May 15th, 2012


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March 18th, 2019

Text at Your Own Risk

A spanking at school means more trouble at home

By Kelly DiMarco

As I turn the corner onto my street, I see Mom’s car parked in the driveway. Uh oh. I always get home before her, she might know something’s up. Or Ms Radley might have told her. They called the other time I got spanked at school. That was the only time Dad ever gave me the belt, but that was in 4th grade, and it was for getting in a fight. Of course they called. I’m 17 now, and this isn’t as serious. Not even close. So hopefully she doesn’t know. But even if she does, it won’t be as bad, right? I take a deep breath and open the door.

March 18th, 2019

Family Honour

A girl acts rashly to defend family honour

by Jane Fairweather

Elizabeth Johnson’s flaming red hair, which she wore down to her shoulders, was very visible in the nearly deserted school library. Her gym-slip was in marked contrast to the pleated skirts of the two genuine Sixth Formers who were sat at a table at the opposite end of the Library and was a sign that she had failed her School Certificate and was a member of that ambiguous class, Six Remove. The normally high spirited girl was in a restless, anxious mood as she sat in the Library. Half of her was trying to construe the passage of Caesar that she was supposed to have ready for Miss Coleridge’s lesson in two periods time. It was lucky that she had a free morning, for there was quite a lot of Latin and she had not bothered to look at it before. There had been mutterings from Miss Coleridge about what would happen if she failed to prepare her set book again. This at least gave her something to do. However her other half was extremely anxious about the set-to she had just had in the Common Room with Priscilla Smith- Jones, the Head Girl. Was Prissy SJ going to carry out that very angry threat to report her to the head?

March 15th, 2019


The moments of a girl’s school paddling. By a new writer to us.

By Kelly DiMarco


My head snapped up and I knew I was doomed. Ms Radley had stopped the class and had her hand outstretched. It was waiting for my phone. As my heart pounded, I got up and walked towards the front of the room and gave her my phone. Ms Radley then continued the lesson as though nothing had happened. But it wasn’t over. Not for me.

The next 45 minutes dragged by. How could I have been so stupid, I wondered. I should have waited. Telling Sally about Marc finally calling would have been even more exciting in person. I began to sweat despite the cold January winds running through the poorly ventilated building. Finally the class came to an end. The volume in the room began to rise as eager adolescents began to chat about weekend plans. Ordinarily my voice would have been among them. But not today.

March 10th, 2019

Knowing When to Negotiate

A young woman is caught in a difficult situation. 

By Julie Baker

Author’s note: this is a fictional story but the first part is based on actual events that involved me many years ago. When I first moved to London, aged 19, there was a young lad who worked in the office. He was 16 and not allowed to go out on photo shoots, but he would often question me about relationships. I helped him as best I could but I have often wondered whether I acted in his best interests. Please email me or message me via Twitter if you have a view having read the account below.

March 3rd, 2019

An American in London

Stirring up the past leads to an overdue correction. By a new writer to us.

By Mary Desmond

I was in my last year at college and it came time to complete an internship as part of the coarse requirements. I was fortunate to land a spot with a major accounting firm whose name I will leave out of the story. I was hoping that this internship would lead to a job offer afterwards. After meeting with the recruiters in the Human Resources office, I was informed that I would be assigned to the London office. I couldn’t believe it; a small town girl from the eastern United States getting the offer of a lifetime, paid relocation, assistance with accommodations plus, although not much, paid on the job training! Years of hard work and good grades were finally paying off.

February 24th, 2019

When Mary Met Margaret

A woman meets a new neighbour and finds her background very interesting.

A prequel to ‘Into the New Year’ published two years ago.

By Kane Strokes

Mary, leaving for work, closed the front door of her house in the quiet cul-de-sac, walked less than 100 yards before turning the corner into the access road. Her heart sank as she saw the bungalow where old Mrs Scott had lived had a ‘For Sale’ board outside. Mary knew this was coming, as Mrs Scott had moved into sheltered accommodation. Mary hoped the new owners would keep as much of the old world character as possible, and not rip the place apart.

February 18th, 2019

Texas Prison Justice

A girl goes off the rails, but the authorities know how to deal with her.

By Seymour Jay

Debbie and her 17 year old daughter Tiffany had recently moved to south Texas from Chicago Illinois. They lived in a rough Chicago suburb. Tiffany was a tall, very skinny, out of control teenager. She was in and out of trouble too many times to count. Debbie had family in rural Texas and thought the slower pace of Texas may have a positive impact on Tiffany.

Debbie could see a bit of her former self in Tiffany. Tiffany was disrespectful to her and pretty much everyone else. Tiffany had been in trouble with the police several times in Chicago. There was so much crime that the minor vandalism and curfew violations caused by people like Tiffany just seemed to fall through the cracks of the courts. The courts were so busy with serious crimes that Tiffany never had been in any real trouble for the things she had did. Debbie herself had been in minor trouble throughout her teen years but had managed grow out of it over the years and wanted better for her daughter.

February 17th, 2019

Paint Not Appreciated

A prank at school gets four girls into trouble.

By Kenny Walters

I’d been sitting on tenterhooks all through the first two lessons of the day. Mid-morning break was a very nervous affair, but when the bell sounded for the next lessons to commence and we’d still heard nothing, a faint glimmer of hope began to emerge. That was dispelled in the third lesson, when one of the school secretaries entered the classroom during an English lesson with Mrs Peterson. They had a whispered conversation which I certainly couldn’t hear, but then I felt I knew only too well what was being said. The secretary, Mrs Daniels, then stood back a pace for Mrs Peterson to make an announcement.

February 14th, 2019

Motivational Methods

A girl seeks help for her studies. By a new writer to us.

By Richard Campbell

“Ah, Norfolk. Do come in and sit down.”

Mr Roberts had been the headmaster of St Joan’s Girls School for many years. I had been in his office a couple of times. First when I joined the school in the 3rd year. On that occasion he was very pleasant. My second visit, in the 4th year, was all together different; he was stern and angry about my involvement in a prank. I got triple detention that time, with the threat of expulsion for any further poor behaviour.

His office was quite big, with space for his large old fashioned desk and chairs for guests to sit. Otherwise, there were a couple of filing cabinets and a tall cupboard.

February 8th, 2019

Old Enough to Know Better

A mystery thief is revealed, much to the owner’s surprise

By Seymour Jay

My wife, Lyla and I were happily married and have been for 5 years. We are both in our mid 30s. I own a retail business and repair shop in town. My wife works at the business full time. We were unable to have a child so we adopted a 3 year old recently. Along with both of us working and having the child now, we are both very busy, to say the least.

As time went on, my wife found that keeping up on the housework and laundry was more than she was able to do. I suggested hiring a maid. I was making good money and could easily afford a part time maid someone that can come 1 day a week or 2 half days and keep the house dusted, dishes done, laundry done and so on. My wife really didn’t want a stranger in our house. She was afraid of theft of belongings, money and so on.