May 15th, 2012


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December 15th, 2019

In Which Elizabeth Gets Spanked at Christmas

A girl is unable to keep her friend entirely out of trouble

By Jane Fairweather

December 1929

Priscilla shuffled slightly on her bottom, which was still feeling slightly tender from her encounter with her father’s cane twenty-four hours before. Still, it had not been anything like as bad as that nightmare of a few weeks before at school. Nobody would have believed that if it had been a novel or a play, she decided.

She remembered with a shudder standing outside her headmistress’s door listening to the very pretty red-head, who was now sat so close to her that she could feel her body pulsing with hers, being very soundly caned at her request as head girl. The horrible truth was that she had more or less framed Elizabeth and, standing outside the head’s door, she had become all too aware of the dreadful thing she had done. Poor Elizabeth had really howled and even at the time she had felt it as if she was the victim. And then nemesis in the shape of a very angry headmistress, who was horribly efficient with a cane, had very deservedly caught up with her for abusing her powers as head girl. And then, very oddly, she and Elizabeth had ended up comforting one another and in the same breath become best friends. No, definitely, nobody would have believed it if it had been a novel or a play.

December 12th, 2019

A Strange Sense of Normality

The schools is modern and progessive, although the cane is still used

By Julie Baker

My name is Jenny and I attended a private day school in Birmingham in the late 1980s. It was an all-girls institution that I joined from the state system when I was 13. My only reservation at the time was that the school still had a regime of corporal punishment long after it had been abolished in most mainstream schools but my parents assured me that I shouldn’t worry too much because I was a naturally well behaved girl and, anyway, corporal punishment had done them no harm in their school days.


December 8th, 2019

The Adjudication

A head teacher from another school is called in to deal with a complaint

By Kenny Walters

I found the school quite easily by following the directions given by the receptionist at the hotel where I was staying. I hadn’t thought to ask her if it was her old school, but her distinctly up-market accent suggested that it could have been. As I drove up the tree-lined driveway, I came upon the immaculate white painted walls with Tudor-style mock timber framing in black that formed the main school building of ‘Greenways Private School for Girls’. I parked, and went to find the headmistress, a lady called Miss Amelia Harper.


November 29th, 2019

Saved by the Headmaster

A girl appears to be in trouble, but all is not as it seems
By Brian Melville

At Hargrove Secondary School, in the east of England, the twenty-two girls and boys of 6A listened to the important announcement over the intercom, just after the bell rang to announce the start of the last period before first break, when the secretary concluded:

“The following student must report to the headmasters Study immediately!”

There was the usual pause of a rather nerve wrecking few seconds, before she actually read the name.

“Annabelle Howick of 6A!” The secretary exclaimed.

This came as a huge shock to the tall, slender, Annabelle with her shoulder- length ash blonde hair and pretty blue eyes, as well as the rest of the class, as Miss Howick was known to be a very well-behaved young lady.

November 27th, 2019

The Olde Shoppe of Curiosities

A story written over ten years ago (hence smoking occurs in a public place) by a new writer to us.

                                                          By Michael Turner

Claire was drawn irresistibly to the window. She liked browsing for antiques, much to the disgust of her husband, who hated the waste of money and the clutter they created at home. But this shop was rather down-market; knicknacks and disused junk. Quite why she was staring at the naff porcelain figures in the window, she wasn’t sure. But often, she thought, bargains could be found in such places, the owners ignorant of the value of the treasures they were selling.

November 26th, 2019

Drunken Night – Three Years Later

A sequel to ‘Drunken Night’ and ‘Drunken Night – Six Months Later’

By PG 

It was almost exactly three years since Mavis Smith got herself into real trouble by bringing the service into disrepute. She had gone out to a party and, after having way too much to drink, found herself in a passionate embrace with a member of the local football team, which led to them having sex in a quiet corner.

This was bad enough, but she was in uniform and the events of the night had been witnessed by a senior officer who duly reported on what he had seen. After being summoned by her unit commander two days later, she was sent to the Disciplinary Unit for a severe caning, receiving eighteen strokes, six from each of the three Officers. Part of that punishment was ‘elongation’, meaning the caning lasted over twenty minutes.

November 24th, 2019

Katie’s Initiation Ceremony

A sequel to the earlier story ‘Katie’s Humiliation’

By Mr W

Katie’s final term at school that summer seemed to come and go so fast. Her exams, her ‘A’ levels, occupied nearly all of her thoughts and most of her time over Easter and into May and June. She was as well prepared as she could be, but frequently Katie found herself in a state of panic. What if she misread a question? What if her mind just went blank, sitting in that examination hall? What if she couldn’t finish all the questions in time? She went into school frequently during her examination leave, just to speak with her teachers, who all gave her reassurance and encouragement.

November 18th, 2019

The School Inspector

The headmistress of a high school receives an unwelcome visitor

By Angela Fox

The navy S-Class Mercedes Saloon car pulled through the gates of the Dene Bank High School, Gloucester, and drove to a spot in the teachers only car park marked ‘Dr L Monroe, Department of History’. The middle-aged, raven-haired driver of the car reached across to the passenger seat for an expensive attaché case and exited the car. The fact that she was not the good Dr Monroe didn’t seem to bother her one bit, though it caused three school girls, who seemed to be idling by the main door, to grin and make some giggled remarks. Their giggling ceased, however, as the tall, very erect woman in the dark blue pin-striped business suit with the narrow skirt that rode just an inch above her knees, scowled at them as she clicked-clacked by in her five-inch heels. She was walking as easily as if she had been shod in plimsolls.

November 17th, 2019

Corporate Discipline

A novel system of corporate discipline

By Paul S 

In 1997, a medium sized publisher based in mid-west America decided to review their corporate policy on staff discipline and human relations. This was due to rising costs and lawsuits over relatively trivial corporate issues concerning staff discipline.

The company wrote to all its staff offering new enhanced contracts and pay rates with additional leave. The new contracts included a new clause on corporal punishment for under-performing staff breaching company rules as a last resort; plus a new non-disclosure clause.

The vice president, who was a woman, Alexa, proof-read one of their published titles, and got the idea from reading a book in which a boss spanked his secretary for under-performing.

November 10th, 2019

A Forest Birching

A girl takes part in May Day celebrations but gets an ancient punishment.

By Paul S

Sandy had paused her History degree studies in Florida, specialising in ancient cultures, and visited the UK at the invitation of Lucretia, a high priestess of an ancient pagan faith, to stay over for the annual May Day celebrations.

Lucretia and Sandy warmly embraced on meeting at the airport and rode back in a taxi to Lucretia’s small cottage in the village where she lived with her partner, Mike. Sandy was excited to visit and was studying an ancient order as part of her degree, and wanted to know everything there was to know.