A Swedish au-pair accepts punishment.

By Capstan

Claire and Robert Hamilton had now been married for five years, and were the proud parents of two three-year-old twin boys, William (Billy) and Richard (Ricky). Both were lawyers; Robert, born and originally raised in Canada, was, at 44, some ten years his wife’s senior in age.

The couple had met when Robert, newly appointed as a partner in a prestigious London law firm, had the lovely and newly qualified Claire assigned to him as a pupil. The two, who got on well from the very beginning and complemented each other as a team, began working on the account of a London based finance and tax firm, with Claire eventually taking on responsibility for the account and, simultaneously, beginning to build an international reputation for herself.

Claire and Robert became progressively attracted to each other over the next few years, with their many interests in common leading to genuine love; and it came as a surprise to no one when they announced they were engaged to be married. Following a two-year engagement, they married and the couple moved in to a new four-bedroom house with enough room to start a family. Having always wanted children, both were delighted with the birth of the healthy twin boys some two years later, when a nanny was added to the household.

Over the eighteen months following the twin’s birth, Claire found her growing legal reputation and the associated work meant that she was seeing too little of the boys; she began to look for an alternative. Her opportunity arose when the new Managing Director of the tax advisors, with which she had been associated from the start, announced that most legal work would be taken in-house and that they were looking to appoint a Director of Legal Affairs. A suitable agreement was negotiated with Sir Peter, who was almost the same age as Claire, which satisfied all parties and which gave Claire a much better work-life balance. The two firms maintained a working relationship, with Robert handing the residual affairs where a larger team was required.

Shortly after taking on her new role, Claire found that her nanny wanted to move on; as a short-term solution Claire and Robert advertised for an au-pair via a reputable agency.

A number of young ladies were interviewed, but the one that really impressed was Astrid Nilsson, the daughter of a Swedish diplomat who was about to complete his London posting. Astrid had been educated partly in England and, although not yet eighteen, had already completed a two-year course in Child Care. She needed a live-in position and was looking to put into practice all she had learned.

A second interview followed, which included both Astrid’s parents together with Rosie; Claire and Robert’s Scottish nanny. Astrid was duly appointed and, after a month, Rosie moved on to her new appointment in New York working for an American millionaire and his Scottish wife.

Astrid had been with the Hamiltons for nearly nine months, and things had proved ideal for all parties. The twins, now three, grew to love Astrid and the feeling was mutual, whilst Claire and Robert treated the charming young lady almost as one of the family and were very fond of the beautiful blonde teenager.

On the 1st of June 1987, Claire told Robert that a major project they both had been working on with her employers had just come to the final stages, and that the Managing Director and Finance director would be flying to the US and Canada at the end of the week to sign off the deals. They would be away for ten days but Claire would not have to travel with the party, she would however remain in contact as necessary during the trip. The final arrangements would be made on Thursday, following which the couple were both invited to dine with the Managing Director at his home, together with his fiancée, and the finance director and his wife. Claire told Robert that she had accepted the invitation on their behalf, and that Astrid would need to babysit, despite it usually being one of her nights off. Claire told Robert that she was sure this would not be a problem, but she would talk to Astrid that evening.

The Thursday evening dinner party passed off pleasantly, with Claire, in particular, being great company and displaying a wicked sense of humour. Of medium height, with relatively small breasts, lovely legs, and a well-rounded bottom, Claire’s attractive features and particularly striking green eyes were framed with auburn shoulder length hair. She had, as usual, dressed to advantage, having chosen a striking cream silk outfit for the evening. It was clear to all the guests that Claire and Robert remained very much in love and enjoyed working as a team. After dinner, delightful conversation continued until after midnight when the guests reluctantly departed.

Upon their return home, having thoroughly enjoyed their evening, Claire and Robert were surprised to find Astrid asleep on the sofa; but realised that this may not be unconnected with the two empty bottles of wine and two glasses that were on the adjacent coffee table.

Claire immediately went upstairs to find the twins both sleeping peacefully and all well. Robert picked up one of the wine bottles and gently tapped it against the other. The ringing sound caused the attractive, blonde, long-haired, teenager’s eyelids to flicker; her big blue eyes then opened wide, saw her employer, and she sat bolt upright. Meanwhile, having checked on the children, Claire remained in her bedroom and began to get ready for bed. Robert looked at the labels of the two bottles and discovered that they were of a rare, 1978 vintage, white burgundy which had almost certainly come from his cellar.

