.

Rebecca said: “Very nice, Joanne.”

Norman then said: “What about the rear end view?”

Joanne said: “OK Norman, just for you,” and lifted her skirt and bent over, exposing her thong and buxom bottom cheeks to full view to cheers and laughs from the room.

After that, there were a number of slow dances, and Joanne danced a while with Uncle Tony. They chatted about events since he was last there, and Joanne thanked him for all his help in securing the Atlantic hotel for them as a project.

Tony said: “It is a nice Boutique hotel now for surfers. You must do a fair amount of trade all year round now and it’s looking great. Nice to see my investment doing really well for the family.”

Joanne said: “It’s taken a lot of work over several years, but it’s a great place to work and live now.”

Tony then held Joanne by one hand and ran his other hand down over her skirt.

He then said: “Joanne, you displayed your gorgeous rear end earlier. Have you not had it birthday spanked yet, which is a family tradition?”

Joanne seemed surprised and whispered in Tony’s ear: “No, not here! I would die of embarrassment?” She went on to say: “As you have done so much for us, I will let you put me across your knee for a fun spanking, just this once mind, as a big thank you. Mind you, this outfit barely covers my modesty! My room is on the first floor, and there is a chair you can use.”

Tony and Joanne went upstairs to her room and locked the door. Her room was untidy and strewn with clothes from changing earlier. They charged their glasses and Tony toasted Joanne’s glass with a chink and said: “Bottoms up!”

They downed their glasses, Tony pulled out the chair into the centre of the room and Joanne walked up and stood by his knee.

Tony said: “I hope you are enjoying your birthday and having a great time. Thanks for making an old man very happy, by the way.”

Joanne said: “It should be me thanking you, really,” as she lifted her new tiny skirt and lay across his lap, fully revealing her thong and exposed buxom bottom cheeks.

Tony then started spanking her with his hand, slowly at first.

Joanne said: “Ooh, it feels funny but nice.”

Tony said: “Have you not had a birthday spanking before?”

Joanne said: “Not that I remember.”

She leaned forward and took 29 smacks without complaint.

Tony then gave her one more and said: “One for luck.”

Joanne got up, rearranged her short skirt and said: “It feels all warm and tingly. Hate to admit it, but that felt quite nice.”

Tony said: “My friend Margaret has kindly given you a nice leather belt and strap set, and thrown in a free discipline taster session at her 6th form college if you want to try them out.”

Tony gave Joanne her card with the invitation and contact details.

Joanne said: “Thanks Tony, but I don’t think I will need it as I am usually quite good, but will keep it handy.”

The party drew to a close, Joanne thanked and kissed all the departing guests and returned to her room, putting the gifts and card in a drawer.

Three months elapsed and she thought nothing further of it.

Joanne then met a local man called Pete on a dating website and went out for a date at a local café, overlooking the beach. They chatted and got to know each other before sharing a kiss and agreed to meet the following week at his place, in the next town.

Joanne went along to Pete’s place, shared a drink and went for a walk along the clifftops to see the view, and chatted about their failed previous relationships.

Pete then said: “Come back to mine for some fun. You have nothing to lose.”

Joanne was put on the spot, but could only mutter: “OK then.”

They went back to his place, kissed passionately and ended up in bed.

Joanne woke up early, washed and dressed and thanked Pete but said: “I have to get back to the hotel as they need me today. I really shouldn’t have stayed,” and left. She broke up with Pete soon afterwards.

Joanne helped with the lunch shift and cleaned before returning to her room mid-afternoon.

She changed, had a shower and started getting dressed. She saw herself in the mirror and said: “Joanne, you silly, stupid girl. You could have got pregnant, AIDS or an STD.”

She put on a blouse and top, and bent over to look in the drawer for her stockings and panties. She noticed the strap and card from the party, and also her bare bottom in the mirror, and remembered what Tony had said.

She took out the strap and gave herself several strokes across the hand. It tingled.

She put her stockings and panties to one side on the bed, looked at herself in the mirror for a minute or so and then said to herself: ‘You know what, Joanne? You need six of the best for behaving like a silly tart.’

