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July 17th, 2016

The Newly Appointed Headmaster

A new headmaster is brought in to restore discipline

By Gillian Howard

My name is Joseph Mathews and I have just been appointed as the new headmaster of a mixed grammar school. I have been given a mandate by the board of governors to improve the academic achievements by any means that I think appropriate. The sporting achievements have been very good but the discipline has left room for improvement.

During the past 5 years, I have worked in both a girls Grammar school and also a boys Grammar school in positions of deputy Head. I am no stranger to dishing out corporal punishments and I am a great believer in the use of the cane for both boys and girls. I think also that most punishments should be carried out in class in front of their peers, as most misbehaviour is carried out in front of their peers. I also believe that an important part of any punishment is the fact that it is also embarrassing.

July 16th, 2016

When the Pupil is Ready

A new teacher gets a surprising introduction

by Roderick Bottoms

“Ms Holliday will be with you in a moment,” the young Ms Dollar said cheerfully, motioning Samantha toward a nice leather chair arranged in the seating area of the headmistress’s large, well-lit office. Samantha took a seat.

“Would you care for some coffee or water or something while you wait?” Ms Dollar asked.

“Some coffee would be great,” Samantha said. “Thank you.”

“Sure thing, back in a bit,” replied Ms Dollar as she backed out of the office and quietly closed the double doors.

For a moment, Samantha considered her choice of outfit, a slim fitting pantsuit over her lithe frame, and wondered if she had dressed too casually for her first day at the school. She looked around and took in the spacious, wood paneled office. She had conducted her interviews in other parts of the campus and this was the first time in the headmistress’s office. Off to her right was a large wooden desk. It was remarkably clutter free, with just a small leather bound book, a black quill pen, an antique looking lamp with a green shade, and photos of several people faced outward toward the room.

July 13th, 2016

The Prank and After

Initiation for a new girl means trouble when it all goes wrong

Jane Fairweather

Jenn was staggering along the gravel path and the rain was pouring. Water was getting into her shoes and her socks were soaked. Although she had brought a rain coat it was no protection at all and water was trickling down her neck and soaking through her shoulders into the light summer dress she had put on because she had been afraid her normal gym slip would get in the way of the awkward climbing she had to do. And her bra and even her cotton pants were beginning to feel damp. And her hair was unbelievably wet, for she had not brought a hat, thinking it was one more thing to carry and, anyway, a school hat would pick you out a mile off.

July 13th, 2016

Seven Years On

In serious trouble for only the second time in her school career, the result is painfully similar

By David

Diane could scarcely believe her bad luck when the Headmaster himself found her surreptitiously enjoying a cigarette round the back of the school. She knew that smoking was a serious offence, even for an Upper Sixth Former like her, but she had been desperate to light up as soon as her exam had ended. Now she was ordered to follow him to his study.

This was not the first time that Diane had been led there. The previous occasion was seven years earlier, when she was just a little Year Seven, only a month into her time at the Grammar School. During morning assembly she had been whispering and giggling with her best friend, unaware that the Head’s eyes were on her from the vantage point of the platform. But at the end, when he marched down the hall, he had singled her out. Once in his study, she listened incredulously while he informed her that talking in assembly was a serious offence always punished with a caning. In her case, as a new pupil, this would be limited to two strokes.

July 11th, 2016

Samantha Gilmore

A girl spends a long time wondering what it would be like to be caned.

By Gillian Howard

Hello, I am Samantha Gilmore and I am 18 years old. The year is 1969. Like all my friends, we enjoyed the swinging sixties with the new freedoms the era had brought us. I attended a co-educational grammar school in the north west of England where corporal punishment was an every day occurrence. I had, over the six years at the school, gained a reputation as a goody-goody because I had never had to endure any form of corporal punishment.

On the last day in the lower sixth, my then boyfriend, Alex, had received 6 of the best of the Headmaster for bullying and that evening, while mum and dad were out, I had seen the welts across Alex’s bottom and run my fingers along them. He told me they were still painful when he sat down. It caused me to have a strange but pleasant feeling in the pit of my stomach.

July 7th, 2016

The Old School House

A letter causes a few surprises

By Kane Strokes

Despite Stuart having left the museum some months back, Helen was still expecting him to be standing there. Now she had Doug, and Doug appeared to have all the social graces of a stereotype museum person, more intent on peeling away the dust to find some historical trinket or artefact than peeling away the thin veil that hid the sensual woman that is Helen.

As with Stuart, she tried mildly flirting; a low cut top and some interesting perfume. Helen also made sure she bent over right in front of him. Alas, he kept his hands to himself.

June 30th, 2016

The Film Extra

An opportunity arises for a student to make some extra cash

By Julie Baker 

I am a twenty-one year old student in my final year at a central London university studying English literature. My name is Melanie Speight and I come from Bath. I am one of five but I am the only one from my family to go to university. We are what you might call a working class family and my parents both work long hours at the main hospital in Bath to provide for us all. My mother is a nurse and works mainly night shifts, and my father is a porter. We have had a great upbringing and are a very close family.

June 30th, 2016

Delivering the Message

Volunteering to run an errand proves to be a big mistake

By David

Being a naturally helpful person, Eva volunteered to take her Biology Teacher’s note to the Head’s office after the last class of the day. It would also give her an excuse to chat with Mr Clark’s Secretary, Angie, a neighbour of hers who at twenty-three was only five years older than Eva herself.

Eva quickly handed the message over, and then they launched into an exchange of gossip about their latest boyfriends. Only after a moment’s pause were both girls aware of the noises emanating from Mr Clark’s study, which led directly off Angie’s office. There was a sharp crack followed by a yell, repeated twice more. Then the door opened and a shamefaced boy scuttled out, one hand pressed against his rear, and rapidly made his exit into the corridor outside.

June 28th, 2016

New Headmaster

A new headmaster finds his Head Girl particularly helpful

by PG

“If you’d like to practice caning a girl, you can cane me.”

James Simmons was the new Headmaster at Archdean Lodge House, a very prestigious girls only public school on the south coast. There had been hot competition for the post, but James had a superb teaching career to date. Graduating from Oxford with a First Class Degree in History, he had held three teaching posts and in his previous school he had been second master for six years.

Sitting before him on his very first day was Helen Brown, who had been appointed Head Girl in the last week of the previous term. She was a very attractive girl and the purpose of the meeting was for Helen to brief the new Headmaster on the Prefects system and how discipline was administered. She explained that punishments ranged from a few strokes of the slipper for relatively minor incidents to a caning for something more serious.

June 25th, 2016

Sabrina’s Choice

Dealing with a young lady who steals. From a new writer to us

by Roderick Bottoms

Ms Stapleton glared at her young employee, Sabrina, who now fidgeted in her seat on the other side of Ms Stapleton’s desk. Sabrina seemed to be avoiding eye contact, but looked up anxiously when her boss spoke.

“Sabrina,” Ms Stapleton said, shaking her head. “This is a horrible situation! I had high hopes for you,” she sighed and trailed off. “Like you, I started as a med tech at 18 – God, 20 years ago now – and now I run my own facility. I worked hard, working my way up step by step, going to college at night, getting my degrees. I honestly saw a lot of myself in you.”