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April 18, 2014

Angela Shaw

A sixth form girl has to change to a new school and finds the standards rather different.

By Gillian Howard

Hi, my name is Angela Shaw and in 1966, as I was about to enter into the 6th form, my father got a very good job in the Glass Industry in the north of England and this meant that I had to leave my school and all my friends to move house and school.

I joined the 6th form of a mixed Grammar School with a reputation for excellent results both academically and sporting and seemed an ideal school for me. The only down side was that they still used corporal punishment on a regular basis. At my old school I was no angel and had served several detentions and been smacked on three occasions but never the slipper, ruler or cane and I had seen the marks on one girl’s hand after she had been caned. So it was with a little trepidation that I went with my parents for the interview when all the rules and punishments were explained and was also told that I would have to wear full school uniform at all times; Blue blazer and skirt white shirt blue and red tie and royal blue knickers and a sports kit of all red.
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April 13, 2014

Butterfly McKendrick’s Great Book Adventure

A four part story with some unusual angles.

By Susan Thomas

With profound apologies to Jasper Fforde, creator of ‘book jumping’ for his Thursday Next novels and Joanna Jones who wrote Of Courts and Canes

Part 1

In which Butterfly encounters the book jumper, meets a Greek god and gets a very sore bottom

Butterfly McKendrick was on her way to see her uncle, Dragonfly McKendrick. Her uncle was undoubtedly the cleverest and most eccentric of anyone in a family noted for its intelligence and oddity. His many inventions had made him immensely rich but he still lived in the small house with the large garden that he and his wife, Posy, had bought when they first married. The house looked in need of some tender loving care because Dragonfly McKendrick simply didn’t notice unpainted windows or leaking gutters. Butterfly pushed open the front door, which was never locked, and made her way through the narrow walkways which was all that was left as every conceivable space was covered in bookshelves which in turn were packed with books.
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April 13, 2014

A Better Result

A Head Girl exceeds her authority and has to pay the price. A story from the old site.

by Kenny Walters

“I think he should have caned you.” The tall, leggy, blonde girl leaned against the door, her casual attire of faded blue jeans and darker blue blouse doing nothing to remove her natural air of authority.

“Oh, thanks a bunch Veronica!” The shorter dark haired girl retorted, uncertain whether her friend had made the remark in jest.

“It would have set a better example for the school, Sara.”

“Sod the school, Veronica! Think what it would have done to my bottom! Coffee?”

“Please.” Veronica Appleby watched as her friend poured water and coffee into the filter machine. “So, what was it you got?”
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April 8, 2014

Spanked or Grounded

Brattish behaviour gets a girl into trouble. US setting.

By Holy Diver

Lucy is a beautiful girl with blonde hair and a curvy figure. She looks more like a young woman than a teenager. Lucy is fancied by most of the boys in her class, in particular a boy named Tommy. Lucy and Tommy would hang out together after school, much to the displeasure of Lucy’s parents.

Lucy had been achieving poor grades at school, so her parents imposed a curfew on their daughter. She was supposed to come home directly after school. But Lucy would not listen.

One day, Lucy came home at 6.30 pm, later than usual. Lucy’s mom was waiting for her.
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April 8, 2014

Susan Asks For A Spanking

A girl comes of age, but her strict regime doesn’t.

By Frances Stephenson

Susan was really rather anxious. She had just passed her eighteenth birthday and her parents had promised a more severe punishment regime to start after this watershed birthday. There had been talk of a cane being introduced and she shuddered at the thought.

Both parents secretly enjoyed spanking Susan’s pretty bottom and were somewhat reluctant to subject their daughter to the punishing welts delivered by a cane; a well spanked bottom, red and sore, seemed ample retribution for the various misdemeanours which warranted punishment.

Both parents resolved that they should continue spanking their daughter but refer to the presence of the cane and the possibility, or maybe probability, that it would be used on their daughter. She might even plead to be spanked rather than endure a swishing.
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March 19, 2014

New website for spanking videos

 A new website that allows you to view some photos and get an idea of the storyline before you buy.

March 10, 2014

Andrea Green

A sixth form girl finds it hard to keep out of trouble.

By Gillian Howard

My name is Andrea Green and I attended a mixed grammar school in the late sixties when corporal punishments were used liberally. Most pupils were punished at school in some form or other and, while I had detentions and lines on several occasions, the only physical punishments I received were the slipper when all the girls in our class were given two slaps with the slipper across our knickers in PE in year 2 for playing around in the showers, and when I received two with the ruler across my hand in year three for whispering in class.
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March 7, 2014

Mr Lewis and His Cane

A short story reminding us how it used to be

By Frances Stephenson

A short story from a friend of the author

In the late 1950s we lived in a quiet road. Our father was working abroad on a long term contract, leaving our mother to look after my sister and myself. I was just eighteen and my sister a year younger. We were often told that we were very pretty girls and, on examining myself, I must admit that I had little to complain about. Juliet, my sister, also seemed to have inherited this pleasing aspect. We were both of medium height with soft brown hair, mine being blonder than Juliet’s, We both had slender and shapely legs, naturally small waists, good bottoms and breasts and enviable soft dewy skin. Neither of us lacked admirers and the front door bell was seldom quiet.
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March 6, 2014

Miss Charlotte and the Midshipman

A fascination with naval discipline leads an admiral’s daughter into problems of her own.

By Frances Stephenson

My elder brother is an avid Hornblower fan and, when I was younger, these books came my way and I, in turn, became a fan, much to my mother’s chagrin as she wanted me to absorb a more feminine path. Although it is many years since I last read one, the ‘creaking ships’ remain as evocative as ever. FS

His Majesty’s good ship Themistocles was making its sedate way en route for the West Indies. The period was the Napoleonic War and England’s considerable Navy was either deployed in fighting the enemy or in protecting its trade routes. There was expected to be a mix of both of these activities in the West Indies and the officers and men of the Themo, as it was known by the crew, were kept on their toes by frequent practice and by keeping their ship in tip top condition. The officers and a dozen or so Midshipmen saw to it that the Captains orders were followed with brisk precision.
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March 1, 2014

The Swishing Sixties-Waterloo Sunset

The next in the series. A girl lies to keep out of trouble.

by Dick Templemeads

Julie was, to say the least disappointed, the eighteen year old, who worked at the Foreign Office, had been delighted when the allocation of leave dates had meant she could accompany he best friend Sophie on their first ever all girls holiday.

This being 1967, Julie and Sophie were only going to Butlins in Minehead, Club 18-30 not yet having been invented. But, at least this meant she would not have to make the annual dreary pilgrimage to the same old Devon campsite that her parents had dragged her to for the past ten years. Moreover, with her parents away at a different time to her, she’d have the house to herself and be able to bring Terry back. She wouldn’t be daring enough to allow him to stay the night, the neighbours were too nosy, but at least they’d have some time and privacy to take the final steps in their dating.
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