May 15th, 2012


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June 13th, 2019

A Victorian Picnic

A pleasant picnic leads four girls astray in this period piece

 By Jane Fairweather

Elsie Smith and Anne Paxton, who were assistant mistresses, and Elizabeth Doyle and Sarah Brown, who were eighteen and nineteen and lingering rather long at the Perivale School for the Daughters of Gentlefolk as somewhere between mistresses and pupils, sat themselves down to a splendid picnic tea. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon; it was warm among the green leaves and the light danced.

“What a spread!” Elsie Smith exclaimed, surveying the cloth which had been very decorously placed in a little clearing in the wood and covered with the contents of the picnic hamper, which the four of them had brought from the school with the aid of the gardener’s wheelbarrow.

June 10th, 2019

Eight of the Best – Volume Two

Finally On Sale!

Eight new stories from Kenny Walters that are unique to this edition.


A Traveller Abroad

A woman travelling in the Far East is caught with a quantity of cocaine in her luggage. She knows she didn’t put it there, but is unable to prove who did. Consequently, she has to choose between prison or a caning.

The Gym Mistress

A sixth form girl enjoys a friendly relationship with her gym mistress, until she finds the mistress has been assigned the task of slippering her.

Hello Uncle Mike

After continual problems at home, a girl arranges a visit to her Uncle Mike. He has brought up children of his own and she reckons he will know how to deal with the brat she has become.

June 10th, 2019

The Tight Skirt

Fashionable wear might not be good when girls are in trouble. By a new writer to us.

By James

Eighteen year old Wendy and her friend Helen were in their last year at school; they were lifelong friends and did everything together. Both were looking forward to leaving school and starting work, and thought of themselves as fully grown up, but being still at school they had to comply with the rules the establishment had in place.

Amongst many other things, there was a strict dress code for the pupils which covered how they dressed in school time and also covered how they dressed when coming to and going home from school. Prefects were at the school gates and around the local streets to check on the pupils’ appearance and to report any infringements. Frequent checks were also made to the length of the girls’ skirts. Any discrepancies resulted in the girl being sent to the Headmistress.

May 21st, 2019


A chance find leads two girls into trouble.

By Richard Campbell

My name is Jenny Campbell and I wanted to share my memory of the cane, partly to show how Amanda Carey and I became such good friends, and partly to share a very memorable chapter in my life.

We met in the sixth form of St Jude’s. Both of us joined the school after doing well at our GCSE’s, both on a scholarship. The majority of the sixth year had been in the school from age 11, so, although we were made to feel welcome, it was going to take time to assimilate.

The first year went really well. We enjoyed the teaching style and made new friends. It was during the mocks for A levels that we got into serious trouble. Both of us had turned 18 in the winter term, so Christmas was fun and we probably spent too much time partying and not enough time revising for the mock exams in January.

May 21st, 2019


A final interview with the headmistress reveals an awkward truth

By Richard Campbell

“Ah, Jane, do come in and have a seat.”

It was the last few days of the summer term and Jane knew that Ms Taylor, the headmistress, liked to meet all the upper sixth girls before they left the school, to discuss future plans for university etcetera. Even so, there was always a concern when meeting the Head for a chat.

The Head’s study was surprisingly modern for such a traditional school. The school itself had been open for over a hundred years and had an excellent reputation academically, but also for the behaviour of its pupils. The school buildings reminded many of a gothic novel, but the atmosphere inside was warm and welcoming for both the day girls and the borders. Having said that, the girls were expected to behave at all times, and integrity was valued as much as academic excellence.

May 20th, 2019

The Prank

Some pranks have a painful price

By Richard Campbell

I left St Joan’s on the 8th July. The last day at the school always meant playing pranks and having some fun. Someone wrapped a teacher’s car in brown paper. Wet sponges were thrown, and a bit of a water fight ensued. It was the usual harmless fun with the teachers turning a blind eye or occasionally getting involved. It was, however, an unwritten rule that no one was to get hurt and no damage to school property.

For my part, I decided the fountain in the school courtyard needed some attention. Pink bubble bath! After about an hour there was quite a lot of foam floating around and the water was bright pink. One of the teachers got it turned off but it caused quite a commotion.

May 13th, 2019

The Governess

A girl’s court appearance causes her parents to act

By Shaun Sunderland

Charlotte Haversham, who is a couple of months away from her nineteenth birthday, has had a privileged upbringing, but when she gets into to trouble with the law, bringing shame onto her family, her parents decide to employ a governess with a strong emphasis on discipline.

Part 1

“Miss Charlotte Haversham, your behaviour was despicable but, having heard from your counsel, I agree not to impose an immediate a custodial sentence.”

Eighteen-year-old Charlotte breathed a sigh of relief as she heard that statement from the Crown Court judge announcing sentence.

“However, I will be imposing a sentence of twelve months suspended for a period of thirty-six months, and there will be a number of conditions imposed. This includes, you must reside at your family home at Haversham Hall, make no contact with either your victims or co-defendants either in person or through written or electronic communication. I am also imposing a fine of a thousand pounds. For the next 24 months, you will surrender your passport and driving licence.”

May 5th, 2019

I Need a Witness

A girl has a difficult request.

By Kenny Walters

Tori Jackson got to the end of the corridor and looked round the corner towards the school secretaries’ area. It was nearly deserted with just two of her fellow twelfth-grade students, employed part-time to help out, tidying up and filing stuff away ready for the weekend. Tori paused, waiting for some moments in the hope one of the regular secretaries would appear, but none did. She looked at the clock; it was twenty to five.

“Oh, Tori! Can I help?” The nearer fellow student, a pleasant enough girl called Amy Fellows, looked up from wiping a cloth over a computer screen.

May 3rd, 2019

A South American Adventure

Three girls experience judicial punishment in South America

 By Julie Baker

My name is Louise Chalmers. I was born in January 1997, which means that I am currently 22 years old. The events that I want to tell you about happened 18 months ago during the summer of 2017, when I was just 20. Before I do this, though, I ought to give you a bit of background information on me and explain how I came to be in a foreign country half way round the world from where I am now.

I’ve got four older brothers and I was the long-awaited daughter who completed my parents’ family. I suppose I was a bit of a tomboy in my early days but when I matured as a teenager I shot up in height and suddenly became very much like my mother to look at, who was a noted beauty in her younger days. She has Scandinavian blood in her ancestry and I have inherited her thick, tousled, blond hair and warm skin complexion. I do a lot of running combined with Pilates so I am supple with firm muscle tone and a compact body. My mother has always told me to use my beauty wisely. It’s a wonderful gift but she warned me that it could lead to unhappiness if it is used in the wrong way. Wise words!

April 17th, 2019

Wendy Harrison

A senior girl is punished at school and again at home.

By Gillian Howard

My Name is Wendy Harrison and I had just received my A level results which were not been as good as expected. I was therefore given permission to retake my final year again.

I attended a mixed grammar school in the west country. The year was 1967 and I had completed 7 years at the school, where corporal punishment was administered for any deviation of the rules. Along with my 3 best friends, I had gone through my entire school life without any physical punishment.

At the time, you were considered to be a child until you were 21, and I was informed that I could return to school but would still be eligible to be punished and I would also have to wear sixth form uniform. I had to see the Headmaster on my first morning and was told in no uncertain terms that any slacking on my behalf would not be tolerated.