Looking at the, now apprehensive, girl in front of him; Robert quietly remarked, “Astrid, I think you owe me an explanation.” Gesturing towards the bottles and glasses he continued, “Did you have company this evening and where did this wine come from?”

“Please Mr Hamilton, when Mrs Hamilton told me on Monday that she needed me to babysit tonight I had already agreed to go out with Kevin, my boyfriend. He was unhappy when I cancelled and said that we could still have the evening together if he came round after the twins were in bed, and would bring a takeaway if I supplied the wine. I didn’t ask you because I thought you might not be happy, and, if you said no, Kevin would be annoyed with me. I was careful to make sure the twins were all right, and were in bed, and went up to check on them every half hour. I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong.”

She looked up, concerned, and continued; “Then, when Kevin arrived with the food, I realised I had forgotten to get the wine. I offered to give him the money to go to the corner-shop to buy some, as I couldn’t leave the twins, but Kevin said that you must have some wine in the house and I could sort it out with you later. I said that it was not right, but he said that it was my fault for forgetting the wine and, if I paid for it afterwards, there would be no harm done.

“So, we had a nice evening sharing a meal, but the first bottle was soon empty and so I went and got another. We kept on talking together and Kevin left at about eleven and took the rubbish out. I was going to wash the glasses and put the bottles away but, after he left, I sat down and must have fallen asleep.”

“Astrid, I must say that, over the last year and right up until this evening, we have both been delighted with you. We have been happy to treat you as one of the family, trusted you, and wanted you to be happy here. You are great with the twins and Bobby and Ricky both love you. I need to ask you, after tonight, how you believe we can ever trust you again. You went behind our backs to allow Kevin to come here when we were out, you helped yourself to vintage wine, which cost over £25 a bottle, without asking. You then got slightly drunk, fell asleep, and did not check on the twins for over an hour. With all that, you will understand if I am left wondering whether activities, other than eating drinking and talking, were going on whilst we were out. I know you are an adult but your parents, and the au-pair agency, still expect us to look after you and keep you safe. If we can’t do that, then I am afraid we will have no choice but to send you back home.”

“No! Please! Please Mr Hamilton, do not send me away. I love working with the twins and hoped to be able to stay at least until they went to school. You and Mrs Hamilton have treated me just as a daughter and have been really good to me. I am sorry for tonight, sorry for not asking about Kevin coming over, and sorry for taking the wine. I will pay you back, honestly, I will. Please do not send me home, my parents will be so disappointed. Please, can’t I have a second chance? If I were really your daughter and had done the same thing, you would be cross, and probably punish me, but you would not throw me out, even if I was over eighteen.”

“Astrid, you do know that in England parents can punish their children in ways that those in Sweden may not? So, being punished, like we might deal with an eighteen-year-old daughter, may not be something you would be happy to accept.”

“I know, Mr Hamilton, but if you really think I deserve it, and it is the only way you can forgive me and give me another chance, I will willingly accept a spanking.”

“OK Astrid, I will not do anything hasty and, when you make a decision like this, you must be absolutely sure that this is the right thing for you. In the morning, when the wine has had a chance to wear off, if you still want to proceed, I need you to write down what punishment you think you deserve, and why. Ask me to punish you, and then sign it. Leave the letter for me on the mantlepiece; I will read it when we get back tomorrow evening and we will then decide what to do. And now, goodnight Astrid.”

“Good night, Mr Hamilton. I am sorry!”

Robert climbed the stairs to their bedroom and discovered Claire ready for bed, dressed in a pair of scarlet silk pyjamas.

“Well, darling, I hope you have given her a good telling-off, but you don’t seem to have been very cross with her, as I didn’t hear any raised voices.” Claire said.

“You are wrong, I was very cross indeed, and told her that I would have to send her back to her parents. I said we could not trust her; after she went behind our backs about bringing Kevin over, stole the wine, got drunk, and left the twins for over an hour without checking on them.”

“No Robert, please don’t send her away! I am very fond of her and she is so good with the twins. I actually told her that she could have Kevin over when she said they had something planned for tonight, provided he was gone by eleven. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think you would approve; and you would have insisted on staying home yourself so that she could go out as planned.”

