A lenient punishment goes wrong

By Capstan

Friday 15th May 1987, Mikado Day, dawned and Victoria Knight-Brewer was feeling pleased with herself. Despite having had to assume the role of ‘Yum-Yum’ at very short notice the previous weekend, rehearsals had gone well and last night’s dress rehearsal had been considered a triumph. She was now looking forward to that night’s performance, and to spending the weekend with her fiancé, Tony, for the second weekend running, at Birchgrove Hall as guests of Sir Peter and his fiancée, her schoolfriend, Alicia.

By the afternoon, however, things were looking very different. The young history teacher had been the duty teacher for lunchtime monitoring and, after having eaten herself, went for a walk around the grounds. In the wooded area near the Gymnasium, she had the misfortune to spot Head Girl, Chloe, and her best friend, Bryony, both in the process of lighting cigarettes. Vicky intercepted the two shocked girls, who were instructed to extinguish the cigarettes and hand over any others in their possession. Chloe handed over the packet, which contained seventeen unsmoked cigarettes, to the teacher together with a lighter.

Vicki demanded an explanation, and was told that Bryony had caught a fifth former smoking earlier and had confiscated the packet and lighter, but had otherwise let her off with a warning. Bryony had then told Chloe who had not been best pleased, as Mrs Smithfield had made it very clear, when she took over as Headmistress in January that year, that smoking was such a serious offence that all such cases must be reported to her. Bryony had countered that the girl concerned, who she refused to name, had sworn that she had not smoked before and had just wanted to see what they had been like. Bryony continued that, as the smoking had only been discovered because she had heard the girl coughing, she was inclined to believe her and had given her the benefit of the doubt.

Neither Chloe nor Bryony had smoked before either. With the cigarettes in their possession, they had stupidly decided that they would go somewhere out of the way and try one each themselves, before disposing of the remainder so that at least they would know what all the fuss was about. They had just lit their very first cigarettes and hadn’t even really started to smoke them when they were discovered. The two girls were almost in tears when they realised the trouble that they were in, but Vicki was convinced they were telling the truth.

Vicki knew she should, immediately, take both girls to Mrs Smithfield, but also knew the consequences were likely to be serious for the two girls and out of all proportion to the actual offence. She was also aware Chloe was due to perform as ‘Pitti-Sing’, and Bryony as ‘Peep-Bo’, in Mikado that very evening, and that if they were to be punished by Mrs Smithfield there was a good chance the show would be seriously affected. It was unlikely they would be allowed to perform, or even be able to do so if they were given the maximum eight strokes with the cane for smoking, and their two understudies for the roles would have had no time to perfect their performances.

Knowing all the work that had gone into the show, and in particular the work that Victoria herself, together with Miss Dingle and Nanki-Poo’s understudy, had put in to save the show during the last week, she was not prepared to let this happen.

Vicki therefore decided to deal with the matter herself; she set each of the girls 500 lines to write for her by the next morning; ‘Smoking is a disgusting habit and all those caught smoking must, without exception, be reported to the headmistress’. She realised this was going to be a major challenge for the two girls and would almost certainly prevent them attending the after-show party that night. The two girls, knowing that Miss Knight-Brewer’s penalty would enable them to avoid the caning and loss of status that would result from a visit to the headmistress, were very grateful and saw this as much the lesser of two evils. Vicki told them that, providing they handed in the lines, the matter would be closed and no further action would be taken.

Feeling rather pleased with how she had handled things and convinced that, after their shock, neither Chloe nor Bryony would consider smoking again, Vicki returned to the staffroom to get on with marking, as she had two free periods that afternoon.

Chloe and Bryony also had a double private study period and, once back in the prefect’s room and alone, decided to get on with writing their lines. They were almost half way through when the Headmistress decided to visit her Head Girl and make sure all was ready for that evening. The two girls stood as the head entered the room, but did nothing to hide the papers on their desks.