She bent over the bed and gave herself six smacks with the strap. She then got up, saw the red marks in the mirror and felt her bottom tingling. However, she was still disgusted by her own carelessness and thought: ‘This isn’t good enough. I need to be taught a firm lesson.’

She found Margaret’s card and invitation and gave her a ring. Margaret was charming and they discussed Joanne’s situation. Margaret explained that sometimes young ladies have feelings of guilt and need to be punished to clear their conscience.

She then said: Come down Saturday lunchtime about midday and we can discuss it then. Oh, and bring your strap if you have it, so we can use it.”

Joanne took Saturday off and took the train to the ladies 6th form college. She asked for Margaret and was shown to a study in the historic school buildings. She went in and was brought a tea and cake by Margaret’s assistant, who left. They then sat down and discussed Joanne’s situation.

Margaret said: “Tony told me all about you. You have been doing very well with the hotel and been well behaved mostly, from what I hear. So what’s troubling you?”

Joanne explained she had a date and ended up in bed without taking any precautions.

Margaret said: “Oh dear, you young girls will get yourselves into trouble. Did Tony explain that I can give you a discipline taster session free of charge? You displayed your lovely bottom at your party, I remember. Have you been spanked at all before?”

Joanne said: “Only a fun birthday spanking by Tony at the party, otherwise it was at school or old boyfriends.”

Margaret said: “Are there any implements you are uncomfortable with?”

Joanne said: “I am not keen on canes, but willing to try anything else.”

Margaret said: “OK, if you would like to change into this uniform next door, then we can get started. I propose giving you a warm up hand spanking, followed by a paddle and strap for your indiscretion.”

She handed Joanne a college uniform and she went to change next door.

A few minutes later, Joanne returned dressed in the 6th form girls’ college uniform of white shirt, striped tie, grey pleated short skirt, knee length socks and sandals and regulation white cotton knickers.

Margaret said: “How does that feel?”

Joanne said: “OK, but the knickers are tight and the tight skirt makes my bottom look big.”

Margaret pulled out a chair, sat down and said: “Come here, girl,” in a strict voice.

Joanne obeyed and walked up to her knee, hands clenched nervously together.

Margaret said to Joanne: “You have been a very, very silly girl, haven’t you? And are very lucky girl you didn’t catch something nasty or get pregnant.”

Joanne nodded her head in agreement.

Margaret said: “If one of my girls did this, they would receive a good thrashing. I think you know that you deserve a thorough spanking, young lady.”

Joanne looked at the floor and quietly said: “Yes, miss.”

Margaret then pushed Joanne’s head down, forcing her to bend over her lap. She started spanking Joanne over her skirt. At first Joanne seemed surprised, but did not complain.

Then, after twenty spanks, Margaret lifted Joanne’s skirt to spank over her panties. This caused Joanne some discomfort and she started to wriggle and gasp under Margaret’s firm and unrelenting hand.

Margaret then said, after a further twenty strokes, that Joanne’s panties needed to come down.

Joanne struggled and said: “No, please!”

But the white cotton panties were lowered and the spanking continued, causing Joanne to raise her head and catch her breath after each stroke.

Margaret then released Joanne, who got up.

She then said: “How did that feel?”

Joanne said: “It’s very warm and tingly.”

Margaret then said: “Ok, we will try the paddle next.”

Joanne was then bent over and her skirt lifted by Margaret, with her panties still at half- mast.

Margaret then gave Joanne several strokes with the paddle, and asked Joanne how it felt.

Joanne said: “No, it didn’t do much for me.”

Margaret then said: “Ok, we will try out your new double pleated leather strap you have kindly brought along, with a split tail. If you would like to bend over the desk please, Joanne.”

Joanne obeyed, lifting her skirt and bending over.

Margaret placed the cool feeling leather strap centrally across Joanne’s bottom, lifted it and brought it down firmly and without warning across Joanne’s bottom with a loud smack.

Joanne reared up saying: “Ouch!”

Margaret said: “Good, this obviously works. We need to get the message printed in red across your bottom, young lady, so that you remember it. Back in position please, Joanne.”

