May 15th, 2012


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November 29th, 2015

Rebecca’s side of the story

This is a fictional story to follow the True Recollection ‘Punishment at work’

by Pat Greenham

My name is Rebecca, and I noticed that my ex boss, James Turner, recently told the story of the punishments he gave me during my employment at the fertiliser company in the South West, four years ago. I thought that you might be interested in my side of the story.

I applied for the job as a graduate straight from university. James initially interviewed me and he came across as a nice chap but was strangely a little nervous. He was also a little flirtatious which I did not mind. I have always prided myself on fitness and knew that I have a figure to be proud of. I was invited back for a second interview with him and one of his colleagues, and was delighted to be offered the job, which I accepted. I had studied History at University and had fully expected to go into teaching, but toward the end of my third year I made the decision to change direction and try the commercial world.

November 28th, 2015

In Hot Water

A new girl’s attempts to improve the living conditions in CJ house backfires.

By Tara Patterson

Holly Elliot felt like a fish out of water. At the age of eighteen, she was the new girl starting as a border in the upper sixth form at Queen Anne’s School, Ambleside. Her father worked for a large American manufacturing company and, after successfully turning around the Peterborough factory, he had suddenly been transferred to Iowa to work his magic on the company’s failing tractor plant. This surprise move meant a total relocation for all of the Elliot Family except Holly. Although Holly’s father’s company were very generous in paying a relocation package to the family, Holly was unable to continue her studies in the local girl’s grammar school as her family were unable to fund accommodation in the nearby town. However, a twist in the corporate expense rules meant that the Elliot’s were able to enrol Holly as a border at Queen Anne’s to complete her A levels. Holly was quite tall for her age, she had an athletic, slender figure with short straw blonde hair. As she was a little short sighted she always wore a pair of geek glasses.

November 24th, 2015

The Protagonist – a new ebook by Bella Bryce


The Protagonist:

Daisy Abbott is an author as eccentric as she is successful. She’s also used to a certain rhythm when it comes to her writing: she sits at her desk, the hero speaks, she writes. Book done. After all, that’s how she wrote thirty titles and she doesn’t expect anything to be different during the working of her thirty-first manuscript. Daisy is convinced the protagonist of her newest book isn’t speaking to her and when he appears in the flesh to challenge her, she is transported to his time and place to better understand things from his perspective. The question is, whose story is it?

November 23rd, 2015

Per Ardua ad Astra

(Through adversity to the stars)

It’s World War II and tensions occur in an American school.

By Jane Fairweather

The wind was beating outside on the bare trees that not long ago had been wild with all the colors of the fall. Mr Carmichael wondered to himself which was more depressing. Was it the overweight woman who was standing before his desk ringing her hands, who he employed as house mother for the senior girls, but also as a Math teacher, though he always wondered how she made herself understood with her Southern drawl in this New England School? Was it this banshee of a wind? Or was it the dreadful war in Europe, which the Germans seemed well on the way to winning, despite the Battle of Britain and despite the brief halt that the Russians seemed to have forced the Nazi armies to make before Moscow? And his own mighty country was doing goddam all about it and standing on the sidelines. The world outside America would be Nazi before next winter, if this went on, or no doubt partly Japanese; the Japanese were doing awful things in China. However, he really ought to find out what this woman was blathering on about. He wondered, not for the first time, why he had been so misguided as to let her linger on his staff, but even reasonable Math teachers were not in great supply and with House Mothers perhaps better the one you knew!

November 21st, 2015

What was your school like

An Interesting Discussion at Work

By Lisamum

Three women were on their lunch break at work in the late 1970s; Janice, aged 33, Linda, aged 27 and Jackie, aged 17. The conversation over the table as they ate their lunch turned to school.

“So how does work compare with school?” Linda asked Jackie.

“No comparison. At least at work you’re treated like an adult, no rules, no discipline and best of all no punishments,” said Jackie.

“I’ll agree with you there,” said Janice.

“You’re the oldest one here, Jan, what sort of punishments did you get?” Asked Linda.

“I went to a grammar school where most girls were well behaved. The headmistress had a cane, but it was rarely used. Very few of the teachers used corporal punishment; those that did used a slipper. The one that did use it the most was the games mistress. The least little thing and out it came.”

November 16th, 2015

Georgina Sutcliffe

A shy girl is encouraged to be more adventurous

By Gillian Howard

I was born in 1956 in the south of England, but moved north after the death of my father in 1960, and I am an only child. I was very shy and had very few friends when I moved North, but I met one girl, Lucinda Halliwell, when we were placed next to each other in our second year at school. My name is Georgina Sutcliffe. Like me, Lucinda was also an only child and her parents were divorced and she lived with her mum. Over the next few years we became inseparable and also our mums became the best of friends. By the time we were eleven we had started to go on holiday together.

November 14th, 2015

What the Papers say

An adventure into journalism leads to an unfortunate encounter with the headmistress.

By Tara Patterson

Sixth form prefect Alice Watts pushed open the heavy school gate and walked confidently down the driveway of Queen Anne school, Ambleside. Her high heeled peep toed shoes clicked across the footpath. Alice had a very trim figure, her black skirt clung tightly to her behind; she could not resist wriggling her shapely hips as she passed a group of sixth form boys. Her brown hair was wound up on top of her head in a tight bun. It was not unusual that she was out of uniform. Wednesday was a part day for Alice. As she had a keen interest in journalism, she had a regular afternoon work experience placement at the local newspaper. Alice reached the school reception desk and began filling in the line of the sign-in book to mark her return. Then she must go and change out of her smart black business suit and back into uniform. Alice hated the change really. She was ready to leave school for good. Her twice weekly visits to the paper were a breath of fresh air, a chance to get away from school, away from the rules and away from the discipline.

November 8th, 2015

The Handover

In the next part of the series we recall Meryl Taylor’s return to Queen Anne’s, this time as Matron.

By Tara Patterson

Nurse Meryl Taylor looked at herself in the full length mirror and checked her uniform; she was wearing her new mid-blue uniform dress that was covered with a starched white apron. As it was summer, her legs were clad in a pair of sheer stockings. Her auburn hair was wound into a tight bun that sat below a white nurse’s hat. The shining buckle of the blue belt showed up against the white of the apron. As Meryl pulled the last of her white elasticated cuffs up her arm she caught sight of the time on the wall clock; she was late. A quick check of her fob watch showed the time to be correct.

November 8th, 2015

Dawn Marsh

A girl’s experiences of punishment at school

By Gillian Howard

I am Dawn Marsh and I attended a mixed grammar school in the early 70s in the midlands. I was very popular at school with both the boys and girls. I was not in the top stream but I was doing fairly well and was hoping to go to University. I was quite well behaved but had earned several detentions and been placed on report on three occasions. However, apart from receiving 4 strokes of the slipper across my bare bottom for swearing in  the shower after a hockey game in the first year, I had not been subject of any other form of corporal punishment during the following 5 years.

November 7th, 2015

The New Headmistress

News of a new headmistress is discussed

By Lisamum

Laura was sitting at the dinner table with her Mum, Dad and Brother. They had just finished their meal when mum spoke.

“Have you heard anything about your new headmistress yet?” She asked Laura.

“No I haven’t. A lot of people think Mrs Walsh will get it,” replied Laura.

“What do you think?” Asked Mum.

“Dunno,” replied Laura.

“It’s ‘I don’t know’, Laura. How many times have I told you to speak properly,” said Mum. “You should know better at your age. You’re eighteen, not eight!”

“Sorry. I don’t know,” said Laura. ‘She’s always on at me about the way I talk,’ thought Laura.