Even looking at the papers upside down, it was obvious to the headmistress that both girls were writing lines; a somewhat unusual activity for the Head Girl and a prefect. She therefore asked Chloe to show her what she was writing and, when she looked at the paper, was horrified. Both girls had, however, completed a large number of the lines assigned, and told her that Miss Knight-Brewer had assured them no further action would be taken if they did so.

Edwina Smithfield was furious with the two girls, but did not feel she could be seen to undermine one of her teachers. Resolving to investigate further, she told the pair to wait for her outside her office. The Headmistress then went directly to the staffroom and told Vicki to come with her, saying nothing else until they both arrived at her study to find the two girls waiting.

Mrs Smithfield opened the door and asked all three to enter. She pointedly kept all three standing whilst she took her seat. The headmistress then asked Vicki what had happened, and why, before seeking confirmation from the two girls.

Mrs Smithfield, having confirmed that Vicki knew she had no authority to deal with smoking, then deliberately addressed the young teacher in the presence of the two students. “Miss Knight-Brewer, as you are still within your probationary period, this matter will need to be considered when determining whether you can remain at St Hilda’s after the end of this term.”

The two girls were shocked; it appeared that a teacher they liked might be about to lose her job for having shown them understanding.

Vicki, thinking the presence of the two girls might help her resolve the situation, asked if there was any way that she would be allowed to keep her position, as she so enjoyed working at St Hilda’s. The Head, allowing the discussion to continue, replied that Vicki was a really good teacher and that she did not want to lose her either, but that such deliberate flouting of her authority had to have consequences.

“I know, Mrs Smithfield, but I am happy to accept any sanction that you feel appropriate, short of dismissal.”

Edwina Smithfield came to a decision that could save the young teacher and reinforce her authority at the same time. “OK, Miss Knight-Brewer, I think I have a suitable penalty, which will start with one thousand lines, of exactly the same wording that you gave the two girls, to be handed in to me on Monday morning. I’m aware you are not that many years older than these two girls. Have you ever been caned, Victoria?”

“No, Headmistress.”

“Well, in that case, I think that both you and these two young ladies also need to understand exactly what I consider the appropriate punishment for the offence that you have so lightly disregarded. You may therefore keep your job, providing you also accept eight strokes of the cane, on your bottom, whilst the two young ladies that you have spared watch. Do you agree, Miss Knight-Brewer?”

Vicki was horrified. “Mrs Smithfield, I am shocked that you intend to cane me, and in front of the girls, for doing what I thought was best for the school, but I will agree to your punishment if it means I might remain as a permanent member of your staff next term.”

“Very well, Victoria, stand in the corner and face the wall until I call you.”

The Headmistress continued, “Now ladies, I agree that it would be wrong for me to override the assurance Miss Knight-Brewer gave you about your punishment for smoking, but there are other aspects of your conduct that we need to discuss.”

“Bryony, are you willing to tell me the name of the fifth former who you caught smoking?”

“No, Mrs Smithfield.”

“In that case, you will receive eight strokes with the slipper administered by the Head Girl; I will permit you to remain a prefect and you will be allowed to perform tonight. Now go and stand in the corner next to Miss Knight-Brewer.

“Chloe, you chose to cover up Bryony’s undue leniency, out of friendship, and thus will also receive eight strokes of the slipper, which will be administered by Miss Knight-Brewer. You may also, on this occasion, keep your position as Head Girl and may perform tonight.

“I have to warn you, Chloe, and you, Miss Knight Brewer, that if you do not administer the punishment appropriately, then I will repeat it and add the same to your own punishment.”

“Bryony, stand in front of my desk and bend over. It is fitting that Chloe now slippers you as she will shortly be punished as a result of your misjudgement and of her attempts to protect you from the consequences.”

As the pretty bespectacled teenager bent forward and her grey skirt tightened over her bottom, Edwina Smithfield removed the large black plimsole from her desk drawer and handed it to the Head Girl.

“Right Chloe, eight strokes and lay it on well.”

