May 15th, 2012


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October 13th, 2019

The History Lesson

A student discovers how education has changed over the last fifty years.

By Steven Wilson

“Yes, that’s a promising start, Abigail, but I think you need to bring a bit of focus to your writing, otherwise it is in danger of meandering all over the place without coming to any real conclusion. Might I suggest that you consider, let’s say, two significant differences, and concentrate on those and develop them to their full potential. I think you would then have a more thought-provoking and interesting piece of work.”

I breathed a sigh of relief; the comment could have been worse, at least he thought what I’d written so far was promising if not going in exactly the right direction, but I could work on that. The ‘he’ I was referring to was my tutor, Mr Jenkins, or David as he preferred to be called by his students, as he was not one for formalities.

October 8th, 2019

Katie’s  Humiliation

A girl’s dislike of PE gets her into trouble. By a new writer to us.

by Mr W

Katie liked almost everything about school. At her young age of eighteen, she looked forward more often than she looked back, and she lived for the present as it was. So she rarely paused to evaluate things, but if she had, Katie would have probably concluded that these really were the happiest of days.

She was a top performer. A place awaited her to read law at Cambridge, providing she obtained the necessary grades at A level next term. Katie had passed her mock examinations with excellent marks already, just a few weeks before. She was taking English, Latin and Greek, and an additional A level in Religious Studies, which she worked for in her own time with the support of a couple of staff. The headmistress, Miss Maine, was herself a classicist and took particular pride in nurturing Katie’s ability. Miss Maine had arranged for a lecturer to visit the school weekly to give Katie additional tuition reading Greek poems and plays.

October 6th, 2019

Unsporting Behaviour

An inter-school game gets unruly

By Lorna Monroe

It was the penultimate game of the Netball season of 1959-60. The reigning Champions, West Park, were leading St Margaret’s 36-24 midway through the final quarter. Sports Mistress Amanda Spencer could barely conceal her pleasure. Her girls were going to do it again. All her hard work was coming to fruition, and retaining the trophy would be a rather large feather in her cap. But, the best laid plans o’ mice and men?”

It was a nothing thing really. West Park’s Sandra Dixon jumped for the ball slightly later than her taller and more athletic opponent who, as she grabbed it, caught her under the chin with a flailing elbow. To Amanda’s horror, her player lashed out at the other girl, pushing her in the face and knocking her to the ground.

October 6th, 2019

Party Brat

Fun and games at a spanking party. By a new writer to us.

By Susan Kohler

Sherry admitted it openly. She was afraid of the cane. Deathly afraid. She was a long time attendee at spanking parties, who could take a lot of spanking, paddling, and strapping. She was open, even eager, to play with any of the toys her fellow spankos carried in their bags. She laughed to herself, she never carried all the stuff because everybody else did. Why bother?

Sherry dressed carefully for the party that night. She wanted to look good, but comfort was also a key, knowing that with any luck, her backside would be very sore by the end of the party. She intended to be very lucky indeed. After all, she was not only a bottom but she was a brat, an instigator. Someone once called her the best brat in the world.

October 1st, 2019

Ethical Spanking – A new ebook from Miriam Sheafe

Some people say that spanking is a cruel and violent act, but this collection of five short stories aims to show otherwise, and that ethical spanking does exist. They are set in China, UK, USA and Transylvania. Miriam has a unique style of writing that takes advantage of her highly vivid imagination.



Silvery Light of the Waning Moon

An ancient Chinese punishment. This is a story of incredible heroism, set in the Far East hundreds of years ago in what would today be considered a barbaric system of justice. But the story is not without elements of respect and mercy that clearly point to better things in the story of mankind. The characters of the various people involved are described with great sensitivity. Contains elements of S & M.

September 20th, 2019

A Farm Spanking

A Period American Story

By Seymour Jay

The year was 1886. I had just turned 17 years old. I lived on a large plantation farm my mother owned in south Mississippi. My father had died 6 or 7 years ago and my mother took over leadership of the farm. We were mainly a cash crop farm raising cotton, tobacco, and cattle. This made my mother one of the wealthiest people in our area. We had a huge estate and many employees. All the employees lived on our estate. We had employee housing for them. Most every meal we ate, we all ate together. All the employees were treated very well and were much more like family than employees. Times were tough for the working class and all the employees were grateful for their job, their meals and their housing. No one ever quit and all worked hard to make sure the farm was profitable to ensure their good wellbeing would continue to be provided for.

September 16th, 2019

A Slow Learner

A girl fails to learn her lesson the first time.

By Julie Baker

My name is Chloe Wilson and I was born in Edinburgh in January 1980. I am now a happily married mother of three lovely children living in very comfortable circumstances in Kilmacolm, Ayrshire. I don’t work now and spend my days looking after my children, walking in the countryside, playing tennis during the summer and getting involved with various charitable organisations. I suppose you would have to say that, to most people I know, I’m a picture of stability and respectability. Most of them would be quite shocked if they knew of my other, more sensual, side and how this came to the fore during my teenage years.

September 15th, 2019

A Victorian Re-enactment, Part Two

Andrea finds herself reliving Victorian discipline

By Paul S

Andrea had been working at the museum now for 6 months and had started to qualify for her professional qualification. This involved some professional interviews, training and a life-long learning programme. The lifelong learning required her to be supervised by her superior and for him to assist with her training.

Andrea would be expected to be fluent in her subject and knowledgeable. To do this, she had to read many books, some fiction and some historic. She was already aware of well known literary classics of the period. What she was less familiar with was factual accounts of day-to-day living in Victorian times, and the extent that discipline featured in this.

September 12th, 2019

The English Visitor

Visiting an American school, an English headmistress witnesses a different style of discipline.

By Kenny Walters

As I looked up at the clock on the wall of my office, I saw the time was approaching three o’clock, and that was significant. I knew I had an appointment at that time.

I have quite a large office. My desk is formed from a traditional desk and an office table of similar size that I placed in an L-shape arrangement. It means I can have my computer to my left on the table and sit at my desk without having to look around a monitor screen if I am interviewing someone. I then have four good comfortable armchairs arranged around a coffee table over near the window where I can speak with visitors a little less formally and in greater comfort than if we were at my desk.

September 12th, 2019

Spanking Memories

A student takes a part-time job and gets a surprise

By Lorna Monroe

During that strange interlude between finishing my Highers, as A Levels are called in Scotland, and going to university, I answered an ad for a house cleaner in the community newspaper. The address was local, the pay reasonable and three evenings a week suited me very well. Not one to let the grass grow under my feet even then, I rang later that night. Miss Stevens sounded a very friendly and cheerful lady and I was delighted when she invited me to visit for a “very informal” interview a couple of nights later.