“I don’t suppose you said Astrid could help herself to the contents of the wine cellar as well?”

“No, of course not! But on its own that is surely not enough to send her home?”

“I don’t know. It is still pretty serious and needs to have some consequences for her. I told her that I felt we had treated her more like a daughter than an au-pair, and so felt even more let down. She replied that, if that was the case, could we not continue to do so and punish her as if she were our own eighteen-year-old daughter?”

“I did not want either Astrid or ourselves to make any hasty decision; so she is writing us a note which we will read tomorrow evening before deciding how to proceed. We still have all options open. I must say, however, that I am almost equally annoyed with you for plotting with Astrid to go behind my back, in the hope that I would not find out. I was wondering why you decided not to come down, having checked on the twins. Astrid is not the only one whose behaviour leaves much to be desired. I will sleep in the spare room tonight. Goodnight Claire!”

“Goodnight, dear,” replied a worried Claire. Collecting his own pyjamas, Robert left the room and quietly closed the door.

In their separate bedrooms, both Claire and Robert wondered about what had just happened. Although Robert had made no secret of his admiration for his wife’s lovely bottom, apart from gentle slaps during lovemaking and an occasional pat when he found Claire bending over, spanking had never been part of their relationship. He was, however, genuinely annoyed with his wife for manipulating him and keeping her arrangement with Astrid secret.  Knowing how important the dinner party was to Claire, he would probably have agreed to Kevin coming over, if asked, although he would have wanted to speak to Kevin and Astrid first; it hurt that he had not been consulted.

Claire, meanwhile, had been shocked by Robert’s reaction to her subterfuge, and felt it had cast a cloud over an enjoyable evening. She knew it was necessary for her to rebuild any trust between them that had been lost. Laying in bed, she wondered how she would be able to do so.

Claire was a really good lawyer precisely because she had the ability to see matters from the perspective of the other side and adapt her position accordingly to achieve her goal. She could see Robert felt both that she had behaved dishonestly, and that had she not done so, the situation with Astrid might not have arisen.

Claire had not been spanked since having been taken over her father’s knee aged thirteen, the same day on which she had received her first and only slippering at school for copying during a maths test. That day had made a real impression on her and it had not been necessary either at home or at school for the lesson to be repeated; knowledge that a repetition could happen being sufficient to ensure that it did not.

The next morning, Friday, Astrid was up early attending to the twins when Robert and Claire came down to join them in the kitchen. Astrid had a slight headache but, otherwise, a complete awareness of what had happened the night before and just how much trouble she was in. The evening had started so well with the twins going to bed on time and being no trouble all evening. Kevin had been in a good mood at first, until he found out about the wine, and this returned after she had fetched the two bottles from the wine fridge in the cellar. The food had been delicious and both had then relaxed on the sofa talking, ending up kissing as their respective hands roamed. It went no further than that, although at some point Kevin had managed to get Astrid over his knee, calling her a naughty girl as he jokingly patted her bottom before kissing her instead. Kevin left at eleven o’clock, as he did not want to cause his girlfriend any problems if her employers returned early.

After Robert and Claire had both left for work, and with the twins playing quietly, Astrid sat down at Claire’s desk to write her note. With the exception of having obtained Claire’s permission to invite Kevin, she revealed all that had happened, apologised, especially for the ‘borrowed’ wine and the activities on the sofa. She begged to be allowed to stay and asked again to be punished as if she were their daughter, with stoppage of allowance or grounding, and she would of course also pay for the wine. Astrid’s note then accepted that, according to the British view of such matters, she might actually deserve a spanking and would accept one if Robert thought it appropriate. Adding that she had never been spanked before, but knew it would be both embarrassing and painful, she continued by saying that accepting it would prove how sorry she was. She concluded that, if she were allowed to stay, neither Robert or Claire should hesitate to punish her in future if they thought she deserved it. Finishing with another apology, she signed it. Placing the note in an envelope and the envelope on the mantlepiece, Astrid then tidied up the kitchen and the lounge, before preparing the boys’ lunch. After sitting down to play with them, Astrid then took them out in the garden for an hour and then to the park.