The very attractive Head Girl took the slipper, still annoyed with her friend and also not wanting to make things worse for herself, and did not hold back. Eight stinging swats were applied with almost full force to the waiting bottom, alternating between the very centre of each cheek, the sounds of the impact echoing around the study. Bryony kept position and took the first four strokes stoically, and the remainder with increasingly loud yelps. The whole process took less than two minutes, before the slightly misty-eyed teenager was told to stand.

“Now Bryony, your punishment is finished. You are now to stand against the wall and watch Chloe and Miss Knight-Brewer being punished as a result of your stupidity.”

Bryony, looking very sorry for herself and rubbing her bottom over her skirt, positioned herself as instructed.

The headmistress continued, “Now Chloe, hand the slipper to Miss Knight-Brewer and bend over, and you may think yourself very lucky that you are getting off so lightly.”

Vicki took hold of the slipper as the lovely girl bent forward, presenting her bottom for her first ever punishment.

Chloe’s long curls fell forward as she did so and covered her face; she hoped she would be able to face the coming ordeal as well as her friend had. Her hopes were quickly dashed. Vicki whacked the plimsole in with all her force into the very centre of Chloe’s skirted bottom, across both cheeks.


Chloe rose and both hands went to her bottom. Her large green eyes looked accusingly and pleadingly at the young teacher, “Please!”

“Back over Chloe, and stay down.”

“Yes miss, sorry!” Ashamed of her reaction, the charming teenager resumed position.

Another smack and, “YEOWCHH!” Her hands left her toes and she half rose. “Please Miss, I’m sorry. Can I have something to hold onto, please?”

Vicki looked at the headmistress who replied, “Very well, Chloe, as it is your first, and I sincerely hope last, such punishment, you may bend over my desk and hold onto the far side, but you will take off your skirt and receive the last six over your panties.”

“Thank you, Mrs Smithfield.”

Chloe stood and, removing her wrap-around grey skirt and placing it on the desk, bent over once more, displaying a pair of thin white French knickers coupled with stockings and a suspender belt.

Once Chloe was in position Vicki resumed her assault on the shapely buttocks. The Head Girl closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as the six remaining swipes with the slipper had her holding on and just able to maintain position. The slipper then progressively covered the whole area of her bottom, with the last swipes at the point on each cheek where the knickers met bare flesh.


With the final stroke, Chloe started to sob. Invited to rise, it was almost a minute before she was sufficiently composed to do so. Handed a tissue, she wiped her eyes and regained control, before walking stiffly to stand next to Bryony, her hands still rubbing her bottom. Chloe had forgotten her skirt which, when passed to her by Vicki, she fumbled to fasten in place.

Vicki handed the slipper back to Edwina Smithfield, and stood in front of her desk with her hands clasped demurely in front of her. She watched as the headmistress put the slipper back in her desk drawer and then turn to the cupboard to return with the senior cane, 36 inches of light brown rattan with the traditional curved handle.

“Now, Victoria, please raise your skirt and bend over the desk.”

Vicki assumed the required position without demur, raising her loose black skirt and her silk slip and displaying brief white lacy panties, which left most of her attractive bottom exposed, and matching white, lace topped, holdup stockings.

The headmistress swished the cane a couple of times. Vicki gripped the desk tightly, turned her head away and closed her eyes. Somehow, the lovely young teacher maintained her composure and position throughout the two-minute ordeal, as eight firm strokes covered all of her lovely bottom with successive parallel tramlines. The headmistress worked from top to bottom of the beautifully presented posterior. The first four strokes were taken with just gasps and the remainder with a quiet OUCH! on each occasion, the desk was however dampened with tears that Vicki could not suppress.

Finally invited to stand and join the two prefects, her skirt covered the well-marked bottom once more.

