May 15th, 2012


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November 19th, 2017

Girls’ Revenge

Another story from the archive. A headmistress helps two girls with a problem.

By Kenny Walters

Feeling very awkward, I was sitting alone in the room I shared with Danielle Matheson trying and failing miserably to complete my essay for tomorrow’s English Literature class. Every time I heard the slightest sound from the corridor I looked up, expecting Danielle to come bursting in. Was I really just feeling awkward, or was it my own fear?

Yet again, I heard footsteps in the corridor. This time, though, they were real footsteps. I strained to listen. Was it one set of footsteps, or were there more?

The door opened and I looked up nervously. When Danielle dashed in, wet and shivering and naked all bar the soaking wet knickers she clutched in her hand, I looked quickly through before the door was slammed shut. Danielle appeared to be alone.

November 16th, 2017

Old School

The style of a school’s gym pants gets a girl into difficulty

by Katie Hammond

In December 1983, Reginald Hampton opened a letter that, although expected, nevertheless delighted him. Mr Hampton was the regional manager for a major British bank based in Manchester. He had lived for over thirty years in the so-called stockbroker belt south of Manchester and, although highly paid, it paled into insignificance against some of the actual stockbrokers and other high earners that were his neighbours and acquaintances.

The letter offered him the job of deputy chairman of the bank, based in London. The remuneration was commensurate with this executive position that put him very nearly at the top of the pile. Although he was absolutely thrilled with the promotion, he was a family man and had a wife and two daughters to consider. His wife, Helen, knew of the potential move months ago and although not entirely happy about the move was willing to go along with it as Reginald, or Reg as she mostly called him, had deserved it for the many years of hard work climbing the ladder at the bank, and of course she knew that the extra money he would earn would almost immediately end up in her purse.

November 11th, 2017

Drama in Gym Class

Rivalries in a sixth form gym class

By Brian Melville

Patricia Patterson is a slender, attractive eighteen year old standing 5’3” tall in her socks with her long, straight, light brown hair and olive green eyes. As a sixth form student at the exclusive Queen Mary’s Academy for Girls in the south east of London, where the slipper and cane were still used frequently by the gym mistress, the deputy headmistress and the headmaster, who himself had not slippered or caned a girl in more than a year. The girls always have to change into their gym kit for punishment, to ensure the slipper or cane is only ever given over two layers of clothing.

November 7th, 2017

Late Again!

How to improve a girlfriend’s timekeeping

By Joanna Jones

I glanced at my watch for the umpteenth time, and wondered whether to keep waiting. It was a cold March evening and standing outside Holborn tube station was not my idea of how to spend my evening. At least this time it was not raining.

My girlfriend, an American lass called Geri who I had met at an early December Christmas party, was late again. Indeed she was almost always late. On our first date it had been only five minutes, and on the dates running up to Christmas and New Year it had been typically around ten. Since January we had really become an item, but the delays for her to arrive seemed to have just gotten progressively longer, more like quarter of an hour or more. On both the previous two she had been around twenty minutes delayed. This time she was thirty minutes late and counting.

November 6th, 2017

Halloween Horrors

A couple attend a Halloween party

By Paul S

Mike and Pam were living together and were in their late twenties. They had been invited to a racy Halloween party by Pete and Susan, old friends in high places with a reputation for throwing outlandish parties where literally anything goes.

They should know; they still have some of the outrageous photos from previous parties, strewn with spray streamers, bottles, cigarettes and something a bit stronger.

Pete asked Mike how he and Pam proposed coming, so he could arrange a fancy dress competition. Mike said he would come as a demon headmaster and Pam planned to come as a ghoulish waif.

November 6th, 2017

The Sisters

A normally quiet girl has her moment of fame

By Jane Fairweather

The whistle went and the eleven players of the First Hockey Eleven of the Winifred Long School for girls gave a collective shriek of joy that they had at long last beaten St Agatha’s, who were by far the best of the teams in the unofficial league that all the local girls schools played in. Then, by some wild instinct, ten of the eleven hurled themselves upon the slight, shy figure of Josh Stephenson, whose brilliant run down the wing from half way just two minutes before, had won a match during which Winifred Long had been penned remorselessly in their own half.

November 5th, 2017

A Surprise in Store

Three girls are punished for shoplifting. Another from the archives 

by Kenny Walters 

A crow screeched a warning message from somewhere up in the treetops, temporarily drowning out the crunching of Amy’s feet on the gravel drive as she approached the large forbidding Victorian house. Certainly the bird’s message was meant for its compatriots, but for the slim blond haired girl a shiver down her spine made it seem as though the crow was shouting its warning to her.

Amy hurried on, feeling only marginally safer once she’d reached the heavy dark blue painted front door. She searched the frame for a doorbell push button, failed to see one, then made her presence known by rapping on a large heavy brass door knocker in the centre of the door.

November 1st, 2017

Three School Secretaries

Three school secretaries in the 1960s get a nasty shock.

By Sally Cavendish

One of the reasons girls at the school were so reluctant to get sent to the headmistress, apart from the inevitable caning that awaited them, was that they first had to pass through the outer office, past the watching eyes of the three school secretaries.

Caroline Cook, Prudence Howard-Smith and Sally Wainwright were typical of the kind of respectable middle-class girls who were employed as secretaries in English schools in the 1960s. In their mid to late twenties, and already married, they dressed conservatively and spoke the Queen’s English immaculately, as if they had had elocution lessons. There was also something prim and slightly disapproving about them. If a girl came into the outer office and said she had been sent to see the headmistress, they would treat her with lofty condescension, as if whatever the girl had done to get herself into trouble, she was a silly little fool who had only herself to blame.

October 31st, 2017

Sore Bottoms for Two

A girl earns herself a visit to the Deputy Headmaster’s study and gets her best friend into trouble as well. By a new writer to us.

By Brian Melville

Ashleigh  Anderssen is an very attractive, tall and slender built, eighteen year old with long blonde hair, blue eyes, long shapely legs and a well toned, tight little round bottom. As a sixth former at The Rose Academy for girls in the east of London, the teachers may use size 12 slippers and the deputy headmaster one of his two trusty canes across the bottoms of the naughty girls. The cane may only be administered across one layer of clothing and at The Rose Academy the girls to be caned have to change into navy blue punishment shorts for it, in a private room just down the corridor from the deputy headmaster’s study, all under the supervision of a female member of staff.

October 31st, 2017

The Jenny Franklin Story

Strict Discipline in a mixed grammar school

By Gillian Howard

I am Jenny Franklin and I attend a mixed Grammar School. On Friday 18th of May it was my 18th Birthday. I was to meet mum for lunch in a restaurant and had been granted permission by the school to have an extended lunch break as I had a double study period after lunch. I was also allowed to have a glass of wine to celebrate the special day even though I would be in uniform.

Our school was very good both academically and on the sporting front with, ex pupils representing England at netball, hockey, and rugby. It was also a strict school with corporal punishment being administered when it was deserved.