Returning home at almost the same time, just before six, Claire and Robert found the boys bathed and ready for bed. They had just finished their dinner and were playing in the lounge. Whilst Claire and Robert took over playing with the boys, Astrid finished preparing dinner for her employers, hoping that this would not be the last time she did so. At just before seven, Claire and Robert took the boys upstairs and put them to bed with a bedtime story. Having had an active afternoon, as Astrid had taken them to a nearby playground, both were tired and were soon asleep.

Once the boys had settled down, Claire and Robert sat together and pondered their next step. Claire started by apologising to Robert for going behind his back by giving Astrid permission to bring Kevin over.

“I know you would have felt it wrong to make Astrid miss her date, and her evening off, and would have offered to look after the twins yourself; but I needed your support at the dinner and we do not get out as much as we would like.”

Robert’s response was conciliatory as he continued in a disappointed tone, “I understand, darling, but what hurts was that you assumed that I would say no, and that I would disregard the fact that it was important to you that I accompanied you to Peter and Alicia’s yesterday. I know how much you have put into the project, am proud of you and want to support you. You actually misread this one; had you asked me, I would have granted permission, subject to talking to both Astrid and Kevin beforehand and laying down certain conditions and expectations. We had a delightful evening yesterday and, although you are right that we do not get out as much as we should, I do love showing you off, especially when you look as lovely as you did last night. It is just a pity that this came between us. I showed you how disappointed I was with you last night, but let’s leave it at that? Now, what are we going to do about Astrid?”

Claire thought for a moment; “I very much want her to stay, and Billy and Ricky would really miss her if she left, she is so good with them. I really like her and it would be difficult to find anyone half as good. Therefore, if her note shows that she is prepared to agree and it is the only option you would accept; I would not really object to Astrid being spanked for taking the wine and not looking after the twins properly after having a little too much to drink. If I had done something like that at eighteen, I might have been dealt with in the same way, although probably not. Don’t forget that you cannot fairly punish Astrid for bringing Kevin over, as she had asked me and I had said yes. Also, I don’t think that you should punish her for anything she did with Kevin either as, however much we might disapprove, they are both adults, and she insists it did not go beyond cuddling on the sofa. I would also ask you to consider that Astrid is unlikely to have had even a single slap to her bottom growing up, spanking was banned in Sweden nearly ten years ago. Taking that into consideration, if you went ahead how would you propose to do it?”

Robert pondered; “I had considered that putting her over my knee for a hand spanking which was hard enough to make her really sorry would probably be sufficient, although it might be necessary to lift her skirt to get the desired effect. Alternatively, I could use your hairbrush, my slipper or my grandfather’s razor strop, which he gave me on our wedding day as a joke.”

“From the legal perspective, we should avoid using any implement, even with written consent. Also, given that you expect her skirt will need to be raised to get the desired effect, do you really think it is appropriate that you expose her in that way for her first ever spanking? You realise that this is Astrid, a young lady that we know and love, and you know she will find it impossibly embarrassing; it may ruin your relationship with her.”

“So, what do you propose?” Robert was getting a little irritated.

“Robert, darling, you know that I would rather Astrid was not spanked at all. You also feel that I was at least partially responsible for this whole situation?”


“So, the solution is clear, I will spank Astrid until she is in tears and is genuinely sorry, even if I have to raise her skirt and lower her panties to do it. You will not embarrass her by being present on this occasion but can wait in the next room so you can ensure justice is done. Furthermore, I will have to unwillingly cause pain to someone I really care for, at least partially because of the way I handled things by going behind your back. If we do it this way, no one will be able to accuse you of manipulating the situation to spank a very attractive young lady through any improper motive.”

“OK, point made. Astrid seems to have found herself a fine advocate.” Robert kissed Claire briefly, landed a gentle slap on her bottom and continued. “Now, we had better re-join her for dinner and then put the naughty young lady out of her misery.”

Returning downstairs, Claire and Robert sat with Astrid and enjoyed the prepared dinner, Robert pointedly sending Astrid to the cellar for a bottle of wine which they shared.

Dinner over, they all returned to the lounge where Robert retrieved the envelope from above the fire place and handed it to Astrid.

“Please read us the contents of your note, Astrid.”

Blushing, the attractive blonde teenager, dressed in a pale blue summer dress, did so in her slight Swedish accent, finally handing the note back to Robert. She stood with her hands clasped demurely in front of her and her eyes downcast.