“Now ladies, I hope I have made my position on smoking perfectly clear, as there will be no more chances for any of you. Chloe and Bryony, you may now go. Needless to say, not a word to anyone about Miss Knight-Brewer’s punishment, is that clear? Victoria, please attend to your appearance in my washroom and then come back when you are ready.”

Fifteen minutes later, with her makeup repaired but her eyes still slightly red, Victoria was back in the Headmistress’s study. She was invited to sit, which she did with some difficulty, and offered tea, which she accepted. She had thirty minutes before her next class.

“Victoria, my dear, I know you acted for the best, but you know you put me in an impossible position. You were right that, had you brought them to me, I would have caned both Chloe and Bryony and would have had to dismiss both from their positions. I would probably not have believed their story about never having smoked before. As you realised, that would have caused major problems with the show tonight and also would have been all around the school. You managed to give me a way out, whilst preserving my authority, albeit at the cost of your bottom, and for that I am most grateful. You took your caning very well, my dear, especially for a first timer.”

“Actually, it was a real challenge. I had never had the cane before but, when I was in the upper 6th, I once had to take twelve with the metre rule from Miss Dingle, for cheating, taken over my skirt and in front of the whole class. That was, if anything, far worse.” Vicki wriggled in her seat and grimaced as she continued, “I survived that so, don’t worry, I’ll live. I will however be teaching the 4th year history standing up this afternoon, and ‘Yum-Yum’ will need to wear bloomers, rather than the underwear I wore at the dress rehearsal, for Mikado tonight if the whole school is not to know. I don’t know how my fiancé is going to react when I tell him, but I will need to be careful to avoid a spanking for a while.”

“Well, I will get Lady Millington’s approval over the weekend and will announce to the school your permanent appointment at assembly on Monday; you can let Tony know this evening, which should help. Now run along, Victoria.”

Standing, Vicky looked back, “Thank you!”

Leaving the headmistress’s study, walking slightly stiffly, but with a slight smile on her pretty features and her eyes bright. Vicki realised the pain was beginning to abate and she then remembered she and Tony were due to stay overnight at Birchgrove Hall after the post-show party, with swimming and riding tentatively organised for the following day. And now she had one thousand lines to do. She decided to ring Alicia.

Alicia had just completed a call to her parents when the phone rang, unexpectedly, from her best friend from her school days. Vicki told Alicia all that had happened and wondered if the programme for the following day might be changed.

It would be obvious to anyone who saw her in her bathing costume the next day that she had been caned, and she doubted that she would be able to sit a horse in comfort.

Alicia felt they could always arrange a swim for a time when her parents and Lady Millington were otherwise engaged, and that they could use the Bentley to get to the picnic lunch rather than horses.

“I am so proud of what you did for the girls and for the show tonight, I really do appreciate it. Also, you got Mrs Smithfield out of a hole, albeit one that Miss Dingle would never have got herself into, and as a result at least your permanent contract is now assured. Tell Tony the truth and he will be so proud. I need some time with you tomorrow anyway, as I have some ideas for the bridesmaid’s outfits and to share some gossip about your new head of history next term. See you this evening.”

That night’s performance was a great success, and there were standing ovations at the end, especially for Agatha Dingle’s ‘Katisha’ and for Victoria’s ‘Yum-Yum’. Two highlights were an exaggerated performance of ‘the kissing song’, which Tony did not really appreciate but which made the dreams of the young male lead come true, and the ‘three little maids from school’ number, in which the three ladies and the female chorus wore school uniform. The ‘three little maids’ ended up flipping up the backs of their skirts, to reveal Yum-Yum’s white bloomers; together with Peep-Bo’s and Petti-Sing’s panties and still decidedly pink bottoms.

The after-show party was also a great success with presentations made to Miss Dingle as well as the head of music and drama of the two schools and to Vicki. Mary waited to give Tony and Vicky a lift back to the hall, where Peter and Alicia, with the rest of the guests, were waiting in the lounge, where a buffet had been laid out, and an entertaining hour was passed before all retired at around 01.00 am.

The End

© Capstan 2021