May 15, 2012


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March 26, 2015

The Birthday Party

 Drama during World War One, where we meet again the character of Jennifer Franklin

By Jane Fairweather

“My dear Mrs Franklin,” said Miss Anne Archibald with a gracious air. “We are so glad to have you among us. So brave of you in the middle of a war to declare yourself a pacifist and leave your warrior husband. And you have made such an impression among us. But did you not say it was your birthday today? And indeed the post has brought you some parcels.”

Jennifer Franklin blushed, for she felt a just little guilty at the scale of her deception, thinking of that very gallant and patriotic naval officer who was her husband; he was no doubt as busy as a naval attaché in the British embassy in Paris in the midst of a great war would be expected to be.
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March 24, 2015

A Very Short Sharp Shock

A girl’s parents and school collude to issue a firm warning

By Pat Greenham

The Headmaster of Brathenhall College had three sick notes in front of him and one request for absence to attend a family funeral. They were all for Sarah Langton, an eighteen year old in the upper sixth who had been at the College for six years. Sarah was well liked but the Headmaster was aware that recently she had shown some rebellious behaviour. The problem he faced this morning was that the handwriting on the three sick notes was different from the letter requesting absence for the family funeral, despite all supposing to have come from Penny Langton, Sarah’s mother.
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March 22, 2015

New ebook – Spanking Tales of the Unexpected

by Susan Thomas

spanking tales of the unexpected

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March 18, 2015

The Only Remedy

A sixth form girl discovers she’s not exempt from punishment.

By David

There was an unsettled atmosphere in the Upper Sixth English class. Mrs Maltby had taken the girls through the finer points of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ in previous lessons and had now instructed them to write an essay on the bard’s  understanding of Scottish history, but there was constant fidgeting and murmuring going on. It was so frustrating for her. This was a class of near-adults behaving like unruly children, yet she had no way of disciplining them. Detentions and impositions were unheard of for sixth formers. Eventually her patience gave way.

“I have had enough of all your disturbances,” she suddenly announced. “The next girl acting out of order will be sent to the Headmistress.”
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March 17, 2015

The Introduction

How one young lady was introduced to a new hobby.

By Katherine Jones

I rounded the final corner of my journey and drew up in the hotel car park. The usual cocktail of emotions was pulsing through my body. I was fired by the anticipation and excitement I felt every time I saw him. However this was always mixed with the anxiety which flowed from the act of the deception I needed to perform to get away. From the moment I left work until the moment I returned home I was constantly worried about my family and work colleagues discovering the truth. I had once again explained my impending absence to them with a complicated lie which, on reflection, left a number of possible loose ends.
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March 17, 2015

Missile Crisis

The latest in the Swishing Sixties series

by Dick Templemeads

The summer of 1962 had been a wonderful time for me. In early August I’d celebrated my 18th birthday while on holiday with my parents in the South of France. Then on my return I’d met Dominic, a 22 year old pharmacist who’d moved into the area.

Soon Dominic and I were very serious on one another; our courtship was progressing wonderfully and I knew that very soon I would be surrendering my virginity to him, and I even contemplated not going to university. But my parents were insistent that I should go, and so the end of September saw me commence the nerve wracking experience of applying for places and attending universities for interview.
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March 13, 2015

The Appointment

A girl has an appointment with her form mistress

By Carla A Williams

As she descended the stairs, Judith Walker looked across and saw the school secretary, Mrs Ballinger, and her younger assistant, Jenny Knowles, both seated at their desks and tapping away at their computer keyboards. Judith smiled at them as they looked up, and they both smiled back.

“Appointment with Miss Harper,” Judith explained, then went across to one of the low armchairs reserved for visitors and girls waiting to see staff members.

Mrs Ballinger nodded, Jenny Knowles gave Judith an odd look.

The small selection of magazines on a nearby coffee table caught Judith’s eye but none of the titles appeared sufficiently enticing for the eighteen year old to choose one.
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March 10, 2015

Susan Thomas’s Amazon Author Page

Susan Thomas is one of our contributors, writing solely by herself as well as in collaboration with Old Tom. She has also published a number of spanking related novels as ebooks. For further details, visit her Amazon Author Page – click here


March 7, 2015

The After Effects – Sylvia is Caned

The series continues

By Wendy A

(I started this chapter several months ago and had intended to shelve it. By request I have reviewed it. Let me know through Kenny if you would like me to continue.)

We were tidying up after lunch when Sylvia announced that she was off to change. A thought crossed my mind. Jenny had never caned anyone before and should have some practice.

“I’ll come with you to fetch the canes.”

We headed off, she opened her bedroom door and we entered.

She handed me the canes and said: “I want a real caning like the one you had at school. I want you to treat me like any pupil.”
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March 5, 2015

Diary of a Spanked Schoolgirl: Worst Day ever

By Zach Allen

Dear Diary,

Today SUCKED. Like, so bad. Worst day ever, I swear.

Look, okay, maybe I didn’t study quite enough for my French test, but this was so unfair. I got summoned to see Mrs. Sanderson. Like, it wasn’t enough for Mlle Renee to give me my test and ask me to see her. She could have totally handled it herself, right? So not fair.

So I had to get see Mrs. Sanderson right after my last class. There was another girl already there. I don’t know her, but she got called in first. I had to sit and listen and I couldn’t hear anything at first, but then I heard her, like, scream, and I got so scared. Then she screamed again. And again. And when she came out of the office a few minutes later, she was just sobbing and rubbing her bottom and it was awful.
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