“Astrid, your behaviour last night was unacceptable. If you are to stay, you will have to agree to rules of behaviour that we might impose on an 18-year-old daughter of our own. Do you agree?”

“Yes, Mr Hamilton, I agree.”

“In that case, your punishment will be in three parts. Firstly, you will neither go and see friends or have friends back here for the next two weeks.”

“Yes, Mr Hamilton.”

“Secondly, your allowance for this week will be withheld to pay for the wine.”

“Yes, Mr. Hamilton.”

“Thirdly, you will go over Mrs Hamilton’s knee for a proper spanking which will last until she is certain you are very sorry for what you have done.”

“Yes, Mr Hamilton. I want to stay so I will accept the spanking as well.”

Claire seated herself in the middle of the sofa, patted her knee and beckoned Astrid towards her as Robert quietly left for the kitchen and closed the door. The pretty teenager complied and was soon positioned over her employer’s knee, with Claire’s right hand resting on Astrid’s most attractive bottom.

“Astrid, listen to me. This is going to hurt and at the end of this we are both going to be very sorry. Trust is very important and I was wrong to encourage you to deceive Robert about bringing Kevin over, but you also knew that it was wrong to take the wine without asking and to have so much to drink that you could not stay awake until we got home. I think it is appropriate that you are now spanked until I am sure that you are really sorry. As this is your first, and I genuinely hope last ever, spanking, Robert has agreed that I should do it to save you any additional embarrassment. You may not be as lucky if there is ever a next time. I really hate to do this to you, but you do deserve it, don’t you?”

Yes, Mrs Hamilton, I’m sorry.”

“Right, hold tight. This will really hurt but will soon be over.”

Claire patted the bottom in front of her and then, raising her hand above shoulder height, brought it down hard. The first of a series of heavy spanks impacted on the pale blue cotton covering Astrid’s shapely behind. Astrid wriggled and yelped and the cheeks of her bottom bounced as she received the very first spanking of her young life.

In the kitchen, the sound carried through the thin partition panelling and Robert raised his eyebrows as an image formed in his mind.

After twenty spanks, Claire lifted Astrid’s skirt clear of her bottom to reveal white lace panties and a slightly pink posterior. She then resumed and Astrid’s verbal reaction and motions increased as another twenty spanks landed. Astrid pleaded for her to stop, but to no avail. Astrid then put her right hand back to shield her bottom, only to find it seized and held in the small of her back, and she started kicking her legs, only for Claire to alter her position and trap Astrid’s legs between her thighs.

Claire, with tears in her own eyes, then pulled down Astrid’s panties to her thighs, revealing a very red bottom. She completed proceedings with a final twenty spanks which left the delightful teenager in floods of tears as her cries and the sound of the spanks carried through to Robert in the Kitchen.

Releasing Astrid, Claire told the very sorry young lady to pull up her panties and the two ladies embraced, both apologising to each other, before Claire added; “Thank you, Astrid, your punishment is now completed. You are forgiven and we will say no more about it, now you may go to bed.”

Hearing the punishment stop, Robert quietly opened the door. Astrid, seeing Robert, turned her tear-stained face to him and, between sniffles, said; “I am so sorry, Mr Hamilton, I will be good, I promise. Thank you both for letting me stay. The punishment was really horrible, but somehow I feel loved. Does that seem strange to you?”

Robert moved forward and enfolded both ladies in his arms.

“Astrid, my dear, it is how you should feel, as you were punished because you were loved. Tomorrow we will sit down together and will agree some rules for you which are for your own good. They will not be difficult to keep but if you break them there will be consequences. I really hope we will not need to spank you again. Now, dry your eyes and off to bed.”

“Yes, Mr Hamilton.” The lovely teenager, still sniffling, walking somewhat stiffly, and rubbing her bottom, made her way towards the stairs.

As Robert and Claire sat down on the sofa, he noticed the tears in his wife’s eyes, took her gently in his arms and kissed her. Once Astrid was upstairs, and they heard her bedroom door close, Robert turned to his lovely wife.

“My darling one, I am sorry that was so hard for you.”

In response, Claire forced a smile. They both stood and Robert lifted his beloved off her feet and gently carried her to the bedroom, laying her on the bed.

The End

© Capstan 2021