Joanne bent her over again.

“We will try ten first and see how you get on,” Said Margaret.

The strap was brought down firmly across Joanne’s backside a further nine times, resulting in her raising her head after each stroke and gasping and panting heavily and saying ‘Ouch!’

After ten strokes, Joanne got up rubbing her reddened and tingling backside with both hands and said: “That was really hot.”

Margaret said: “I think you need another ten to teach you a lesson, don’t you agree?”

Joanne could only meekly say: “Yes, miss.”

Margaret put out her hand, grabbed Joanne’s collar and said: “Over the desk, young lady, please,” forcing Joanne to bend right over once again.

The strap soon had unlimited access to all of Joanne’s backside, causing her bottom to squirm across the desk.

Margaret said: “Hold still, please Joanne, otherwise I will have to give you an extra stroke.”

The strap continued to land across the top and centre of Joanne’s bottom. Then one stroke landed right across her lower seat and Joanne reared up in pain yelling: “Argh!”

Margaret said: “Right, that’s one extra stroke, young lady.”

The strap continued to do its work effectively, and had Joanne right up on her tiptoes, pushing her knees together, pushing her bottom right up and bending right over to absorb the increasing pain, gasping loudly after each stinging stroke.

Joanne then said: “How many more to go?”

Margaret said: “Another three to go. You are doing well and your bottom is responding well to the strap. You have a very nice spankable bottom, Joanne.”

Joanne said: “Thank you. Yes, I can really feel it now.”

Margaret said: “Right, that’s an extra stroke for talking out of turn, young lady.”

Margaret brought the strap down firmly across Joanne’s lower seat, producing a loud ‘yelp’.

The last three strokes had Joanne throwing her long hair back and panting heavily after each stroke. She knew she had submitted completely, and had been thoroughly punished for her indiscretion.

Margaret said to Joanne: “Ok, you can get up now.”

Joanne stood up and rubbed her red hot, stinging bottom with one hand.

Margaret said: “You have done very well for a first timer. You have certainly had your bottom tanned and, I hope, learned your lesson.”

Joanne, still panting heavily, said: “Yes, I did, but it stings so much!”

She bent her knees and rubbed her bottom, lifting up one leg to try and absorb the sting.

Margaret said: “If you ever feel you need to be proper disciplined in future, you know where I am. I promised your uncle Tony that I am happy give you free discipline sessions for old time’s sake. He was very keen to ensure that your lovely bottom does not go untanned, as that would be negligent. You see, I had to give your mum a thorough bare bottom ruler spanking years ago, as she was a wild child before she settled down. One day your late dad had had enough and said: “Can you discipline that girl properly, please Margaret, as she is driving me to despair.”

Joanne said: “She never told me that.”

Margaret said: “No, I don’t suppose she did. However, she settled down with your dad soon afterwards and became a model of domesticity. Obviously a good spanking was what she really needed at eighteen years of age.”

Joanne said: “Well, well, well. Thanks for today, by the way. It was actually a steep learning curve for me, learning a painful lesson!”

Margaret said: “May I say, you have been a delight, and you know where I am if you need me.”

With that, Joanne thanked her and got dressed and left.

Joanne stood in the buffet car, drinking her café latte on the train home, as she still couldn’t sit down.

When she got in, she took off her skirt and lowered her panties. Her luscious bottom was covered in red strap marks all over and was still stinging. Margaret had certainly been very thorough, she thought, as she had been with her mum years before.

However, Joanne felt a warm glow gradually wash over her, which made her feel very sexy and naughty indeed.

These days, Joanne is still working at the hotel, and is mostly well behaved. However, about every 6 months, if she does something of which she is ashamed, she knows where to go to be punished, and still can’t sit down on the way home.

The number of strap strokes has since been increased to thirty, as Margaret says an older girl should be more responsible.

Uncle Tony, of course, is delighted to hear that Joanne’s bottom is now being thoroughly disciplined several times a year by Margaret, and with her full agreement, following their introduction.

The End

© Paul S 2017