May 15, 2012


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March 3, 2015

In Loco Parentis



by Megan L

D’ya know Kate? Goes t’ our school,

an’ thrice she’s broke th’ “Tardy Rule.”

Thus, old Coach Trautman ordered Kate

t’ come see him ’bout bein’ late.

Coach scolded:  “Missin’ Last Bell means

three Good Hard Licks ‘cross seat o’ jeans!”

(See, Chum, three late arrivals here

spell mandatory swats on rear.)

Kate’s been eighteen a month t’day

so, Quite Grown Up, she tried t’ say:

“Get spanked? Gee, I ain’t some dang kid!

Detention’s fair for what I did.”

Nope! Mister Trautman shot back: “Why?

Eighteen or eight – same rules apply!”

An office gal was buzzed right in

t’ witness Kate atone for sin:

a twentysomethin’ redhead, Jane,

who’d twice felt this-here paddlin’ pain!

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February 18, 2015

Parent’s Sunday Out

A Trip to the Sea has consequences

By Wendy A

Let me start with an introduction. I was born in the 1950s, the youngest of three children. My brother Peter was several years older than me and David was just one year older. We lived in a large house in the country about 1 hour by train from London. Our Father was a partner in a firm of accountants in the City and spent quite a lot of time travelling to conferences and visiting foreign clients. Our Mother was involved in many charitable works and also spent part of her time in London for meetings and even the odd conference abroad.
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February 17, 2015

The Princess and the Agent

 What better place to hide a foreign princess in fear of her life than a small private school?

By Jane Fairweather

“What do you make of her?” Jean Macintosh, Raven House of Eagle School’s head of house asked Charlie Starkie, her deputy.

“Who?” Charlie enquired. “Miss Swallow or the new girl?”

“Well I really meant Miss Swallow. It seems a little bit odd without old Tinpot.”

“A bit of a wimp if you ask me. It says a lot that nobody’s thought of a name for Miss Swallow yet. Though I suppose it is never easy to follow a housemistress who has been here since the year dot.”
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February 16, 2015

Valentine’s Day

Four girls who think they’re above the school rules are finally brought to book.

By Henry Jones

It was the fourteenth of February and there was the usual Monday morning chatter as twenty eighteen year old girls changed for their PE session. The sporty ones chatted about their activities over the weekend, the studious ones fretted about lost study time, while others giggled together about what they had got up to with boyfriends and boasted about how many cards they’d received. There were four girls, however, who didn’t join in with any of this; they just changed into shorts and vests in morose silence.
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February 12, 2015

Insurance v Blackmail

Anyone who worked in an office in the 1960s, 70s or 80s will be familiar with this scene.

By Wendy A

I left school in the mid 1960s at 16 plus with three very poor O levels. My parents were very upset that I had not achieved better results that would have enabled me to either do a course at Technical College or be taken on for some sort of apprenticeship or in-house training.

I had a series of dead end jobs, as a waitress, shop assistant, shelf stacker, etc. Most of these jobs were part time and outside normal working hours of 8.30 till 5.00. At times I had more than one job, wages were low but I managed to earn enough to pay some rent to my parents, buy clothes and have a few nights out with friends.
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February 8, 2015

Andrea Shaw – Actress

An actress agonises over the offer of a part.

By Katherine Jones

“Andrea, I don’t think you will ever get a better offer!” These conclusive words from her agent finally tipped the balance for Andrea and, running her hands through her hair, she said tearfully: “Ok you are right, I will do it.”

The actress, Andrea Shaw, had been looking at the outline script she had been sent almost nonstop over the previous two days. This phone call discussion with her agent had finally resolved her to go ahead and accept the lead role of Marianne Beer.

Andrea was facing her 35th birthday and knew that her opportunities for significant roles were gradually diminishing. The British-American production of a film of a turbulent part of Marianne’s life was potentially a significant role for Andrea which could extend and enhance her career.
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February 5, 2015

A Spanking in Time

A girl thinks nothing of it when a teacher asks to speak to her after school

By Carla A Williams

The empty corridors felt strangely eerie as I climbed the stairs and headed towards Miss Clark’s room on the south side of the building. It was already ten past four and the school was all but empty. My shoes clip-clopped on the hard tiled floor as I idly peered into each vacant classroom I passed through the two windows separating corridor and classroom and then the glass in each door.

Finally I hesitated at the window through which I could see Miss Clark sitting at her desk, engrossed in marking a pile of exercise books. I moved to the door and tapped gently.
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February 5, 2015

British Intern, American Discipline

Working in America was a dream come true for this British girl, but she had to pay a price

by David

Diane Richards was a high achiever, destined, she believed, for a stellar career in big business. After A-levels she had spurned traditional courses in favour of an Applied Finance degree which guaranteed practical placements with international companies, and she had been overjoyed to learn that in the vacation before her second year she had secured an internship with a firm that not only paid her a good wage but promised experience at their Headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Once landed, Diane entered American life with gusto. She was provided with superb hotel accommodation and she shared a lavish open plan office with several other young and enthusiastic trainees. She was aware that, though the company was at the cutting edge of technology, the atmosphere was quite conservative and dominated by men who all wore immaculate suits and ties. She was glad that she had equipped herself before arrival with two expensive outfits, both consisting of a jacket and a tight knee-length skirt, which suited her slim figure admirably.
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February 3, 2015


A holiday in a far off clime turns sour, but…

By Old Tom and Susan Thomas

He whipped the cane through the air and the sound electrified me. The swish sent me into a strange place where I imagined bending over, my skirt pulled tightly against my bottom. The cane would swish venomously and now hit my bottom. I tried to imagine how it would feel.

I shook my head and found he was looking intently at my face, a sardonic smile on his.

“Would you like to try receiving a few? You could bend over that chair. A few strokes to find out what it feels like?”
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January 31, 2015

The Changing Room Raid

A hockey victory celebration goes too far.

By Wendy A

I was recently persuaded to attend an old school reunion by one of my former fellow pupils, Susan. It was some 20 years since I had left Fordham School. I had some fond and not so fond memories of my time there which lasted 2 years as a 6th form A level student. The School was essentially a boys boarding school but had opened up the 6th form to girls a couple of years before I took up residence.

The girls were housed separately from the boys and we kept much to ourselves initially. Most of that years’ intake had previously been at all girls’ schools and it took us a while to adjust. Our fellow male 6th formers had become used to the presence of girls and we were made to feel welcome even if we were the subject of whispers amongst the boys who we soon realised enjoyed visually undressing us.
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