May 15th, 2012


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August 27th, 2015

A Character

An inspection of the school cellar leads to a painful outcome for one pupil and a sense of deja vue for Matron.

By Tara Patterson

Matron Meryl Taylor had worked at Queen Anne’s boarding school, Ambleside for thirty years. Despite the fact that she had turned sixty-five during the school summer holidays, she was not yet ready to retire. Queen Anne’s was her life and she felt she knew every intimate detail of the building, staff and pupils. She had attended as a pupil from the age of eleven until she had completed her A-levels in June 1969. It was only her fifteen years’ service in the Queen Alexandrea’s Medical service that had seen her away from the school.

August 24th, 2015

The Music Tutor

A girl seeks help but finds it comes in an odd way

By Lorna Brand







Catherine crouched in the hallway with her ear pressed to the large heavy looking door, too scared to move, not that she wanted to, but frightened she would get caught. The sound of pleading suddenly stopped and was replaced by shuffling, sobbing and a firm tone.

“I will see you next week, hopefully with a better attitude,” said a tall, broad, imposing man with striking dark hair as he opened the door.

“Oh, I have lost an earring.” Catherine bluffed, falling to the man’s feet and fumbling around the floor, catching a glimpse of a distraught, tear-stained girl out of the corner of her eye as she rushed past.

August 14th, 2015

Maternal Discipline

 We all know how college students like to party ’til late. One mother decides to do something about it. Based on a true experience, by a new writer to us.

By Sarah G.

Sarah was 18 and, when not at college, lived at home with her mother. One night she went to a friend’s party and that’s when things started to go wrong. She had stayed out until two-thirty on the Friday night (Saturday morning), after telling her mother that she’d be home by midnight, and she didn’t let her know where she was or that she was going to be late, so her mother was really worried. This was also Sarah’s ‘third strike’ in a couple of months, and so she’d had two clear warnings.


August 4th, 2015

The Village

A service is provided for errant residents

By Lorna Brand

I have never felt more self-conscious than I do right now, standing on the porch of ‘Sister’ Mary Home holding this stupid piece of red card. I live in a tiny quarry village; it is so small we have one single lane one-way road that comes in to the village. This is lined with houses. It then runs down the main street which consists of one local shop, a school and a church. After that, it runs out the other side of the village where it is also lined with houses.

The village was built for the local quarry workers; since the site was so far away from anything else it was the only way to attract workers. All five hundred homes are exactly the same, giving our ‘U’ shaped village a strange look of a horror film set. The quarry is busier than ever and new houses are being built all over to make up for the ones that were lost in the war.

August 1st, 2015

Have You Thought About Becoming a Nurse?

Another flashback to Meryl Taylor’s youth recalling the incident that sparked the beginning of her Nursing career.

By Tara Patterson

Mr Rose, the Deputy Headmaster of Queen Anne’s, stood at the lectern at the end of morning prayers on this May 1968 morning and addressed the school.

“You will be pleased to know that your Headmistress is recovering well after her surgery following her unfortunate riding accident. She is expected to make a full recovery and return to her duties soon but in the mean time I will be acting headmaster.”

Mr Rose then continued into a long lecture about reinforcing the school rules and discipline. Sixth form pupil Meryl Taylor wasn’t listening. Her mind wandered; she thought about her home in York and her recent locomotive footplate trip with her father during the Easter holiday. Suddenly something in the Headmasters speech snapped her out of her daze and grabbed her attention.

July 31st, 2015

Visits to the Headmistress – A new Jane Fairweather ebook


Jane Fairweather’s new ebook , VISITS TO THE HEADMISTRESS (published by Stormy Nights Publications and available through looks through the eyes of headmistresses (and one headmaster) who are compelled to make use of corporal punishment on their erring Sixth Form girls (not to mention one pupil teacher from the 1890’s). The stories wander a surprisingly wide territory, often going off in unusual directions. The Gentle Woman (1935) is more a novella than a story and explores broader themes than the rest of the book.

An Extract (Taken from ‘Letting the School Down’):

“Well, Joy MacLean, what can I do for you?” enquired Miss Randolph, glancing with faint amusement at the captain of the First Hockey XI who had just stepped, looking distinctly fraught, through her headmistress’s door.


July 27th, 2015

Parliamentary Research

A young MP visits Queen Anne’s to discover the secret to good school discipline but gets more than she bargained for

By Tara Patterson

At twenty-four, Hannah Philpott was the youngest MP in parliament. As a member of the up and coming SNP party she had been surprisingly elected to represent a lowland Scottish constituency in the 2015 general election. Hannah was passionate about education and its role in social mobility; she believed that anything was possible, you just had to strive for your goals to achieve. However something frustrated her. It was a problem that had dogged her own school days and something that she felt had held her back at times and that was the falling standards of control and discipline in the UK state school system. Something was going to have to be done and she was in the right place to do it.


July 23rd, 2015

Trouble at the Agency

The manager of a failing estate agency is encouraged to do better.

By David

Philip Norton was a very angry man. For years he had built up a string of Estate Agencies, working on the principle of maximum delegation to the local managers. These managers and their staff were expected to acquire an intimate knowledge of their areas, to become involved with community events, and to cultivate an almost personal relationship with their clients. It required dedication on their part beyond any nine-to-five job and it had paid off in every case – except one. Philip had no doubt the fault in that one case lay in staff attitude. He would have to pay them an urgent visit, and he would go equipped with the means to secure better performance in the future.

July 22nd, 2015

Diary (part of May Smith’s Diary)

A girl talks to her diary about her life with her boyfriend. Part of an ebook but a complete story in its own right.

By Penny Toulouse

4th January 2013

Hi Diary,

I knew it wouldn’t be long till I was writing to you to tell you I’ve been a bad girl. I’m in my room thinking about my behaviour. I’ll need to fix my make-up before I come out when I’m allowed; my mascara has run. Diary, can you hug me? It was so unfair of Dan to spank me.

It was a beautiful morning today, a nice crisp sunny winter’s morning. Dan stayed over last night and this morning after breakfast we went to the local forest for a walk together. Breakfast was lovely, Dan made me a cup of tea to wake up to, then after a nice cuddle we got up and had toast and jam for breakfast. Then after a shower and catching Dan taking a cheeky look at me in the shower we were off.

July 16th, 2015

No Tie Means Danger

An unusual story for us in that it contains male as well as female punishment, but there’s a twist that some readers have asked for. By a new writer to us.

By Graham Morris

It was the first day of the new term, and I was enthusiastic about spending this one at a new school. The school in question was a brand new private one taking both boys and girls, and I had been keen to come here due to the excellent new facilities, particularly those for sport. A couple of months previously I’d visited for interview where I met some of the senior staff, and had been sold on it from the off. Having no friends initially was not too big a deal, since everyone else would be in the same situation, and I was therefore delighted when I heard I had been accepted.