May 15th, 2012


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May 28th, 2016

Juliet Smithson’s Caning

A girl finds it pays not to be late

By Gillian Howard

It’s 09.10 am Friday 19 th July 1996. I am Juliet Smithson 5’8″ tall, long black hair, green eyes and slim athletic build. I’m captain of our school hockey and netball teams. I am standing, along with one 5th year girl and 3 boys from the lower 6th, with our hands on heads and noses to the wall as the rest of school file past us on the way to Friday Assembly.

It all started a week earlier. The Headmaster had proposed that the following Friday would be a charity ‘dress down’ day. He also added that just because all exams had finished too many pupils were arriving late and he was cracking down on it.

May 23rd, 2016

Girlfriend Spanked for Nagging

A new girlfriend oversteps the mark and gets a firm hand

By Paul S

Steve had met his new girlfriend, Lorraine, at work after his previous relationship had ended six months ago. He had been at a business meeting at her store, when she walked in and took an immediate shine to him. They exchanged details and started seeing each other.

Both Steve and Lorraine were in their forties and currently single. Lorraine was a trim 36-30-38 with a well-rounded bottom and smartly dressed. Steve was a spanker but was happy to have a ‘vanilla’ relationship with Lorraine initially. He was secretly hoping she would turn ‘fruity’ in due course, but had an open mind on the matter as he didn’t know if the relationship would work.

May 23rd, 2016

Bend Over the Punishment Stool

A persistent offender is dealt with


I knew this was going to be bad. I was a rebel and had been caned once before by the Headmaster, but with my black trousers and knickers retained. But this time I knew I was in for it as he had promised that one more transgression would result in the ultimate caning; a bare bottom thrashing. Telling the English teacher to ‘fuck-off’ had done it and here I was again in the Headmaster’s study.

Made worse by the fact that he determined that a bare bottom caning made it necessary for a female teacher to be present.

May 19th, 2016

An Over-spending Wife

A husband gets to the bottom of his wife’s spending

By Paul S

Andrew and April were an upper class couple in their mid-thirties, living in a modern flat in Battersea, London. Andrew was a financier in the city, and April a human relations consultant for a large PLC company, also in the city.

Andrew was of medium build and quite handsome, whilst April was attractive with ash blonde hair, and a trim 36-28-38 figure. April spoke with an upper class accent as she had been to finishing school in her early twenties, and also rode regularly at a local stables, a little out of town in urban Surrey.

May 18th, 2016

Inquisitive employee

A girl discovers a female colleague was caned at work, and wants to find out more


“Is it true that you caned Jenny before Christmas because she tried to have dinner with her boyfriend at the company’s expense?”

Louise was chatting with Mike (the Boss) at a company drinks party and had always wanted to ask the question, but it took a couple of drinks to loosen her tongue. The boss looked at her and asked how did she knew, to which Louise simply said that Jenny had mentioned she had better keep her nose clean or the boss will use methods in line with what the company does for a living and mentioned that she knew that from personal experience and hinted at her pre-Christmas caning.

May 17th, 2016

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May 13th, 2016

Coming of Age

A headmaster seeks permission to cane a girl but her father has other ideas.

By Jane Fairweather

“What do you two think you are doing?” The voice of Mr Oakley thundered.

At around five foot and three inches, he was a diminutive man by the standards of the male staff at Kingsley Grammar and generally regarded as making up for this deficiency by quite excessive aggro towards his students. Perhaps Fiona Gibbon, who was actually quite proud of being five foot nine, thought the fact that he always wore a coloured shirt, which today was verging on red, was part of the same scheme of things; she really did not like Mr Oakley.

May 11th, 2016

A Day in the Country

An old friend’s new wife reveals her convent school past

By Paul S

Tim had been Mark’s usher at his wedding to Karen, and they had been married happily for about 25 years. Tim, however, had not been so lucky in love and was twice divorced.

Tim had recently been reacquainted with Mark, together with Pete and Suzy whom he had known at school, and they had also been married for over 25 years, although Suzy was a bit older then Pete.

Pete, Suzy, plus Mark and Karen, and Tim and Elaine, Tim’s new wife, were all active on social media and agreed to meet up at a county pub one Sunday in June in central Hertfordshire, as they hadn’t seen each other for some time.

May 6th, 2016

Don’t be Silly, Charles

A couple relaxing in their garden have an interesting chat

By Lisamum

Back in the early nineteen sixties, Charles Daventry and his wife Clarissa, both in their late fifties, are sitting in the garden of their luxurious house on the outskirts of one of England’s fashionable towns, sipping their glasses of Pimms. Charles is reading a newspaper and Clarissa is reading a novel. Charles is a very successful barrister and Clarissa is from a very wealthy titled family. Money to them is no object. Charles is still quite good looking at his age and Clarissa is an extremely attractive woman.

Suddenly Charles looks up from his newspaper. “Clarrie, were you spanked as a child?”

May 3rd, 2016

The Millionaire’s Girlfriend

A new girlfriend admits she is curious about spanking

By Paul S

Mark was 30 and a successful young businessman in Los Angeles with an aeronautics company, specialising in helicopters. He had dark hair, and was about 6 feet tall and of average, slim build.

Mark had trouble in finding the right sort of girlfriend, as his job tended to attract women he saw as gold-diggers or ‘hangers on’. Alternatively there were the female corporate types who dressed smartly but were also dressed to kill, with Mark in their sights. As a result he had a series of failed relationships.

That was precisely why Mark was careful about whom he dated. In despair, he eventually turned to a high class matchmaker who specialised in successful business men and women who simply didn’t have time to go through and play the ‘dating game’. They just wanted a genuine and lasting relationship without all the emotional hassle, if possible.