May 15th, 2012


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October 3rd, 2015

Halloween Visit

Strange happenings on a stormy night

By Longhornfanmike

It was Halloween night of 2011, and 18 year old Megan Jones made  straight A’s on her report card in her last semester of school before graduation, so as a reward her parents are allowing her to have a Halloween party and sleep over in the basement with three of her best  friends. But the skies are getting really dark, and as she and her  brother are sitting around watching TV, the weather man breaks in on  the local channel and announces that the town of Ticks, in Central  Texas, is under a tornado warning for most of the night.

October 2nd, 2015

A School Secretary Asks

Having to witness a boy being caned, the secretary is reminded of her own schooldays.

By Pat Greenham

The first part of this story is based on an incident that took place in the early seventies. The second part is entirely based on my imagination.

There were several mandatory crimes that led automatically to being caned by the Headmaster at my school. These included bullying, truancy, stealing and usually smoking. Additionally, if you were sent-off in a competitive game of rugby the result was always an instruction from the Rugby Master to go directly to the changing room, remove your boots and report to the Headmaster.

September 22nd, 2015

The Tale of a Weekend

A lover’s tiff leads to unusual consequences at work and school.

By Jane Fairweather

“No! I will not go out to the pictures with you tonight!” Geraldine Hislop said very loudly in a voice that was close to a scream, though she had gone to the pictures with Gerald Ibbotson most Friday nights for nearly two years.

Her boyfriend of those nearly two years smiled sardonically, for he was well used to her flashes of defiance, and said quietly: “But it is Dr Zhivago and the reviews are wonderful. If we don’t catch it this week then we won’t. And I will pay!”

“You mean your bloody parents will pay. You ought to get a little job like me.”

September 16th, 2015

Rachel Becomes a Boarder

Continuing the series

By Gillian Howard

As I got dressed, Helen was asking me about being caned and how much it hurt etc.

I said: “It was excruciating and I don’t want it again. When you sit down for days after, you feel the pain and it was really embarrassing having to remove my skirt in front of the headmaster. It was a good job I was not wearing the knickers we used to wear at your school and wore these instead.”

I took a pair of my school knickers out of my drawer, and Helen just burst out laughing when she saw them. I heard the phone ring and dad answer it, so I finished getting dressed and we went downstairs and into the lounge. Helen’s Mum and Dad got up and left the room taking Helen with them.

September 12th, 2015

The Neighbours

Have you ever wondered what your neighbours get up to?

By Lorna Brand

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors? Does that old couple, Mr and Mrs Jones, from down the road still share a bath at the weekend? Does the pretty girl who just moved into the street and always smiles sweetly act so passive all the time? Well I don’t have to wonder any more. I got to know rather more than I expected about my neighbour recently.

I live in a small cul-de-sac in a normal quiet area with normal quiet neighbours, or so I thought. We all have our own boring routines and exchange pleasantries as we pass each other on the way to work or putting the bins out, as you do. We also know nothing about each other, which I never really thought about before. I assumed there was just nothing to know but now I look at everyone and wonder what they do when no one is looking.

September 11th, 2015


A girl finds her demerit marks creeping up with unfortunate consequences

By Gillian Howard

My name is Tabatha Greengage, but everybody knows me as Tammy. After I had recently finished my O levels and got excellent grades in all subjects. I was invited to join a prestigious mixed 6th form at the local Grammar school. We all had to wear school uniform at all times, both boys and girls. Ours was a red blazer, grey pleated skirt no more than 3inches above the knee, with a white blouse and red/yellow stripped tie and a red beret. Oh yes, and red knickers which were far from flattering or comfortable as they had tight elastic around the legs and waist. We had to wear ankle length white socks in summer and knee length in winter, and for gym a red leotard. Boys wore grey trousers and red blazer with the same tie and white shirt and red peaked cap, even in the 6th form.

September 6th, 2015

A Good Girl Really

A girl with a good school record has to change schools, and her disciplinary record suffers.

By Gillian Howard

My name is Rachel Connolly and, as I am an only child, I suppose I was spoiled by my parents. I attended a mixed Catholic Grammar School in the south of Scotland, had done very well in my exams and was moving into the 6th form after summer.

At school I was very well behaved as I enjoyed studying and reading, and while I had witnessed both boys and girls getting the strap had never received it myself. My best friend, Helen, had received it and she told me how painful and embarrassing it was having to stand in front of the class and hold your hands out while the teacher hit you hard with the length of leather. The fingers on both her hands had swollen afterwards.

August 31st, 2015

Sarah’s Sixth Form Spanking

A very bright girl is in danger of failing to reach her expected exam results, until her favourite teacher steps in.

By Sarah G

Sarah Green was 18 and in her final year at Grammar School, studying for the examinations that would be her passport to University. She was quite a shy girl, who had been brought up an only child by her Mum as her Dad had sadly died when she was only five years old. Although she was socially a little reserved, she very much enjoyed school and Guides, where she was a leader in the Brownie pack. She was without doubt very intelligent and destined to achieve excellent exam results. This did not, however, make her popular with the other girls in her class who, when the sixth form group evolved, saw her as something of a ‘swot’ and, even worse, a ‘teacher’s pet’.

August 27th, 2015

A Character

An inspection of the school cellar leads to a painful outcome for one pupil and a sense of deja vue for Matron.

By Tara Patterson

Matron Meryl Taylor had worked at Queen Anne’s boarding school, Ambleside for thirty years. Despite the fact that she had turned sixty-five during the school summer holidays, she was not yet ready to retire. Queen Anne’s was her life and she felt she knew every intimate detail of the building, staff and pupils. She had attended as a pupil from the age of eleven until she had completed her A-levels in June 1969. It was only her fifteen years’ service in the Queen Alexandrea’s Medical service that had seen her away from the school.

August 24th, 2015

The Music Tutor

A girl seeks help but finds it comes in an odd way

By Lorna Brand







Catherine crouched in the hallway with her ear pressed to the large heavy looking door, too scared to move, not that she wanted to, but frightened she would get caught. The sound of pleading suddenly stopped and was replaced by shuffling, sobbing and a firm tone.

“I will see you next week, hopefully with a better attitude,” said a tall, broad, imposing man with striking dark hair as he opened the door.

“Oh, I have lost an earring.” Catherine bluffed, falling to the man’s feet and fumbling around the floor, catching a glimpse of a distraught, tear-stained girl out of the corner of her eye as she rushed past.